Synopsis of Series- Richard Draper and Phillip Howe are career criminals. They have worked for the firm for over twenty four years. Having served time in prison, they have earned respect from both their associates and most recently from certain elements of the police force due to an act of unselfishness. Richard and his wife Kim have a son Jack, who is in his early twenties. Phillip and his wife Sarah have two daughters who are in their early teens. When their wives are killed in a car bomb, Richard and Phillip assume that they were the intended targets and that it was an act of revenge. Through their grief and rage, they swear to find those responsible. An unexpected offer of work from Detective Inspector Elaine Ireland and her team ensures that their lives and those of their families and friends will never be the same again. Having worked for the firm and led a life of crime, the criminal fraternity are dismayed by Richard and Phillip’s association with the police and a ‘hit’ is put out on them and their children. Darker forces, however, are at hand and all is not what it seems when an unlikely ally stops harm coming to Richard, Phillip and their children. The police receive a tip off regarding the bombing, but before it can be acted upon the ‘source’ is murdered and with frustration, Richard and Phillip’s attempts at finding clues to the bombing goes nowhere. Not all elements of the police understand DI Ireland’s trust and belief in the men, but she is not deterred and wants them ‘on board’ and puts her efforts into making them feel welcome. The return of a face from the past puts the cat amongst the pigeons for all concerned, especially Richard’s son Jack and his life takes on a darker hue. Lives are turned upside down and emotions run high as secrets and lies threaten to tear Draper and Howe’s lives and those close to them, upside down. Their new lives and careers working with the police starts to come to fruition and just when things look like they are changing, everything comes crashing down around them. Can Richard and Phillip make a new start and move forward? Will they be able to rebuild their lives and stick to their true convictions?
By: ActorWriterROSS
Category: Screenplay - Crime
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