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Member Name jeni
Gender Female
Location florida
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    • Now I have two books out, the first A headstone for Nellie, and the second, The Woodsman's Daughter...doing quite well, want an autographed copy? You know what to do. Merry Holidays.

        • James Patterson, Creighton, (God rest his soul). Robin Cook, J. Kellerman, D. Koontz, and Jon Land.

        • Love Jarasic Park, Romancing the Stone, Alien, August Rush, Green Mile, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and Beetle Juice. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is one of my all time favorites, a 60's movie starring Buddy Hacket, Jimmy Durante, and so many more wonderful old timers but my favorite of all the all time favorites is The Creature from the Black Lagoon. It is fun to watch these classics from the 50's and enjoy the special effects. These people were the foundation of what we see today from special effects.

        • I love oldie's but Goodies, any of the great composers, guitar.

        • Any of the CSI's. Law and Order Criminal Intent, House, Bones and any of the Mash re-runs. I also like to watch Andy Griffith re-runs. (hey, Barney is just too funny!)

        • Seriously, the comic would be the person who put the picture of the sheep on my profile, jeese, I am glad I am not sensitive. Did someone just snicker?

        • myself.

        • Ones used for the bottom of bird cages.


        • Any one who will stand up for the underdog. Anyone who will admit to a wrong doing to another human being. Anyone who will adopt an animal through a shelter instead of supporting a puppy mill. Anyone who will not laugh at a racist joke and anyone who would buy a meal for a homeless person.

        • Live free or die trying. Never, Never, Never, Never give up, and this ...Your life may be the only Bible that the people you come into contact with will ever read.'

        • Don't spit on the sidewalks, buy Girl Scout Cookies, don't be a litter bug, donate pet food to shelters, feed the birds, don't throw any kind of oil into land fills, don't over use fertilizer so that it poisons our water, READ THE FREAKIN' LABLES!!!!! Don't drive while using a cell phone, and don't text, the life you save may your own. Think twice before you laugh at someone's else life or mistakes, (they have a tendancy to sneak up on your own life) Don't start smoking, and stop if you can, by any means, drive with your head on the alert and not up your ass. Be good to your grandchildren. You may not have alot of money to spend on them but Love is mighty plentiful. Bake some cookies for a homeless person and for God's sake ... be kind to the next stranger you encounter.

        • Gardening, making unique items out of yard sale junk. Writing, poetry, gourmet cooking, sewing and trying to remember where I parked the car at Walmart.

        • My first novel has been published, A Headstone for Nellie. It can be purchased through, under the name of Virginia Swem Edmonds, but I would prefer you e/mail me to order one (more money for me!) I am currently working on my second novel, The Woodsman's Dauther, it will be out by the end of August 2009. Alert !!! my second novel is not in print yet thanks to the economy ... but it will be...soon...hopefully.

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writing vledmonds
Writing can take you out of darkness, or into it, while you continue to find your spot in the light.
Take writing courses, have fun with the critics, carry your pen in your head, and write your ideas down mentally. The smallest idea may be your ticket to a best seller.
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