(PREVIEW) Vagrant
-Tap, tap, tap.
The sound of footsteps reverberated throughout the dimly lit hallway, echoing across its looming walls and pillars. It was a confident sound, as if it were made by a man of nobility. Suddenly the footsteps stopped.
On one side of the room, a grisly man stood, in his tattered overcoat which was clumsily covered in large patches. It lay over his broad shoulders, and tightly covered his muscular torso, only to hang loosely to the ground around his legs. He wore a simple hat, a dirty-looking fedora, one that you might've seen a news reporter wear back in the 50's. At his slightly grinning lips, an almost burnt out cigarette protruded, spewing gray smoke into the windowless room.
"Whew, you sure haven't done much around here since the last time I've visited, huh?"
The man whistled as his glazed eyes darted about the enormous hall.
"I've told you time and again, Louis. Do not smoke in the Grand Hall." A thick german accent sounded from the end of the hall.
The man who spoke these words sat on a large, embellished throne. He was clad in a a simple white robe, similar to a hospital gown, and his dull eyes looked up past his silver hair. The man was ancient, and certainly looked the part. Despite the fact he was wearing clothes, one could easily notice his fragile build. His cheeks were sucked in, and wrinkles covered almost every inch of his face. From many parts of his body, grotesque tubes could be seen, which hooked up to a large glass cylinder behind him. It was filled with a mysterious glowing liquid, and appeared to be some sort of life support machine. However, even this pale and diseased look could not hide his aura of authority and power. The man named Louis simply smiled, and dropped his cigarette onto the ground, stamping it out with his shoe.
"There, you happy?"
"How could I be, when you've just dirtied the hall? The stench will last for a week, at least."
"Ehh, well it's too late now." Louis spoke with an air of indifference. "So why did you call me all the way here? You know I've still got business in London."
"That's not important now. Someone else will take over for you. A new mission of higher priority must be taken care of." the old man replied.
"Aww come on, Abe. I've got a date on Tuesday." Louis said with a sullen face.
"That's Sir Helsing to you, and I find that hard to believe."
"Ooh, ouch. I'll feel that one in the morning. So anyways, where's this new mission at?" said the man with a smirk.
"Hmph. It's in America. Hopefully those insolent egotists don't corrupt you too much. You're bad enough already."
"As usual, whenever that country comes up in a conversation, the first thing you do is insult them."
"That's all those arrogant bastards deserve. Do you disagree?"
"Hey, now. I didn't say that. Well, if that's all, then I'll be getting home. Just get everything ready by next morning." Louis said, as he began to turn.
"Good. The instructions will be given to you with your plane ticket by one of our exorcists tonight, like always. Try not to get yourself killed."
As Louis walked out of the hall, all he did was raise his right hand in a show of accordance.

"That boy never learns." Abraham van Helsing sighed as he slowly turned his attention back to the book on his lap.

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Novel / Novella
writing zinzzaro
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In the modern world, monsters and creatures of myth are simply labeled as legends, and dismissed. However, deep in the corners of the world, such monsters, known as heretics, coexist with humans.
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