Moonlight Chapter 8 - The Grim Anniversary
My second morning at the restaurant wasn't quite as bad as the first. Though sound of the alarm was annoying, I was beginning to get used to it, and there was no signs of a cramp coming what so ever today.
.... I spoke too soon.
I, once again writhe on the floor. Deja vu much?
"Hey Aaron. Wake up, time for some breakfast."
Today, her voice lacked its usual sharpness, and which was instead replaced by a soothing melodic one. She peered into my room, and walked in.
Something must be wrong. She's planning something.
I regretfully, and slowly, get up from the floor.
"Madam, I would like to ask you to remove yourself from my room whilst I change my apparel."
I choose my words frugally, so that they won't anger her.
Instead, she looks at me funny.
"Right.... You do that."
Her eyes peer down, then back up.
I might have imagined it, but I think I saw her face go red for a second before she left the room.
What's with her?
As soon as I think that, I feel a tight feeling. Down.... there.
Aww crap. She saw it.
I decide not to think about this, and get dressed as I said.
Breakfast is mostly silent, with the exception of the loud-as-hell voice of Shark, trying to spark up a conversation.
"Man, you kids sure are silent this morning. What's with ya?"
".... Let's just say I saw something.... that I'm not used to."
Risa blushes.
I blush furiously in accordance. The blood rushes to my face, and I can feel it turning beet red.
"Okay...? I'm just going to pretend you guys are tired this morning."
Shark is obviously confused.
After the quiet breakfast is finished, Risa once again directs me into the training room.
The lack of fierceness in her actions are actually beginning to scare me a bit.
"Well.... we'll begin our training for today..."
Risa says so sheepishly.
"Hey.... Risa. You don't need to be so nervous you know, it's just something that happens to every guy. Um... Just pretend it never happened. Please."
I plead her to forget about it.
"Okay. I'll just.... try to forget about it.... Anyways!", her refound loudness makes my skin jump. "We're going to have a rough day of training today!"
She's really energetic, eh? I can't believe how quick she can change her mood just like that. I feel that something bad is going to happen today.


Six hours later, I'm lying down on the hardwood floors, breathing heavily.
"Huff, huff. Are... we..... done.... yet?"
I can't even think straight due to the lack of oxygen in my bloodstream.
"Huh, I guess this is all an average human can take."
Whilst I'm dying here, the frail-looking girl hasn't even broken a sweat.
Two hours of foundation building, two hours of technique training, and two hours of sparring. She was right. It's rough. As hell. I've learned so much right now, and the movements of the martial arts have been burned into my brain. I try to stand up.
"Don't move for a while. I'll get you some water, and I think Shark is making another meal right now."
These words cheer me up, and my body seems to have become lighter.
Minute by minute passes in the large room. I lay on the cold floor, waiting for the water and good news.
Risa comes back with a smile. At least SOMEONE'S happy.
"Why the big smile?"
I ask her, almost afraid to do so. Her response is accompanied by a sparkling of her eyes.
"The old man's making noodles!"
It looks like she loves those noodles. She's so obvious. For the most part.
She sits down quietly beside me. When I look up, her expression has once again, changed.
"You know.... it's been a while since this place has been so lively."
She goes silent for a while, then continues. "I'll have to thank you, Aaron. You know, it's really good to have company around, isn't it? As an immortal, I've seen my best friends die before me, betray me, and even run away from me.... I'm always alone. Except for our small group of outcasts."
She's really pouring her heart out to me. What's with her today? First the soothing voice, then the silence, then this.... I'm confused.
"I hope that..... actually, nevermind. Training's done for today! Get some rest, but don't go to sleep. We might have some things to do."
She quickly changes the subject, and heads for the door, almost as if running away.
... Maybe I should ask Shark what's going on.
I exit the training room and head for the kitchen. The scent of delicious food bombards my nostrils, and I have to almost choke myself to stop from drooling.
I make sure that Risa isn't around, and call for the muscley-man.
"Shark! It's Aaron!"
I shout out towards the cooler room, where I think he would be.
"Shh! Be quiet! Come here!"
Shark's hand motions for me to come into the cooler room with him. I comply as told.
When I enter the room, the sudden drop in temperature makes me shiver.
"Jeez, it's so cold in here, why'd you call me in?", I ask.
"Well, there's something you should know about today. It's actually a very special.... anniversary fer Risa."
For some reason, Shark's face is grim, but I decide to ignore that.
"Oh, well that's great! We should--", I'm suddenly cut off.
"---Let me finish. It's an anniversary... of the day she was betrayed by her own mother."
I can't pull any words from my mouth. It dries up, and the sounds cease to exit.
Betrayed...? By her mother?
"What..... happened?", I ask carefully.
"Well", he says, "I should first tell you her story.... of how she was blooded."

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Kinda short , Sam!

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