Moonlight Chapter 6 - First Morning
Ow. The moment I get up and stretch, a muscle cramp gets me.
"Ow...... Jesus...."
I fall down from the dingy, spartan mattress and writhe in agony.
Pain ensues.
As I'm rolling on the floor, a small, dainty foot forcefully places itself onto my abdomen.
"If you have time to fool around, get dressed!", Risa's shouting makes me remember what happened yesterday.
"Aw.... crap. It wasn't a dream after all was it?"
As I say this, I'm deep in the crevices of my conciousness, I'm hoping that someone will correct me.
"No it was not. Now HAUL YOUR ASS!", Crap. The day's getting worse and worse. First a cramp, then I get stepped on, now this. There's only one phrase I can use to describe this situation.....
Kill me now. Just kidding, god. I want to keep my life, thank you very much.
I get up as quick as possible and get dressed even though my leg still hurts from the cramp.
"Jeez, follow me. Breakfast.", that one brings my super cruddy day to an unfortunate day.
"Oooh, breakfast...." I can feel my mouth drooling. I love asian food. The gray walls look more welcoming to me now. I'll miss my family, but I guess I can't do anything about until this war is over. We step into the large room that smells like fried rice. All the pots and pans look sparkly clean, and what I can only hope is Shark's ass is hanging out of the cooler room.
"Oi! Shark, make us some breakfast!"
The small girl yells with a voice unfit of her beauty.
She yells louder.
"Okay, fine! Just shut up for a sec!"
Apparently Shark was busy.
A few minutes later, he comes out of the cooler room.
"What the hell took so damn long!?"
Risa is pissed. Nothing that new.
She flinches.
"What was that, Risa?"
I ask her.
"I had the feeling that someone was bad-mouthing me in their mind."
"..... Just your imagination."
I should probably avoid thoughts like that from now on. Yeah. Just to be sure.
"Anyways! What took so long, Shark?"
She asks in a slightly calmer voice.
"Some bad news. A few of our comrades were attacked by the vampires."
He says grimly.
"Did you talk to Remncis!?"
Risa's face is pale. She's almost in a panic.
"I was doing that right now. He says he doesn't know what they could be thinking. We should just wait it out for now. It's not usual for the vampires to attack us this directly. They must have some sort of plan."
Grim silence fills the delicious-smelling room.
"I see...."
The beauty standing beside me is biting her nails, thinking of something very deeply.
Then, as if trying to lighten the mood, Shark cheerfully pulls some pans out of a drawer.
"What do you want fer breakfast today, girlie?"
At this gesture, Risa's mood takes a one-eighty turn.
"Ah.... give us some noodles or something. Oh, and don't give us too much, we need to go going to go 'training' in a bit."
Uh-oh, I didn't like the sound of that. Probably going to be some kind of excercise.... Right after breakfast!? MADNESS! The air quotes she added on the word training didn't seem very helpful either.
"Yeah, you're going to learn some martial arts. You need to learn how to protect yourself. You can't fight off vampires with just a knife and no skill."
She says this in a haughty voice.
Dammit. That pisses me off.
"Good point. But do we have to do it right after breakfast?", I ask her, using my bambi eyes.
"Yes, I don't like wasting time."
She takes a look at my face and turns her head to chuckle. "Pfffft..."
....That was my best bambi look, and she dares laugh!? I tell her exactly what I'm thinking.
"That was my best bambi look, and you dare laugh!?"
"Pfffftt....", she's still chuckling...
"Hey, I told you, Tha-"
"BREAKFAST~!" I can hear shark yelling in singsong.
I immediately cut short what I was about to say. Then I look at Shark, then to Risa, then back at Shark.
"Does....he....always do that?", I have the fishhook in eyebrow expression on.
"Kind of."
I guess it doesn't even faze her anymore.
Shark comes with two large plates of what seems to be some kind of beef.
"I thought I said I wanted noodles."
Risa says coldly to Shark.
"Too bad, It turns out I was busy, so I got Chung-Ho to make some Galbi. If you have a problem with it, I'll take it back."
She's sulking again. Man, that's cute.
"Good, I'll bring the rice."
"Hah..." I just sit there looking at the two. Anyways, I'm going to take this time to look at the clock.
-Four thirty-two A.M.- The two black hands of the yellow chick-shaped clock don't seem to be lying.
"......." FOUR THIRTY-TWO!? That's way too damn early! I need my beauty sleep!
Even though, I decide not to say anything lest SHE beats my ass.
Jeez... We finish up the Galbi, which is actually really good.
After we finish our meal, she stands up, and motions for me to follow.
"Alright, come on."
Though I didn't like the idea of leaving the dirty dishes there for Shark to clean up, I knew that if I dared defy her will, my death would be swift.
We walk down a clean hallway to a large room. This place is actually nicer than it first looked at the outside. The room is filled with punching bags and targets. In the middle though is a completely wide open area. She motions for me to go into the wide area.
"This", she says, "Is the training room."
Huh... I wonder what kind of martial arts I'm going to learn.
"If you're wondering what martial arts I'm going to teach you, it's a mix between Aikido, Taekwondo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Isshinryu Karate, Chinese Kempo, and a bit of knife-fighting from Eskrima."
What...? I understood next to nothing she said.... Wait, did she read my mind?
"If you're going to be fighting against Vladimire, you're really going to need the things I'm going to teach you."
DAMMIT! I forgot about Vladimire.
"What are we going to do about Vladimire for now?", I ask.
"What do you mean?"
Risa gives me a puzzled look.
"He said that he would give me one day to decide whether or not to cooperate with the vampires. He said if I didn't he would kill me."
She hits me on the head with a fierce karate chop.
"Why didn't you remind me sooner!? Now there's less time to formulate a plan...."
"Uuuu.... I'm sorry."
I'm groaning from the intense pain.
"You better be."
As my thoughts slowly return after being knocked out of place by the sudden blow to the head, I think to myself. Jeez, even with that troubled/angry look on her face,  Risa is still pretty as ever..... No, what am I thinking? I slap myself in the face. Gotta focus.
"Shark! Get your ass over here!", she yells.
Shark comes out of the kitchen.
"What the hell now!?", he seems a bit pissed too. She explains.
"Hmm... That is a problem....."
"Oh, wait!", Risa lights up. "I got it! Guys come here....."

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suspense! I enjoy all of his thoughts, hehe, bambi eyes.

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