Moonlight Chapter 5 - The New King, Vladimire
I walked hurriedly to the dank underground, the place of my reign. If my plan goes well, we will surely win this war.
As I walk, I shift my fancy suit into a long, pitch black cloak. I step down the cracked stairs of the abandoned subway. The moment I step into the gate, the sharp, tangy stench of blood enters my nostrils.
"When the human joins us, I'll be invincible." I softly mutter to myself.
"So you actually did it, you broke the old king's laws, eh?", a voice broke the silence.
A young girl who looked nineteen or so years, her dyed black hair streaked with the occasional green, clear blue eyes that reflected the innocence in her childlike heart. She wore a tight grey shirt with a white muffler, and blue skinny  jeans. Her style of clothing was modern and fresh, which contrasted to her old age. She faced me with the type of cocky attitude that I absolutely resent.
"That old man was a fool. With the strength of the humans, this war will quickly be over, with us as the victors.", I say. "Also, don't shift yourself so often, one day you won't be able to shift back, and I'll just laugh."
The thought of such a thing happening makes me chuckle.
"Quite the gentleman, aren't you Vlad?"
"Of course.",  I respond. "And it's Vladimire to you."
"Yes, yes. Oh mighty king, I shall obey your every whim."
I furrowed my brows and pursed my lips.
"Don't talk back to me, Elise. I've been alive since before you were born."
"Whatever. I'm going back ahead of you. See ya.", she runs a bit ahead of me, turns around and sticks out her tongue.
"That child's three hundred and sixty-five years younger than me, I should stop letting her talk back to me."
In these dirty, narrow tunnels, my voice and footsteps are the only thing that can be heard. Opposed to Elise, I take my time to enjoy the little peace and quiet that I have every once in a while. When I finally reach the den, many of the family have already gathered inside the large, main hall.
When I step in, the rowdy bunch quiet down to a whisper.
Heh, they all must respect and fear me. There's no doubt at all.
In this state of awe, a single man raises his voice.
"Welcome back, Vladimire. Even though I don't approve you going outside of the den, I guess I can't stop you, since you're the king now.", these hoarse words come out of the mouth of the oldest vampire alive.
"Thanks for the concern, Adryan, but I don't need it, you dried up old prune."
"I see you're Picasso with the words as usual, you whippersnapper."
The old man chuckles like the devil. His wrinkly lips curve wryly into a cresent shape. The man's age truly shows, even as a long-lived vampire. Grim, piercing eyes on his face, the kind which seemed as though he could read your soul, bony fingers wrapped around a crystal-clear glass of what appeared to be red wine. This man resonated a feeble presence, though one who knew of his true nature would say he was similar to a wolf in sheepskin.
"Anyways, what's everyone in the hall for?", hopefully they haven't figured out about my plan.
"Nothing, we're just drinking some wine. A luxury a youngin' like you will never know."
I doubt that, but for now, I'll let it go.
"That's not funny old man." I use a harsh tone.
"Calm down whippersnapper, I was just joking. You're just as serious and arrogant as your father, aren't you?"
"Don't compare me to that idiot bloodfather of mine.", Adryan was getting on my nerves. I could feel the veins slowly appearing on my forehead. "I'm going to my chambers."
I marched slowly down the red carpet, where many of the kin had gathered, and up the grand stairs leading to the sleeping chambers.
"Alright, enjoy your nap.", Adryan continues to crack jokes.
I ignore the old man and walk to my chambers.
"Aodh, Elise, Nikolai, Leciel, Ulfr, come into my chambers in roughly twenty minutes."
As I leave the hall, I hear the chattering of the people continuing their conversation from before.
Commoners. I'll never understand them.


In my dimly lit chambers, I wait.
I repeat each step of my plan silently, in my mind.
Though fireplace is warm and bright, its light doesn't affect me at all. The only thing that can burn us is the direct sunlight, though our amulets can prevent that for short amounts of time. I relax into my large, leather armchair. Eventually, the five I called enter my room.
"You wanted to see us?"
A familiar sight. My trusted lackeys. They were always my most trusted group, since I had been blooded until this very moment. I knew that they had the highest chance of pulling this off.
"Yes, sit down, all of you."
They obey.
"You five are the only ones that know of my plans. Hence, you five will be the only ones helping me making sure it goes smoothly."
"How?", asks Elise.
"I was getting to that. This is the plan. You guys will split up, and surround the area around me and the boy. Should he not cooperate, kill him."
"Why don't you just kill him?"
"Why? If he's refusing, I'm guessing that he will be smart enough to bring some sort of backup of weapon. This is to make sure that we kill him, 120% absolutely destroy him."
"120% doesn't exist, does it?", asks Ulfr with a puzzled look.
"No it doesn't you big oaf, he's just stressing that we're going to completely kill him.", snaps Leciel.
Aodh doesn't respond with words, but rather with an "I understand" expression.
"Alright. I will be leaving around 8 AM, so there will be sunlight. Remember to bring your amulets, or the sun will burn you to a crisp."
I make sure to clearly state that for Ulfr.
"Dismissed, go back to your quarters."
The five get up, and walk out of the room.
I decide to rest up for the morrow. I have a bad feeling about Ulfr and Leciel, as they're the least co-operative of the bunch. They haven't been in that many battles before either, and might get killed if the boy has reinforcements.
Even so, I decide to just trust the two, lie onto my red velvet sheets, and shut off my conciousness.

miss_sparrow   miss_sparrow wrote
on 9/18/2009 12:10:29 AM
WOAH, CHAPTER. I really, really, really, like how you described Elise. I think it improved and it made it better than it actually is- which is saying something because it wasn't bad before.

Novel / Novella
writing zinzzaro
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