Moonlight Chapter 4 - The Agreement
The man plants himself down on a large black box of which no doubt holds weapons of all sorts.
"So what did Risa tell you so far?", he asked.
"About the why the war started, the lifesuckers, and a bit about the vampires.", I reply.
"Then, do you know about the Agreement?"
The agreement? Oh, I see...
"I have the money if you have the stuff."
"'Twas but a joke.", I say in my most humble voice.
He went silent for a while, then let out a hearty laugh, as he tended to do. I doubt he got the joke.
"The agreement... was something stated during the declaration of war. It's something that prohibits the use of specific weapons and things, and was sworn on upon the pride of both races."
"Just the pride? That seems hardly reliable."
"No. Most of the Vampires and the Ghangshi are very proud, and would die rather than to break the Agreement's terms."
"Huh. So what are the specifics of this 'Agreement'"?
"The terms are hanging on that wall over there." He points to a spot on the wall, and I look in its direction.
"Excuse me." I get out of my chair and walk over to the framed piece of paper. The paper is old and yellow. It's rough, crumpled surface suggests that it was carelessly treated. It has many creases and rips in it, but the text is still clear and ledgible. On the paper in fancy writing, it says:

As of October, 19, 1996, we lifesuckers declare war. Sworn on our pride, we state these rules:
One may not attain the help of other heretics.
One may not obtain and use magical weapons.
Vampires are forbidden to use weapons.
Blooding humans during the war are forbidden.
The only exception to this rule is if:  One, the party is seen feeding upon a human by another human.
                                                         Two, if both parties are seen in a battle, the party may attempt
                                                         to recruit the viewer. If recruitment fails, the human must be
The war shall be considered over when one party accepts defeat, or the entire party is wiped out.

The rest of the parchment seems to have been burn off.
"What happened to the rest of the rules?", I ask.
"During one the first war, when we were many, weapons of fire were used. An accident had passed, and the messenger was attacked. By the time we got to him, he was already dead, and the parchment had nearly been burned to a crisp."
He stops for a bit.
"The rest of the rules were passed down from the elder by mouth."
For the rules about weapons, the two and a half times strength would definitely explain why vampires are forbidden to use them.
"I can tell what you're thinking. The weapons right? Even so, as we split into two clans at the mainland, our numbers are few. When Ghangshi are killed, it's usually by many vampires on one of us."
He looks seriously into my eyes and says, "This war is bloody. There are no tap-outs in real life. You better be prepared for one hell of a ride."  
"Don't worry old man. I won't die so easily."
At these words, the old man lights up like the Fourth of July. His whiskers wave around at the sudden movement of his mouth.
As I look at the man, another thought comes to mind.
I should be getting home now. My parents are probably worried about where I am.
"So, where's the way out?" I hope I won't have to go through a dark tunnel or something.
"Didn't Risa tell you? Until the end of the war, you won't be able to leave here. The vampires are dangerous, you know.", he says, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"......I can't go home? What about my parents?"
I don't think that these guys quite understand the weight of the situation. Since it's not like I'm on bad terms with my family, I'm guessing that they'll probably send out some type of missing person form. 
"I was getting to that. I need you to write your parents a message saying that you're caught up with something and can't go home for a long time."
That.... might be difficult. What kind of thing is going to keep someone away from his family for a long time?
"For how long?"
"I don't know. Tell them it might take a while."
"How long is a while?"
"I..... don't know.", he answers with a sheepish voice.
......He doesn't know? What if the war finishes, and I'm 26, and I can't go back to school? What about my life?
"If this war finishes, and I'm too old to resume my life as it is now, what will happen?", I ask
In that case... the only way to live a satisfactory life is to get turned into a Ghangshi."
At first, I'm appalled by this information.
Then, I realize I can't do anything. I'm no chance for these vampires. If I were to resume my life right now, I would probably end up bringing harm to my family.
"I see. Since it's my only way to survive, I'll accept this war."
After a long pause to process all this information, I answered the large man.
"Good choice, kid.", the man gets up and walks for the large wooden door.
"Oh, and before I forget, kiddo," he stops, "You can call me Shark."
Huh, that's an original name...
As I stand there daydreaming, something shatters the silence.
"Human, come!" The voice of Risa awakens me. "I will direct you to the quarters, so get some rest. You humans are
too fragile."
"Sure, whatever, Milady." I walk along with the girl, and follow her into the sleeping quarters. I guess I'll have to get used to the smell of asian food and fish, huh?

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 2/17/2009 8:41:52 PM
M'kay, that's useful. Again, good job, love this guy's humor. Looking forward to more!

zinzzaro   zinzzaro wrote
on 2/8/2009 3:16:52 AM
Their physical strength is equal to a human's, but they have far better perception.

Novel / Novella
writing zinzzaro
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