Moonlight 2
Kneeled over in the alley, the footsteps seemed as though they were miles away. They were light, and carried with a feeling of grace. The simple aura of this figure behind me was so overpowering, I could sense it without even looking at the source. Then, a voice. "Damn. He got away."
My head reacts to the voice by turning quickly to its direction. "Oh?", she finally notices me. "You must be very confused right now. I guess any human would be if they were confronted by that man."
"Be quiet. I'll explain to you what's going on", The girl takes a long breath, and drops all signs of joking.
"You, human, have been caught up in a war."
"A--War...?", I manage to pull something out of my mouth.
"Yeah, a war, between creatures called "lifesuckers". The name's pretty self-explanatory, so I don't think I need to explain."
"Lifesuckers? Like vampires?", at this, the girl flinches.
"That's only one type of lifesucker." Does this girl think I'm stupid or something? Vampires don't exist. They can't exist.
"Are you some kind of crazy Role-Player or something? In case you haven't noticed, this is REAL LIFE. You know? No vampires."
"Silence.", she says this in such a harsh, demanding voice, I clam up immediately.
"Listen to me when I speak." She sighs.
"As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, vampires are only one type of lifesucker. The other, not known by many people, are called the Ghangshi."
"Ghangshi? What is that, an asian vampire?", I jokingly reply.
"Huh, you got one right."
"....", she's joking right? "So, you're saying, that there are asian vampires, that, like, drink blood and stuff?"
"No. The Ghangshi are different. While the vampires, the western lifesuckers steal blood, we Ghangshi, the Eastern lifesuckers, steal chi."
"Chi?" I think this girls going a little too ninja on me.
"Life force. I thought all you westerners were fanatics of ninjas and other crap like that."
"No, no, just the weirdos.", the girl takes a long pause.
"Anyways. The two lifesuckers are clashed in a war. So far, the war has lasted 12 years, and it seems as though it will never end. The leader of the vampires, Vladimire de Wallachia III has been witnessed feeding. Perhaps he did it on purpose, in order to get human aid, as a vampire's only allowed to blood a human that has seen him feed."
"Why would VAMPIRES need human aid? Aren't they superior or something?"
"You could say so, but only in terms of raw power. Humans have something that lets them stand above all other creatures. Intelligence."
"Wow, that's so original.", the look on my face is probably showing a crapload of sarcasm right now.
"Do not mock me, human! I will rip you limb from limb!", she doesn't seem like she's joking, so I'll stop.
"Alright, I'm sorry."
"Since when did humans gain this much confidence?", she mumbles. "Humans have the ability to constantly change, both themselves, and the things around them. Man creates inventions, he creates arts, and gets stronger and wiser every day. It might be a key factor to have a human in the war."
"Then why didn't you lifesuckers get help earlier?"
"We Ghangshi are not fond of humans, and the vampires simply had too much pride, until Vladimire became the leader of the vampires just recently."
"I see, but why are you telling me all of this?"
"Because, I am here to give you another choice. You have the choice to join us Ghangshi instead of the vampires. If you do not choose to join either race, you will die. Should you join the vampires, I will personally hunt you down and kill you. Join the Ghangshi, and we will provide protection from the vampires.", after talking so much about all these ridiculous things, the instincts that tell me to run have quieted down. Now that I've calmed
down, I can think and make an informed decision about what to do with this problem. In any case, going back to a normal life is out of the question.
I lie down on the cold, hard concrete. As I think, the girl watches me, and I can't help but notice. She's really pretty. Beautiful, even.
Her jet black hair lies cleanly on her head, and her dark brown eyes are set so perfectly on her face, it's as if god personally created her. Her legs are slender and long, although she isn't tall. She's totally perfect. Idealistic. I doubt that another person as beautiful as her exists in this world. Maybe....I'm dreaming? I pinch myself., I'm totally awake.
"What are you doing?", she looks curious.
"Oh, it's nothing...", Oh? Her expression changed. Is she sulking because I won't tell her? That's....really cute.
"Anyways, have you decided yet, human?" her cute expression disappears as quick as a flash.
"Well, I guess I'll join you guys. You seem a lot less twisted than that Vlad guy, so, I'll stick with you.", of course that wasn't the ONLY reason.
What am I thinking? She's a different creature altogether! Also, in the case I want to run away, she seems easier to run from.(Though I doubt it.)
"You've made a wise choice. Now, come. I've got things to show you."

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