White Woman: Asleep and Hidden (No You Don't Know What You're Looking At)
Barbie after Barbie

stands her disjointed stand;

snarls her nauseated-looking

come hither

from the magazine rack.

Is it any wonder

that white women

are considered

fluffy, empty-headed, soul-less,

spineless, passionless

purposeless, disposable, interchangeable

and greedy?

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 10/9/2008 11:22:40 PM
Society as a whole puts all types and races of people into a certain category and that is what the masses thinks about those ones. The media helps these perceptions whether they are good or bad. And the masses believes this brainwashing. It takes a free thinker and someone with good sense to reject the B.S. that is being thrown at us constantly. As a side note, read my poem "Love One Another" (The Stupidity of Racism). I think it ties in with your comment.

zaidsong   zaidsong wrote
on 10/9/2008 11:00:47 AM
It's all about the Bengies, unfortunately. Human beings, (any race, any gender,) when driven by greed, have proven over the centuries and millenia to be willing to exploit any and everyone in pursuit of their goal. makes me very glad that I have something much deeper and richer in my life to live for.

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 10/9/2008 7:14:01 AM
...Here's an interesting observation... have you noticed magazines like (Cosmo, Perfect 10, Girl's Life, Cosmo Girl, Stuff, YM, and Elle girl) are either 'owned' or 'managed' by women "defining" women. I wonder what it says about intelligent women who define other women through the prism of a man's lens - not their own... then become bothered when men gravitate to these stereotypes. A bit ironic... Will Smith said it best, "Don't hate the playa'... hate the game". Thank you for shedding light in a 'dark' place ~T

Free Verse
writing zaidsong
"We play da blues, so's da blues don' play us..." (Old Jazz adage)
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This one came out about 9 years ago, after a few decade's worth of fatigue from wrestling with being dismissed in the face of people's stereotypes. I know people form stereotypes out of fear, but it just gets wearisome sometimes. Now, in middle age, it's a lot easier for me not to care. I know who I am and what I offer, and I have nothing to prove to anyone. It's a whole lot more comfortable. Those who have ears, hear. I no longer have a need to open resistant people's ears.
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