What Lies Beneath

           A simplegust of wind blew; it was nothing but a whisper in my ears and a soft breeze toshift the dry leaves at my feet. I look for trees to protect me from theimpending rain but all that was taken from me when the river of red fire androck covered the land. In one angry spewing—both irrational and unpredictablein its intensity—I was left without shelter or the protection that had lastedall my life before. And while the ground is void of life, I know beneath it isa lush plain full of roots and the foundation of where I come from. That lifeis preserved perfectly beneath it, I just know it.

            I want todig through this layer of sediment and see that life again, but I can alreadysee that life as perfectly as if a photo album were seared into my mind. Thatsearing truth says that I am as much at fault for the outburst of molten rockas Mother Nature herself. The guilt wells up in my throat and I wish I hadbrought a shovel; my bare hands will have to do. I dropped to my knees and my knucklesrepeatedly slam into the ground, unbreakable bone versus unbreakable rock. Butmy bones aren’t unbreakable. I used to think they were, but I know better now.So I stop.

            A new riverof red had trickled up from beneath the rock, covering my hand like crimsongloss. It’s now I know, I can’t go back. Too much time has passed and I don’tneed what lies beneath the same way I used to. Nor do I really fear the rain. Istand back up and swallow the swell in my throat. Underneath the gray clouds inthe center of this place sits the monstrosity that helped cause all thisdamage. It still rules this land and my return will most likely cause anothereruption, so I take my hurt hand and I walk away returning to a life withoutthe monstrosity to rule it. A life I wished for back before I knew better. Ithink my heart is singing a eulogy for a relationship, but I can’t hear thewords over the wind…… 

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Short Story
writing zachoryty2008
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