Hunting The Nemesis - Part One

Lucas Cain

                The night descends upon the earth. The dark moonlit seclusion wakes me from my sleep. It is the useless pumping of my heart that gives me a reason to rise and leads me to carnal meals; the only warmth eternity allows me. The hunt is short tonight, my hunger must be answered. I touch herneck as she squirms under my embrace. I pull her towards me and sink myteeth into her. Her skin breaks so easy under my ivory daggers and herwarmth feels like honey going down my throat. Death descends upon her,my night has truly begun.

                I leave the pale dried up body behind and decide I have not drunk nearlyenough, too much blood in mortal veins to stop with this one. I craved,beyond any reasoning, more. I wipe the blood from my mouth and I follow my instincts to the waiting meals the bar owners call patrons.

                I live in the shadows and behind the moving faces of dancers as I pickthe most worthy and watch her dance with others of her kind. Dark hair,perfect unblemished skin and rosy cheeks, she smiles, unaware her lifeends tonight and unsuspecting of the evil that watched her. With no regard for her compatriots I approach her and capture her eyes with my smile.

                The spark between us is clear like dry lightning. Looking into her eyes,imagining her warmth, provokes an irresistible question, "What does eternity mean to you?"

                "About as much as yesterday. Nothing."

                 Her answer intrigued me, "Does the prospect of forever not entice you?"

                "I like where I'm at now. Here with my friends," she breaks her gaze with me and angles her head so I can not grab her gaze again, "Not with you."

                Her and her friends share a light giggle and begin to walk away. I move in her path, faster than I intended, but the distance traveled was so short it escaped her notice.

                "I can offer you much more than they have," I said.

                She smirks and shakes her head, "Your pickup is different I'll give you that, but tonight's not your night. My name is Anna,"

                "I'm Luc."

                "Stick around, Luc, maybe I'll let you dance with me."

                With that I slip back into the corners and shadows, never losing sight ofAnna, never losing desire for her warmth. The lights flash like blinking eyes as the music thumps and pounds from the ceiling. She doesnot dance, she obtains a drink and sits at a table with her friends.After some time her friends leave for the loo. I take my skulking close enough to smell her and watch her every move, especially her throat asshe raises her glass and takes a hearty swig of brown liquor.

                Her keen watchful eyes survey the room and the dancers, as if she searched for something or someone. I allow myself to be seen and her face hardens for a second then loosens into a smile. I stop at the edge ofher table and greet her with a question, "Why are you not dancing?"

                "I was waiting for you. But sorry, the song's changed."

                "Too late for a dance?"


                "Then maybe you'll let me make it up to you."

                "How could you possibly? There's nothing I enjoy more than a good dance."

                I extend my hand to her, "I'm sure we can think of something."

                "Where are we going?" she took my hand and I led her outside to the nearest  alley.She asks a few questions; I answer none truthfully. I only told herenough to keep her coming. Beofre I turn to face her I slide my tongueacross my fangs, saliva filled my mouth; I was ready, so ready for her warmth, I could almost feel her soft skin breaking under my fangs.

                "Is this where you brought the others?" her voice has taken on a strong tone, I have heard the tone before in the righteous and in the clergy.

                "Others?" I ask, intrigued again by her.

                "You know, the other girls you raped and killed."

                That makes me smile, "You think I want to take your flesh? There are worse things I could do to you."

                "You won't get the chance.

                "How do you plan to stop me?"

                Anna pulled a gun from under her jacket and held up a silver badge with aleather case covering its edges, "This is how, you son of a bitch."

                I lower my smile and shake my head, "You have no idea what you are doing."

                "Put your hands up! Now!" she commands.

                I obey, sort of. I raise my hands but keep my joints loose and relaxed, "I may resist, are you prepared to take me down?"

                "Afterwhat you've done, I'm begging you to resist," Anna pulls the hammer back, her jaw firm, her back straight, and her stare more rigid than ever. She meant business, but knew nothing of the man in front of her.

                "Okay, Ms. Anna, I'm tired of this little game."

                "Don't you dare say my name. Turn around!"

                I have a moment to decide how to kill her, so many ways to do it, but Ionly have one chance and I want to enjoy her to the fullest. Just as Idecide, she said something that saved her life, for the moment.

                It was a name I have not heard in years, a name that killed my appetite, "Turn around, Simon! I won't tell you again."

                "No you definitely won't." I move at a speed beyond her range of vision and grab her wrist, twisting so the gun points harmlessly at the street.With my other hand, I clench her throat and move my thumb so thetalon-like nail threatens to slit it open. She gasped and tried her best to struggle free. When she kicked my shin and stomped my foot, I lifted her off her feet and took two full steps to slam her backagainst the wall. I slammed her hard enough to hurt, but not break.

                I do not want her broken, not  yet,not until she answers my questions, "Tell me about the Simon you have mistaken me for," the whites of her eyes turn red as her face as aircan not penetrate tight grip I have on her throat. I release a littlepressure, "You were saying?"

                "Kill me. You'll have the entire force after your ass."

                "If I kill you there will not be a force brave enough to come after me," I flash my fangs and her eyes widen, "Tell me about Simon!"

                "Simon Houston, middle name Lucas."

                Simon Lucas Houston, a blood rival from a dozen years ago. I thought we wereseparated by the bloody Atlantic, apparently I was wrong. Was it coincidence that we are both here or is he hunting me, waiting for the time to strike my heart with a piece of sharpened wood?

                "What is your business with Simon?"

                "Isn't it obvious. You're a killer."

                "I am not Simon, but if he is your killer, I'll find him long before you find his last three meals."

                I release her and she drops to her knees. I left her coughing and trying to stand. She missed my exit, so she cannot follow. If she is hunting Simon—foolish woman—then we will run across each other again.


Anna S. Parker

                My night out ended with the unexpected and almost fatal encounter with Luc. I caught a cab back to my 5thfloor apartment. My hands still shook as I turn them over and look at my palms. The water ran equal parts hot and cold. I felt as cold as a corpse as I peered at the mark his thumb made on my neck. I should be a corpse, why didn't he kill me? Is he not the killer I deduced him to be? Luc is not Simon my gut screamed but my mind doubted the baseless instinct. Luc is a killer, my gut also screamed. Is it right about that too?

                I killed the water, my sink was about to overflow.  I put one hand over the water and hold my wrist to stop the shaking. I drown my hands into the warm water, I get chills and bumps all over my should-be corpse. I cup my hands and splash the water on my face. The fear escapes and my blood warms as the image of my dead self leaves my mind. My body craves the warmth, but a part of me misses the cold.

                "Ugh."I dry my face and hands. My doorbell rang. Who rings my bell at 2 am?The life of a cop I guess. A cold draft hits me as I pass through my living room and open my door.

                "I knew you'd be up," Wesley said, my boyfriend who just happens to be a friend to another cop at my precinct.

                "And you shouldn't be," I said, I didn't really want him here now; importantly thinking needed to be done.

                "I heard you found Simon, wanted to check up on you," he entered and hugged me.

                "I had a run in. I'm fine," I unlocked with him and locked my locks.

                "With Simon? So it's over?"  he touched my shoulder and I saw something in his face, doubt or concern, I couldn't tell and it doesn't matter, "Right?"

                I slanted my lips with disappointment, "No. Not only did I not catch the perv, it wasn't even Simon. It was some other creep named Luc."

                "Anna, I think you should quit before you get in over your head."

                "It may be too late for that," I said and immediately knew I shouldn't have.

                "What do you mean?"

                How do I approach this without sounding like a total nut, "Do you believe in goblins?"

                "Um, I believe in us, outside of that, not much else. Why?"

                What an answer. He'll make some girl really happy someday, "No reason, I'mtrying to understand why a man would kill for pleasure. You know maybehe's not a man at all."

                He chuckled then shook his head, "You need sleep."

                "I need coffee."

                His eyes gave him away; he stared at my legs then traveled up to my navel and stopped, "Maybe you need a little…"

                I cut him off before that sentence fully matures, no way that washappening tonight, "Keep it in your pants. I am so not in the mood."

                "Is this one of those, your mouth says no, but your body says yes deals?" he asked raising both his eyebrows up then down.

                Myoriginal thought was no, its one those touch me and I'll castrate youwith my 22mm deals, but I said was, "Couldn't be further from that."

                "Luc must have really rattled you."

                Instead of arguing why fearing for my life wasn't the biggest turn on ever, I ask, "Want some coffee?"

                "Nah, I'm not a creature of the night. I like sleep."

                You're also a wuss, "Just me then."

                The door to the kitchen closes behind me and hit my back and I thoughtabout the brick wall and the grip Luc had on my throat and wrist. I look at my ivory white coffee maker and see his fangs grinning at me. Ipoured my first cup and the last drop rippled and I saw his black eyes staring me down. It was then it occurred to me, I can't get Luc out ofmy mind? 

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Great story, Zach :) I love the dialogue.

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