reflections on Christianity/The Jesus effect
Opinion Piece: Reflections on Christianity: So now it is Easter and this piece we will take a look at the Adult hood of Jesus of Nazareth. I will begin at the end, because here the contradictions are most stark. Here we have a Jewish man allegedly crucified for sedition. We should take look at this very closely. He never actually said he was going to over throw Caesar, he mentions a kingdom and a heavenly host coming to free mankind, but free him from what? A crucifixion was an entirely Roman punishment. From what I can gather it was reserved for rebellious slaves. It was a punishment to make a point. After the Spartacus Rebellion there were between three and five thousand rebels crucified along the Apian Way. So why one person’s crucifixion should not be have been so unusual. Now here begins the contradictions A man called Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus so he could bury him. He has a helper called Nicodemus. No where else in this story is Nicodemus mentioned. We have some ideas about Joseph of Arimathea it is believed that he was a Pharisee. This is contradiction no one as the Pharasees hate Jesus of Nazareth as they saw him as some kind of threat to their authority. Sure there may have been some who warmed to his message (as shown and read in the bible) but this man was a threat to them, their way life and their substantial incomes. We almost know for certain that Josephus Caiphas held his position as high priest for life. We know that his father and grandfather held the position. So a man who wishes to challenge the Jewish authorities come along and appears as a threat, well the next logical move is do away with the threat. Now next we are told that Mary Magdalene is the first to see the risen Jesus, she mistakes him for a gardener. Even though we are told that others who see this risen Christ say he wears a gleaming robe. Big difference here to what a common gardener is first century Israel would be wearing. Then we are told that she reaches out to him, he says do not touch me as I am not ready to go to my father,’ Modernized words but that is basically what he is meaning. Then we see him on the road to Emmaus where he meets a group of men, which included a man called Thomas. The group of men allegedly did not recognize Jesus (even tough as we saw earlier his clothing shone bright) When some one finally does recognize him, Doubting Thomas needs proof so Jesus is said to open up his robes and let’s Thomas touch the wound in his side? Is this not odd as earlier he does not allow Mary Magdalene to touch him? Now it is more likely than not that Mary was in fact his wife. Unfortunately we are at present at a loss to prove such. But there are hints; these hints cast doubts on the idea that he was not married. She calls him Rabioni or Rabbi, a Rabbi in first century Jerusalem would have to been married by the time Jesus started his mission if not some years before. She uses other words the give the idea that they are more than just lovers. The most decisive fact is the claim that she took spices and aloe’s to wash his body. Why Mary Magdalene? It should have been his mother or one of his brothers, according to Jewish Law of the time. His nearest of kin, (his nest nearest of kin would more likely than not have been a blood relative.) Unless Mary of Magdalla was his wife of course, which would fit more with tradition? Now I am more than sure that his next nearest of kin was not his girl friend. Raising the dead: ‘Let us die so that we may be born again.’ Is this not a saying attributed to Peter? It is a very symbolic concept. No body on earth has ever been dead as such and recovered to tell us what angels are, what heaven looks like or if there is in fact a god. Sure people have been revived via heart massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation but fully dead for three days?? Hmm interesting fantasy and sci fi concept, but fully dead I think not. Then we have the story of epiphany a ghost walks through a door and fire appears to land on people’s heads. Once again fascinating sci fi concepts or even horror story ideas but could this really happen? Just take a moment to think about it, would it not be quite horrorific to see people with fire on their heads or just above their heads? Again we come to the fact that he (Jesus) has said touch me not yet he is able to walk through a door/wall with no thought about the physical getting in the way. Next we will deal with the physical Jesus and his appearance.

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