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Opinion Piece: Two Reflections on Religion/Christianity: Messing with Religion: Jesus part 1: OK since ‘Christmas’ is nearly upon us I could not let this opportunity slip to fast forward my posting about Jesus. In my opinion and from the historical sources that I have read, much of the historic of the bible can not be taken at face value. There are passages and words that definitely have lost their meaning. Interpreters and copyists have translated or mistranslated bits of the bible. Or may be as know with the writings of Saint Paul, they have been altered added onto or changed to suit the scribes views. So here goes my attempt to explain. 1. The bible tells us that Jesus mother was a virgin. How then may you ask does a virgin give birth? Well this is easy to answer as in the case of the Virgin Mary (Miriam.) 2. The word virgin as applied to Mary, does not mean virgin in the modern day sense. However if what it meant were to be applied to the modern day context she definitely would be considered (in today’s terms as a Virgin) The word virgin as applicable to Mary meant a girl of marriageable age. Probably back then between the ages of 13 -16 or maybe even as old as 18. Now we know of a roman soldier who rumor has it raped this girl at some time. Mary was lucky enough to have been betrothed to man who then felt obliged to marry her and become the child’s father. Sadly there is not enough evidence beyond reasonable doubt to prove conclusively these allegations. 3. Now the good book tells us that there was census held at the time of Jesus birth and all the families had to return to the place of their origins. 4. There is a record of census, but this happened between the year 7 BC and 4 BC so this puts out anytime line that we thought about when Jesus existed to the sword. Now Bethlehem is good ways from Nazareth, and it is highly unlikely that a heavily pregnant girl would have made or even survived the journey. The only people who would have known about the star were Magi, now Magi are very interesting people and Alchemists, Astronomers and Astrologers and Mathematicians. There history is Persian / Babylonian. They would have studied the stars and known about the star. This star actually turned out to be a conjuncture of three planets; this formed a star from when they aligned. This event actually occurred so I believe in 2011. However I have more to say about Babylon and Persia in another volume. 5. We are told that Herod heard of this birth/impending birth out of a rage of jealousy or spite, he had all the kiddies under the age of two murdered. Now we have to consider here was the bible being written to suit other purposes? Jesus it was said later on was supposed to be the new Moses. And the story of the massacre of the innocents follows strongly the story of the birth of Moses. Is this too much of a coincidence? 6. The family is told by an ‘angel*’ to leave the country until Herod has passed on. What an awful though and an awful suggestion. Just think of this guy’s ministry* later on when he tells us that murder and such thoughts of wishing or having devious thoughts is bad? Yes again contradictions appear in this story. So the family goes to Egypt but in the bible it is given a Greek name which means land of the sun very confusing. Was this done to as a confirmation that Jesus was the son of man/ the sun of God? 7. Jesus disappears from the story twice more, once when he disappears for three days. He is then found debating the Torah and /or the laws of Judea with the very wise priests on steps of the temple. Why three day? And what does this mean? Did the authors of bible do as I sometimes do and write the ending of the story early on so that you can focus the middle of the story and straighten it up? Did they write this to precursor the final three days on the cross*? The next time he disappears is between when he is found debating the wise men of the temple and the beginning of his mission and his baptism. 8. Is there any other story in world where the protagonist disappears for short or any length of time? In a literary sense it is a ridiculous notion. It would also seem that there is a lot of symbolism in this book/story Three days debating three days allegedly dying on a cross. The massacre of the Innocents the killing of babies in Egypt. This to me is very odd. But even odder is the disappearances of the main character. 9. Until you realize that the Common Roman language was actually Greek. Latin was used in their legal system and in their senate, occasionally for trade, but very rarely in the street. So this then implies that that the people who wrote the New Testament were writing in Greek. Now this contradicts what people thought for a very long time up until very recently, the said New Testament was written by the apostles. 10. Well all that is left for me to do now is bid you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year. Sincerely zaccat

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It is very deep. I am spiritual and gnostic or mystical and tend to search for the true teachings of Jesus and not the Bible versions. You leace a lot of thought in this profound piece and I found it very interesting

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This is a piece to make you think and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and have a Safe, Prosperous and Happy New Year. The items with * Astrix' more will be dealt with these topics later on in the series.
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