ghoul manor

Ghoul Manor:

A case of disbelief:

Hi I am Jason me and my family live in a place called Tilba in the far south of New South Wales.

I am fourteen years old and I have a brother who is 11 his name is Cameron.

We like to have fun on our farm; we also have to help dad with some of the chores.

We attend the Hurricane Hill School but our Mum wanted to take Cameron out of there and home school him.

See there were bullies who had just moved to Tilba. They were making stuff hard for some of the younger kids at school, and Cameron was one of them.

Now Tilba is in very hilly, very old country, there is a very old house on the corner of the Princess Highway and Sunny side Road, people said it was haunted.

Sometimes at night there seemed to be a lady carrying a lamp who ran through the house.

Cameron would often have night mares about this and man he would be so stressed some times he would wet the bed.

Cameron was heckled by some of the kids about the fact that this house was haunted.

 ‘Tis not’ a young girl with long blonde hair was debating this situation with Cam as we call him.

‘It is so you don’t know anything’ was his angered retort.

Yes Cam could get a little excitable about things.

‘How come you believe this’ Cameron’s friend Andrew was in a wheel chair you see he was in a car accident when he was younger, after that accident his legs never seemed to work after that.

‘I have seen the yellow lady’ Cam’s voice was shaky but he believed that the house was haunted.

The school holidays were due in a week’s time and we were all looking forward to them.

That night Cam came to my room and asked me this ‘can we go to Ghost house and see if it is true about the yellow lady.’

 He seemed awfully curious, ‘I’d like for you to be there with me.’ ‘We’ll see’ I told him but I knew that Mum and Dad would be happy.

The Out of School Assignment:

Now with the arrival of our school holidays there was a mixture of farm work and fun to be had on our property.

But Cameron was keen to test the “ghost house.”

‘We better talk to Mum or Dad first’ I said almost knowing full well that Cam was not about to jeopardise his adventure this holiday season.

We live on a property that has Al Pacas and some grape vines, on the western slopes, we had about 350 grape vines.

Summers usually consisted of moving Al Pacas, cutting grapes, tending to animals, playing in Lustleigh Park and generally lazing around the house.

 Mum suggested that we have Andrew over for a few days this might help you relax on your holidays she retorted.

‘I’ll speak with Andrew’s Mum at the local auxiliary meeting on Monday’ her head turned from the bowl in front of her, as she was making lunch in the kitchen.

‘Thanks Mum’ Cam was on his way up stairs to his room.

Andrews Mum drove a Toyota van with an extendable ramp at the rear so his wheel chair could be easily moved in and out of the back, I often dwelt on the sacrifices that family had to make for their son.

 Come Sunday and the big red van arrived Andrew was going to be with us for two days, ‘hi.’

 Mum opened the door wide ‘Oh silly me’ she giggled ‘come round the back I’ll open the big door’.

 The sun glistened on mum’s reddish golden hair.

 ‘Cam, Cam Andrews here dear, come and say hello to Mrs Wilson’ Cameron came down the stairs he looked as if he was not quite with it. ‘Hello Cameron’ Mrs Wilson looked at Cameron and smiled ‘he’s all yours for two days’ she said with a smile.

 Would you like a coffee or a tea’ mum said with a sympathetic voice. ‘No I must be off shopping to do’ Andrew’s mum smiled Cam went to Andrew’s room, it was down stairs with an en-suite, so Andrew would feel comfortable.

‘Well Miriam we’ll see you on Wednesday morning’ mum waved, as

 Mrs. Wilson got into her van and drove down the lane to the main road and then out of view.

Night came too soon or so it appeared we were all tired and soon fell asleep, I was woken up at 7.30 the next morning by the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the stove the smell seemed to drift up to my room and under the door.

‘Good morning every one’ Mum seemed chirpy we all sat and ate our breakfasts.

 Upon going out into the yard, we all noticed the clang, clang clanging noise coming from the direction of the ghoulish house there was some sort of disturbance off in that direction.

‘I told you there was ghost over there,’ Cam seemed disappointed. ‘Awe Cam that’s just the wind blowing some tin’ Andrew retorted.   ‘I am gonna investigate’ Cam blurted. Cameron Mason you stay here’ mum was none to happy.

‘We want to go over there tonight’ it just slipped out.

‘Ask your father’ mum replied.

 ‘No you cannot go to that house it is some ones house’ Dad’s voice grew louder and he appeared to be angry.

 ‘But it is haunted’ my voice was almost in a begging mode ‘Jason you should be old enough to know better’.

 Dad was generally a cool and calm guy but he did not seem to approve of Cam and my plans.

So I sat down and explained about the yellow lady, he listened with intent and seemed interested in the problem.

 ‘Ok, Ok but just be careful I may have some explaining to do if you get caught, of course this is silly of me to allow this’

A Fright that Night:

It was late in the afternoon and every one had not seen Cam or Andrew for about on hour or so mum was getting frantic and a little panicky. ‘Geoffrey what are we going to do’ there was an anxiety in her voice.

‘Well I best go look for them they can not have gone far’ he grabbed the car keys from the drawer and as he opened the door there was Cam and Andrew heading on up the path.

 ‘Where have you two been’ mum bellowed at them.

 ‘Slow down Gloria there are back now’ dad put his arm around Mum and comforted her.

 ‘I’ve been worried sick.’

   ‘I have a good mind not to let you out tonight’ echoed our dad.

‘Oh please dad we must sort this story out’ pleaded Cameron ‘ it won’t happen again I promise.’

 ‘Mrs. Drewmoor said some kids had been at the house of the yellow lady, they had been throwing rocks and spray painting something there’ Andrew said in defence of Cam.

 ‘Yeah it sounded like those bullies the Andersons’

Tea time came too soon or so it seemed after tea we all had a wash and got two sleeping bags a torch and a bottle of water.

7.30 arrived too soon then we trudged to the door.

 ‘Here take my mobile’ dad said as we reached the door, we arrived at the Sunnyside road side of the house every one knew about the window that opened on the east face of the house. We strode over to that side of the house, and I attempted to raise the window it would not budge.

 ‘Uuuummpph come on open up’ the window was as tight. Cam moved around to another side and sure enough the window opened quite easily.

We settled down for a nights sleep our sleeping bags open on the floor I don’t know what time it was but there was a loud noise like a purr Cam sat up with a start just as he did a car went passed the house. The lights ran along the windows, the yellow lady was the reflection of car head lights it seemed as if a lady was running down the long hall way.

Our dad had figured out the secret, our car drove past the house, Cameron’s fear of the dark and the house were gone.




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