The Power of Fairy tales
Essay: Fairy tales have become today children's stories. I believe that far from being children's stories, fairy tales hold a moral. There are messages a plenty in 'fairy tales.' These range from be careful what you wish for through to tales of jealousy and trying to find the unattainable. Let me begin with Snow white. A psychopathic step mother who is jealous of her step daughters beauty. This woman will stop at nothing to rid the land and her conscious of the most beautiful thing in the kingdom. Let me expand a little on the story. There was actually a young girl who was the daughter of a powerful duke. She had long blonde hair and her father loved her dearly. He remarried and his new bride wanted to wed the step daughter of for political gain and prestige.The daughter was sent away and she feared that the marriage was not right and would not work out. Ultimately the girl was driven mad. Mostly by thoughts and fears that would probably have not been true. I do not know if this story was the founding basis for snow white but it was known around central and certain parts of Eastern Europe. Now dwarfs. Back in the long time ago small children were used in mines. The lack of sunlight and the bad nutritious conditions stunted their growth. So when they grew up they had defects and were seen as dwarfs. A woman's poison: When women commit or committed murder their preferred weapon of choice was poison. This is generally believed to be because to use a knife required a strength that the average in those days did not posses. Poison was easy to put into food, plus there were many was to obtain poison I.E.Certain kinds of mushrooms produce poison. In the case of Snow White the step mother was powerful hence she could keep her conscience free by ordering a huntsman or a game keeper to do her dirty work. There are also some messages in these stories that we still do not understand today. But it is a pity that they have been brought down to a level that is supposed to suit children. Wolves, the most noble animal in the forest have received a bad name and become much maligned due to so called 'fairy' stories. I might add here that not all step mothers deserve the reputation that have been given from fairy tales. In the case of the pied piper the moral is be careful what you wish for it could come back and bite you in the most unexpected way. well this my essay for the week, the next essay should be a view of religion from a skeptics point of view. Sincerely zaccat

peacedream6   peacedream6 wrote
on 11/23/2011 9:22:44 AM
I agree with everything you say here. I love tales with a moral. Do you write fairy tales as well? I look forward to reading yournext essay. Pity they are short, I wanted to read more.

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