Reflections on Religion/Christianity:
Essay; Opinion Piece Volume 1: Series 1: Reflections on Religion/Christianity: This is an opinion piece on Religion from one who is more skeptical than not. Hopefully there will be some humor and may be some seriousness here but overall lets have a bit of fun. And please feel free to comment, all feed back is always welcome. When you were young your parents told you not to talk to strangers, this was a given. When you reached late adolescence, your parents told you not to talk (when out in company) politics or religion. This piece will break at least one of those taboos. Topics covered: • Sunday school; the interaction with a stranger. • The Early years The beginning of the Bible • Women in the Bible; some surprises will arise. • Jesus and his teachings and “Miracles.” • The End View, Where does it all lead and what to believe? When you were young sometimes even before you went to school, ones parents would bundle one off to a place called Sunday school. At first this was exciting new people to see and meet new adventures, and new places to go. But hang on a second, did your parents not tell you from a very, very early age that you should not talk to strangers. Well now they are sending you off to talk to a stranger, a so called Sunday school teacher or even a priest or a pastor. In some cases these people were plying their wares for all the wrong reasons. Get the trust of a small child and he/she could exploit this child beyond any ones imagination. This is a sad reflection of religion/Christianity today. These people would then tell you to talk to an invisible person. Or was it two invisible strangers, who mind you, could not answer back. One of whom had been dead for over two thousand years. So how as a young person can you rationalize, how could perceive reality from fact or fiction. This could confuse the mind a small child some would say that it was child cruelty. Toward the end when as a child growing and developing Sunday school became a bore. Same old, same old stories being told over and over again ho hum. A kid wanted to explore himself/ herself more, there were boys and girls out there who wanted to have fun, stretch the envelope of life a bit. Test themselves against the authorities and their parents. Could it be that these teenagers were rebelling against being sent to Sunday School? Teenagers have it hard enough being forced to sit in a class room, hearing a teacher drone on about things that to a teenager must be boring. Then they have to sit in a room full of unfamiliar students and do an exam on these boring topics. The word school no matter what context would be avoided at all costs, which makes Sunday school fit into the lowest of low minorities. Going to school on a Sunday you have to be kidding, right. At Sunday school you asked to believe that an omnipresent all powerful character/ being exists? How can this be so? Has anyone actually seen this creature? This is a creature who is a total stranger as well. Then you are told to confide in his son, and tell all in a one way conversation. Who is this person? What can he do? What is he to you? I‘d say mind your own bees wax. Now early on in this book called the bible, it tells you to take an eye for eye. Very big on vengeance is this book here. But some thing is amiss here, you are told be those who supposedly know better that vengeance is a dish best served cold. Confused yet? Well I certainly was. But hold on; hang about five minutes later you are being told to turn the other cheek. It does not make sense at all. Then you are told stories about lose women, and about betrayal I.E Sampson and Delilah. Judas the Issagari betrays a man he calls lord, well to be honest every body calls this guy lord. Well impressionable minds must be truly affected by this stage, or is there a deeper more sinister ploy going on here. Are we being brain washed at an early age to fit into certain boxes? Is it not said “give me the child of seven and I will give you the man.” This being a tenet true of both Catholicism and Communism. I’ll let you all dwell on these thoughts and ideas, until volume 2. Sincerely zaccat

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A skeptics view on religion/Christianity: All to be layed out before you. A reading that goes between the lines of both the written word and ethics and presents an in your face view of Religion/Christianity.