Opion Piece: rflections on Christianity
Reflections on Religion/Christianity: Messing with Religion: Jesus part 2: Intermission: So let us look at what we have missed here and where we should go from here. We know that Jesus was more than likely to have been born in Nazareth; he is after all called Jesus of Nazareth or the Nazareen. We know that the story of the massacre of the innocents reflects closely the story of Moses. Is this Coincident or not? But what have I missed here? Christmas is celebrated on the roman/Pagan day of Saturnalia. Is this not a rather odd choice for a so called ‘Christian Celebration?’ If one reads the bible carefully one can read that Jesus was born after his cousin John the Baptist. Now since in Italy John the Baptist day falls on the 24th of June then logically Jesus was born in the second or third week of August. There is the fact that many of our Christmas traditions come from other places in the world. Germany, Christmas tree and Christmas cards Italy nativity scenes and Father Christmas or should I say Saint Nicholas. But then if you take a closer look Saint Nicholas came from Turkey and his remains were stolen by Italian sailors. We come to a major hurdle here with the three gaps in the narrative of the hero of the story. One of these gaps is a large gap, and there are theories that he went to Tibet to learn. This theory is based on the fact that a lot of his teachings closely reflect those of the Buddhist of Tibet. Turn the other check, the so called messages of peace*. We will take a closer look at the peace messages later and the people that made up his ministry. There is also a story going around that his body lies in a tomb in Tibet, where one body i.e. a Muslim body is buried above and a ‘Christian’ body is buried underneath persists. I have never read a book, nor heard of a book that has gaps in the narrative of the protagonist. But here we do. We should remember that these stories were written some seventy years after the event. So how does any one remember exactly what a person did or even said so man y years later. The fact that the authors of this tome were either told or picked up stories in same fashion as the brothers Grim, who we have no doubt embellished and enhanced their fairy tales. Did the authors make up much of what they wrote? Did they enhance the stories to make them more ‘Christian’ sounding? We are led to believe that these stories are as they were. But if you took them to a court of law to prove any thing with in them they would be thrown out as hear say. Our other and one of the biggest problems we have is the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. I do not mean this in a derogatory way but what I mean is that he did not invent nor did he lead a new movement. This fact now impacts on the rest of the story, I.E. his mission. Jesus of Nazareth was trying to reform (for want of a better word) Judaism. I believe that particularly in the later stages of his mission he did actually see himself as the new Moses. We will also look at the role of Saint Paul in all of this. But what every body forgets is his Jewish ness. He was born a Jew and every body from the common man to the Catholic Church forgets or tends to dismiss this fact. What did he look like no one really knows what he looked like as the Renaissance has a lot answer for? Many of his miracles can be explained, as can his supporters and here lie many contradictions. We will look at all of this in the next chapter.

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Religion/Christianity from a skeptics point of view.
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