Opinion Piece: The Power of Fairy Tales
Opinion Piece Fairy Tales: The Piped Piper Fairy Tales are very clever stories. Originally they were moral stories. They were used to scare people, teach people, and to deliver a moral that should never be forgotten. Their origins were of an oral nature as many of them began before printing and published books were available to general populations. Today I am going use the story of the Pied Piper as my example of how fairy tales worked and explain what they meant. We all know the story of the Pied Piper a tall thin man who wore a harlequin suit who rid the tiny lower Saxon town of Hamlin of its most unwanted guests. In July 27th 12 87 The Pied piper entered the tiny town of Hamlin. Hamlin straddled the River Weser. They council of Hamlin had a problem with rats, the rats out grew the cats and then the rats out grew the terriers. The mayor was in a dither he did not know what to do and the population was complaining. He had heard of a man who had removed rats from towns and cities in the nearby vicinity. So in desperation he sent this man an invitation. ‘Oh!’ he said ‘name your price.’ The man was taken a back by this offer, so he hummed and ahhed and settled on a price of a hundred gold guilders. The mayor was so grateful that at last he had found a solution to the rat problem. So on an arranged evening the strange looking thin man who wore a yellow and red harlequin suit, came to the eastern gate. He produced a flute and began to play an enchanting tune. So enchanting was this tune that the rats and mice evacuated their lodgings and followed the piper as he led them to the river Weser. He paused momentarily possibly allowing all the rats to catch up. He then led them in the flowing river where the currant was rather strong and they drowned. (All except according to some versions of the tale a rather large fat slow rat.) Now the next day the Piper went back to the council to collect his dues, the smug mayor put the Piper off and stalled on his part of the bargain. He advised the piper to come back the next day. The council was furious that the mayor had entered into such an agreement and was worried about where the money would come from. But the piper was determined to have his pay. He went back to the mayor the next day but the mayor still refused to pay up. The piper told the mayor that he would take his pay and it would be to the woe of the town of Hamlin. The next night the piper took his position and placed the pipe to his lips and out came a tune so enticing, so sweet and alluring that the children of Hamlin just had to follow. Next time we will look at what this story is telling us. I will look at what this story is about and the morals that come out of this story.

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This is an opinion piece about fairy tales. I have used the pied piper of Hamlin as my example, but I guess I could have used others. Well may be another time. I have and will explore the morals and meanings that come from fairy tales. It is in a way a wish that we could revert baxck to such practices may our modern day youth could learn some lessons from such stories.
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