How to turn your pen name into a profit BY: Olivia Ryan
All writers dream of achieving success and popularity through literature. However, it is extremely important for a writer to get popularity which would be associated not only with books and novels but would work independently and become a well-selling brand. Namely, a vast majority of writers don’t really earn too much. The average annual income goes just a little over $60 thousand but mostly due to the best-selling writers who earn millions. That’s why writers also need to develop their personal brands and make them an additional source of income. How to make self-brand profitable? It’s not easy for a writer to become successful in the market that publishes more than 2 million books each year. Content marketing specialists at Aussie Writings recently noted that authors who build their personal brands have a bigger chance to grow incomes: “Writers have many ways to earn more through their brands. At the same time, it also makes them more popular and increases the sale of their books.” In such circumstances, it’s crucial to learn how to turn your pen name into a brand that makes a profit. Here are 6 suggestions how to do it. • Designate your audience If you want to establish a self-brand, you need to target audience carefully. This is equally true for writers as well as the content marketers or simply vendors. To become a professional and to create your brand you need to find your niche and concentrate on it. For instance, you can focus on non-fiction writing about psychology or teen fiction literature. This is the only way to become truly exceptional and distinguish from competitors. Each niche already has a few opinion leaders, so you need to specialize for the certain audience. • Make yourself special What is the difference between you and thousands of other people out there who are doing similar things? To become noticeable, you need to answer this question and offer a fresh perspective. Choose an alternative viewpoint and put new ideas into the calculation. Once you differentiate from competitors, you can count on a wider audience and more earnings, respectively. The personal brand must be unique and add value to the existing state of affairs in the niche.   • Content marketing is essential Content marketing is the best model to make a profit from your brand. Being a writer, you should definitely start your own blog and choose the best income streams. New bloggers usually stick to Google AdSense and advertising and later turn to more demanding models like the affiliate marketing. Together with your website and social accounts, blog posts will boost your authority and make you a credible partner for the niche-related marketers. Authors like Tony Robbins or J.K. Rowling are not only great writers but also important social media influencers. • Guest blogging You don’t have to write for your blog exclusively. You can also write for different blogs who pay their contributors. Create a good viral content and it will bring you not only a one-time payment but also a loyal audience and exposure. Use your experience, knowledge, and professional expertise to come up with interesting contents and soon you’ll be in the situation to negotiate about the price per post and who to write for. • Collaboration When you start building the self-brand, you need to engage in collaborations with opinion leaders who are already popular in your field. It brings you more attention and audience, thus expanding your base of loyal followers. It’s the perfect cross-promotion with benefits for both sides: you get more reach and influence, while your partners receive even more visibility. Eventually, you can agree on how to share an income. • Be creative Use your imagination and intuition to create new business models and think about the way how it can actually bring you additional incomes. When you will build your brand, it will be possible for you to make money not only by means of your actual writing but also by being a part of influencer marketing. Writers have the creativity to become successful businesspeople, they are simply not aware of it most of the time. Conclusion Personal branding is not an easy process, especially for writers who enjoy their peace of mind and search for inspiration away from the public. However, the results of self-branding can be fruitful and overwhelming. Using these 6 tips, you can use the personal brand as the way to boost your writing career and also to gain profit along the way. Let us know what you think about this and feel free to leave a comment if you have other valuable suggestions.

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Guest post by: Olivia Ryan is a journalist who is always ready to experience new things and share this experience with others. She is passionate about art and writing. Therefore, she usually spends time writing new articles or travelling around the world. Follow Olivia on Facebook and Twitter.