How To Get Health Insurance as a Self-Employed Writer
The life of the freelance writer…showing up to work in pj’s, a commute no further than a strut down the hall from your bedroom, keeper of your own time, plus you can take vacation days when you want, heck you can write on a beach, and the best part, you’re being paid to write!

But there are trade offs.  You are responsible for finding your own work (check out: How To Become A Working Writer) and you are responsible for finding your own health insurance. Health insurance is expensive but it is necessary.   But before you dish out a ton of cash to your local insurance agent, there are some alternative options for working writers that should be researched.

PROFESSIONAL GROUPS.  There are many associations out there that offer writers, artists and freelancers health insurance plans.  You will first need to become a member of the organization.  Do a bit of research to figure out which association you qualify for and would be the best fit for your needs. Remember, check what a personal plan will cost in comparison with dues and benefits of the organization.  Following are some of the writers organizations that offer health insurance: The Authors Guild, National Writers Union, Freelancers Union, Fractured Atlas, The Editorial Freelancers Association, National Association of Science Writers, Artists Health Insurance Resource Center, American Society of Journalists and Authors, Society of Children’s Book Writers an Illustrators, and The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust.

BIX BOX STORES.  Both Sam’s Club and Home Depot now offer affordable health insurance to their members and customers.

THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.  Your local Chamber of Commerce most likely offers a group health insurance plan to small business owners.  And as a self-employed freelance writer you are a business.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS.  Many colleges and universities have set up programs with organizations such as GradMed.  These organizations offer short-term health insurance to their alumni’s.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS.  Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, before we have time to prepare.  If this does happen, the following organizations can help:  The Writers Emergency Assistance Fund– Sponsored by the American Society of Journalists and Authors, Change, Inc., Gottleib Foundation, The Actor’s Fund and The United Way.


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Tips on getting health insurance for the working writer.