tuesday too
it's the day i go home home to him
the sadistic bipolar alcoholic
who wakes me at 3am
to recite ecclesiastes
after a weekend away
we fall back into the routine
 the picture is of
 my dead husband
gone three years now
the day we kissed and
said i do
and i recall the third day
a terrible tuesday morning
when my best friend
killed off all of her fish
she woke to half of them gone
and the rest sick so
we flushed some
and froze others
after these deaths
i burned the belongings
the memories
the former bachelor's body
an arson of the year 
two thousand and eight
if i had unlocked the door
if i had heard the final goodbye
if i never go back to read bible verses
to a boy drunk on beer and bacardi
if the fishes' fins didn't rot
time is taking the terror this tuesday
the wedding walks away
the suicide starts to saunter into 
the sunset
the guppy gore is gone
the fire flees my free form thoughts
yesterday's query is answered
pictures pause then pull away
guppies and great men die
bodies, buildings, and books burn
today i try 
tomorrow i travel
two thousand and eleven miles
from my lover
my losses
and my life

Ezy_scorpio   Ezy_scorpio wrote
on 10/4/2011 1:25:38 AM
Nice work.

John_Drydin   John_Drydin wrote
on 9/6/2011 1:25:49 PM
i like the Guppies and great men line, this is a striking work good job

Free Verse
writing whenwinwhen
words float round my head like fireflies:brief and magnificent...
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this is the sequel to tuesday...it answers the metaphors and expands the theme
A Word from the Writer
i am a poet so i use a lot of metaphor but also many of the things i write actually happened as in statutory one & two and also in tuesday too. i live in a harsh reality and writing is the only release i get from it. just be aware that as you are reading you may be in harms way...
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