The playing Princess
She was a lonely little princess, playing for the moon
Her music pierced the seventh heaven and broke the seals of doom
I saw her once among the silly unrelenting crowd
Her fingers moved along the organ, sending shiver to my crown
I saw myself a desperate king with castles in the wind,
candy mountains & paper flowers decorating my broken wings
She played another theme; a sad song farewell
I saw a dark, bottomless pit with golden speckles burning round & round
I tried not to fall in the pit or for the lonely pianist
but my feet slipped and on my knees I landed
She still played on her mahogany organ; a wild fiery melody
The sky turned red, fish danced the Tango, stones whistled around me
I saw myself a beggar playing for her royal majesty
She threw me a look, smiled and went on with her tragedy
The notes rattled, the keys rambled and on the grass I fell
Suddenly a monster faced me with canines sharp and eyes burning with rage
The trees turned into cages of untamed fear and agony
Tears traveled down my cheeks till it sunk in the bare soil below me
Her music changed in a swift to a song for the lovers,
My eyes darted from one palm tree to the other
Gracious sea with mountainous waves crashed in front of me
The soil beneath me smelled of copper, rocks around me sparkled with diamond grooves
Coiled clouds and crusty grass grazed at me feet while rock salt burst in fountains of hope
I saw my princess, a lonely mermaid playing on the waves of time,
I tried to reach her but icebergs and vultures stood in my way
At last she stopped playing, everything fell into morbid silence
Notes ceased to flop, songs and magic came to a halt
My sanity evaded me, I prayed for her to play
So that I stay with her, contain her wondrous magic in every molecule of my body
But the cruel royal beauty she is, she disappeared
My eyes swelled with tears, this time for real
I missed the playing princess who went out of sight
On a one way flight…to Heaven

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writing vigilante171
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I saw her for the first time when I was just a naïve person, unable to understand the complex human nature. I knew her later on; a loner, probably a science geek who spent her spare time doing nothing but studying. And then I saw her REALLY for the first time, a tormented artist who defies the rules of an ignorant society. I couldn't keep myself from feeling for her, thinking about her deemed unstable fate and writing about her. So to Dina, here's my song...
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Please comment if you like it. Tell me what you feel.
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4/7/2009 12:00:00 AM
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