dead but seeking revenge chapter 1

“Vanessa dear!” Mina called out and her posse looked over to me. I sighed. What do they want now? I shifted my book that was sitting in my arms. My backpack was bending my back with the weight of my books and notebooks. I let my bag fall to the ground. I cross my arms and wait for Mina to walk up to me.

“Mina what do you want?” I asked. It was after school, the grounds were empty. I had homework to do and I didn’t want to stand here.

“Vanessa,” she said carefully, placing her arm around my shoulders, “I know we haven’t been the best of friends but I would like it if you came with us and just chilled.” She said smiling widely. “I want us to be friends.” I narrowed my eyes. What was she up too?

             “Why? Why the change of heart?” I asked. I saw Mina’s smile disappear. She almost looked like she wanted to punch me.
               ”Why? Well I just would love to be your friend. I mean I have known you since the second grade and now we are in our sophomore year of high school. I think its time we become friends.” Her smile came back.  I stared into her eyes trying to see anything that would tell me what she is up to but I saw nothing but her diamond blue eyes staring back at me. All the things that she has suddenly come back to me.

In the second grade, Mina would always put insects into my sandwiches and snacks and I would never know until I took a bite. It was terrible. I remember one day in particular. I was sitting at the same lunch tables and I got up to get a drink from the fountain. I took about a minute to get a drink and I come back and sit down. I see everyone is looking at me and waiting to see if I notice. I smiled at my best friend at the time, Anna. She smiles back at me weakly and then I pick up my sandwich. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for me to take a bite. I took a bite and everybody started laughing. I was confused. I had no clue what they were laughing at. The teacher was even laughing. I looked down at my sandwich and saw a big array of insects huddled in the middle of the peanut butter and jelly. I dropped it and covered my mouth and ran from the room. I sat in the hall crying and wondering what I have done to deserve the abuse that I was getting. I would sit out there until the end of the day. Then I would run home and cry more to my mom.

It just got progressively worse throughout the years. Including so many pranks. In grade 8, it was the worst. It was during gym class, she took my clothes when I was showering.  She even took my towel and threw them out side the door leading into the locker room. Nobody dared to defy her so they left with out doing anything. I got out of the shower and I look for my towel and clothes. Nothing. I was panicking. I was looking every where. Mind you that I was naked and wet. I was not going to go to the teachers or outside the locker room where my clothes were. Ms. Annie came in when I was in the middle of a break down. She became my favorite teacher that day. She handed me a pair of her sweats that she had in her office and a sweat shirt. She said that she would find out what had happened and who did it. I ran off to my next hour and was so confused. I didn’t even bother to get my clothes. I was so embarrassed. I saw mina look over to me and snicker every so often. I figured out that it was her because some people were so loud. She hasn’t done anything lately but I don’t trust her at all still.

She squeezed my shoulder and brought me back to reality. I looked at her. “So, you want to go with us?” she asked. Wait, go where?

“Where?” I asked yawning. I tilt my head. What did she have planned?

“To the mall and then to the ice cream parlor.” She looked at me smiling. Well at least it would be in public. But then it would be more embarrassing if she is planning anything. But you need new notebooks. But I could get them at Wal-Mart.  

Yes, I know. Arguing with myself is a bad sign but whatever. “Sure.” I said giving a fake smile. She smiled back and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the group and the car. The group consisted of like ten or eleven people. I recognized some but others I didn’t.

“Let me introduce the group. Bellatrix, Jasmine, Luna, Zane, Dante, Rex, Cassandra,  Adam, Violet, Victoria, Vivian, and Kraig.” She said. My eyes were drawn to a boy in the back. His eyes were a dreamy light blue shade. His hair was orange and covered one eye. He was amazing. I couldn't’t take my eyes off of him. He was quiet. While everyone waved or said hi, he remained quiet and reserved. He watched me as Mina helped me fit in between him and I think Jasmine.
”Why are you here?” he asked. I turned and looked at him. His eyes were wide and staring at me.

“Because I was invited by Mina.” I said, I was stunned by his rudeness. He may be adorable and amazing looking but he was rude and obnoxious.

“Yeah I know that but why did you say yes?” he asked. He shook his head. I tilted my head. I was officially confused by him.
”I don’t know.” I said, trying to figure out why I did say yes, my self. I heard Jasmine snicker.

“You couldn't’t give up the chance to hang out with us. We are just that amazing.” She said smiling and she pulled out her mirror and checked her make up.

“Oh yeah! That is totally it. Maybe you guys can give me some make up tips.” I said sarcastically. The boy laughed. Jasmine lowered her mirror and glared at me, her smile disappeared.

I turned back to the boy. “I’m Vanessa.” I said. He smiled slightly.
”Rex.” He said. “I wished that you said no.” I was just about to ask what he meant when Mina called him up to sit by her. “I will talk to you later.” He said giving me a sad look. I was so confused. Luna sat next to me. She started talking about make up and a lot of stuff I didn’t care about.

“What’s your fave brand of eyeliner? Which color do you think is the best for eyeshadow? Blah blah blah.” I just tuned her out. I had a lot to think about. Did I make a mistake saying yes? Did Mina have something planned? Should I say that I have another engagement that I have to go to? What should I do?


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Novel / Novella
writing vampirekisses123
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Hello. Ok, this story is my passion. I am working hard on this. I am trying my hardest to finish it and get it published one day. Well any way. It is a mystery thriller type of story. There are some romance.