As the last star of the night slowly faded away,
          He was quiet but still kept that look of pain and fear
             How will I ever get him cared for if I keep him in this place?
          He should have smiles,laughter,out running with his peers.
             It was then that I knew exactly what I had to do.
           I sat crying looking at your big blue eyes,but I have
             no choice I must take care of you.
          This would not be an easy thing to do,but what mattered
            was that its the best thing to do.
          Now im handing you this letter to send you on your way
             and now I have some words that I really need to say.
           Remember,my little soldier you are tough and very strong
             You are my son so combined in blood and heart,that will
           keep us from growing too far apart.With you in my heart my
             angel is near,so dont worry for me i will be safe right here.
           Just know I will always love you,and that means no more fear
              So when your older or feel you need me just look right here.
            The bond between us is the first place you will want to start
                The rest wont be to hard if you keep me in your heart.
              You are only 4 years old and a long road awaits.
                 After hearing that he took the strangers hand and disapeared
                into the night. The years still go by as I think of you with tears in my eyes
              My soldier during the days,my angel with me at night,then my son all the time.
                 Many years have passed my poor house has fallen down
              I never saw it coming so all I can do is frown.As I reached for my towel it was
                 awfully hot,a glimpse from the corner of my eye of a stranger was caught.
               In one hand he put a piece of paper,and in the other an envelope.
                 And on the single sheet of paper this is what was said,we want to help you
               make things better help you move about,here is a key,there is an address inside
                you deserve so much better so let go of your pride.I dont see the one where
               the letter arrived but a truck pulled up with movers saying please step aside.
                I kept it up as long as I could,just as I told my little soldier I would.
                    There seems to be small houses upon a hilltop,they looked nice and quiet.
                I made it to the address which seemed to  be so empty and so still.I got out
                    my little key and was thinking this would be right.I pushed hard and opened the door
               I couldn't move for a min my soldier was in the floor.All I could do was burst into sobbing
                      tears,we found each other after all these years.Please dont cry mamma,dry the tears from
                    your eyes as your soldier I am giving you the home you so badly need.I joined the army still a
               child missing you every night,but as your angel I kept it safe so I won every fight.So here we are
                together your son, soldier and your angel,we are all here now and will always be,never again
                   parting from each other,because I am your son and you are my mother........

                                                                                                                         2:50 PM 4/27/2008

Pulelehua   Pulelehua wrote
on 4/30/2008 10:17:56 AM
This subject matter is a tough one to write about but you brought it full circle showing pain and courage and even gave it a happy ending. A writers goal is to touch the lives of their readers. You have succeeded the task in this writing. Great job! Angels are all around us, each day of our lives if we just open our eyes to see. Powerful!

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/27/2008 10:06:54 PM
This was wonderful. I loved the story. It gave me goosebumps at the end.

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This came to me when I was thinking of my son who i have not seen in a long time.
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