Te Amo

The best moments in my life

I've spent with you
The laughter we've shared
Keeps me driving on
The love you give
Reminds me how much I have to live for
I've had a lot of bad times
But as they say you got to crawl before you can walk
You have to cry before you can smile
You have to hurt before you can truly embrace happiness
I've paid my dues
More than enough
I'm thankful for you
As cheesy as it sounds
God knew what I needed in my life
That was you
I wouldn't trade it for anything
No price can be put on this
It's the greatest treasure life can offer
Our lives can only get better
It's so hard to find the right words to say
For the one who is on your mind constantly
Each and every day
All I hope to accomplish
Is a reminder of how I feel about you
Even though I may never show it
I love you more than anything
When I pick up the phone and hear your voice
Within a short amount of time
All is right in my life
Though miles separate us
We've proved through the obstacles we've faced
Our love will keep us bound
When all is said and done
Whether we're together or apart
You've made an impact on my life
For that alone you'll always have a place in my heart

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/30/2008 12:55:09 AM
This person whom you wrote this for is very fortunate to be thought of so highly. Te Amo = 831.

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