T is for Tearing

Fighting for something with no purpose is the same as
arguing for no reason. If you want something, make sure
you know why you’re so willing to die for it. If you really
want it, attack. Anything or anyone that gets in your way.
Stay committed to fighting, even if the world is completely
against you. All you can do
is hope that the thing you’re
fighting for, is as willing to
fight as you are. Who knows?
They may not want to fight;
they may not want some
-one fighting for them.
They're confused,
they're stressed, they
feel connected to two
people. You fight as hard
as you can against someone
that looks so familiar...
while another swoops in
for the "kill". Before you can
stop them, the familiar force
drags you back to beat you down.
You realize that the familiar force is
only your shadow...and it’s in your way.
Your wounds are self-inflicted; you tried
so hard to get closer, you cut yourself
in the process. Your reason, your Light,
sees your wounds and pulls you close,
not seeing the lingering shadow in his
other arm. You smile, you laugh, you
act as though seeing them so close
together isn’t completely tearing you
apart inside. Because in reality, you
fought your hardest, you passed the
test...but your only second best...

Ezy_scorpio   Ezy_scorpio wrote
on 10/5/2011 11:33:20 PM
Jhon, you said so beutifully and you are so right... But the rythm in writing is good....

John_Drydin   John_Drydin wrote
on 11/14/2010 11:55:35 PM
hey there sweet heart, this poem shows a lot of feeling, but it sounds like some bad feelings. you show promis as a writer I hope to see your name on the best seller shelf of a bookstore. the only way that will happen is if you know that you are better than second best. this is advice from a person whose been where you are, i know it sux, but keep dreaming your dreams and you will come out of it just fine I promise.

Free Verse
writing torn
"In times when it seems impossible to smile and maintain composure, live like your dying and go jump off a cliff."
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Thsi started out on a sheet of notebook paper shaped like the letter "T". Unfortunately, I lack the skills to allow this format. *Sigh*
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