Close your eyes. Picture a marble pillar.

Cold, ancient, and strong.

Picture it with standing millions of years.

Through blistering wind and blinding rain,

to hold a structure together.

Open your eyes. Witness it crumble.

Watch as that cold, prehistoric stone,

 that was trusted with such a heavy burden

completely dissolves- shaping like clay.

Dropping all of that weight

onto your shoulders.

You dont want the burden-

Its crushing you.

Your scared. If you hold it much longer,

you"ll be squashed.

If you put down the ceiling,

you may live. Show weakness and live or Stay Stubborn and die.

But...you cant look weak.

God forbid you show weakness to others.

Shift the weight squarely across your back ,

Wipe your brow of the blood and sweat,

Mask the panic in your eyes,

And smile. Look upon the ones depending on you,

that care about you,

and LIE. Tell them your fine- Scared? You? Never!

You laugh them off. You dont want them to see your weakness...

And as you think this, your shoulders tremble.

Instead of admitting you were weakening and weary,

You decided to be stubborn.

And now, your paying the price for not asking for help:

You are crumbling...just like the pillar before you.

...You arent a pillar. None of us are-

We are HUMAN.We die from too much Sun, too little Sun,

too much water, too little water,

Holding up too little...or holding up too much.

You dont have to be strong all the time.

You arent a freaking rock made for fighting Gravity.

Your flesh, bone,heart, soul.

And, whether you confess this or not,

You are easy to break...

Look at those broken, cold, marble pieces...

And see how even the strongest Pillars decay in time.

John_Drydin   John_Drydin wrote
on 1/19/2011 11:24:41 PM
very nice, it went pretty deep. the ending really shows your connection to this life lesson. (check for spelling though) sory

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writing torn
"In times when it seems impossible to smile and maintain composure, live like your dying and go jump off a cliff."
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