Don't Expect Me To Be Here When Morning Breaks
I will keep it hidden, my love,
The knowledge of your wrongdoings.
The chance work meetings,
The last minute conferences,
The secretive phone calls.

But how would you feel, my love,
If it were the other way 'round?
If I was with someone other than
The man I promised I would care for
Till death do us part?

If I were the one to feel for another person,
In the way I once felt for you. 
Recreating one our passionate encounters,
Tasting the want and need,
Making love to another man.

Would you feel that pang of detest,
Of self-pity and self-loathing.
Of hating every atom of yourself
Because the one person you thought 
You could rely on, you now realise you can't?

No I didn't think so. 
You love her, don't you? 
This new woman - this glorified version of me.
Is she beautiful? Is that it?
Does she give you what you've always wanted? I hope so.

But one day I hope she plays the same game
As you this very moment, and sleeps with another man.
I hope that you feel as worthless and disgusting as me,
Because then you may understand.
What it it really feels to be second best.

But, please.
Don't worry my love,
Your secrets are safe with me,
Just don't expect me to be
Here when morning breaks.

torchygirl   torchygirl wrote
on 11/28/2015 5:24:06 PM
Wow, thank you for such a lovely comment! Welcome to the community - I will be sure to check out your work when you start posting! :-)

moonjiver   moonjiver wrote
on 11/12/2015 9:30:18 AM
Hello torchygirl, I am going to pay you a big compliment. Been looking around for good (and legit.) writing sites - I can't exactly remember what lead me here to your poem, but last night it hit me between the eyes like a missile. After reading it, I couldn't breathe properly - such beautiful understated sentiments, without bitterness or rancour, still obviously some feeling for him there! Very moving and powerful. I actually decided to join up so I could thank you .. but also coz this seems a rather interesting community and I'll be seeking feedback on some of my own poetry very shortly. Thanks for inspiring me .. and knocking me over! Cheers.

Free Verse
writing torchygirl
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