I May Not Need You

I may not need you
But when you look me in the eye
I get that smile on my face
That stays with me throughout the day
You wrap your arms around me
And I never want to let go
For fear that feeling will fade away
To nothingness

I may not need you
To give my life new meaning
To run to whenever I'm unsure
Or to take care of me
Even though the moments I'm beside you
Seem frozen; lost in time
Hoping never to be found again
Until absolutely necessary

I may not need you
Sometimes I lose myself and find myself
All in that same vulnerability of emotion
Not wanting to take away the independence
Of our lives yet satisfy the happiness
That I feel when I'm with you
To carefully avoid the drama
My own life used to cause.

I may not need you
My desire to be your friend has never been stronger
My intentions have never been clearer
The respect I have for you
Adds meaning to my own life
Instilling something within you?
There's nothing I want more.

I may not need you
I may not have you with me all the time
But I can be there for you
If ever you need me
Your strength is impeccable
My emotions are erratic
Almost always under control for now
I will contain them and lock them up
Until I get the chance to see you again

I may not need you
To wake up to every day
Or complete my daily life
But the little things you add to it
Are more than just a temporary solution
It makes our moments all worthwhile
I hope in some way that I can do the same
No matter if it's only here and now

I may not need you
But I will hold you and hug you when I can
I will love you when appropriate
And like you when it's not
Hopefully I can be someone special to you
For as long as you let me
As long as you trust me
As long as you want me

I will always be your friend.

poetrydances   poetrydances wrote
on 12/13/2008 5:20:27 AM
Candid and thought provoking piece-this I am sure will make all reading it, think differently. I hope its ok but I am posting a link to this poem on poetrydances.com. Heres the link if you would like to take a look- regards and all the best PD www.poetrydances.com/poetrydancesnovember.htm

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/12/2008 9:53:22 PM
Powerful and emotional. This poem packs a punch that would knock Tyson out 4 times! And the message this tells is timeless. With your permission, I would like to print this out to show a friend of mine who's husband has severe "issues" and needs to read AND THEN UNDERSTAND a poem like this.

Free Verse
writing tigercatracing
"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."
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A Word from the Writer
I wrote this for Monty a few days before he died, I mailed it to him but I don't really know if he ever got it or not... I really hope he did though, I donno I think he did. My way of expressing my opinion on the predicament we found ourselves in between business and intimacy. I also wanted him to know that I wanted to be with him and not use him like his other 2 relationships before me. I didn't want his money, I didn't want him for helping my horse, I just wanted to be with him...he always found that hard to understand; why I'd want to be with him without anything tangible in return.
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