I miss your ears and
Kissing the freckles on your shoulders
All night long intermittently
Holding hands in the car peacefully
Waiting for the phone to ring & break the silence
That was so complete when we were together

I miss opening my eyes and glancing down
To see your rough hands on my skin
Your warm exhalations down the back of my neck
The inaptness of the moment and the comfort I found
Just to feel you lay beside me
The childlike politeness of your movements
I may never find again.

I miss us rushing up the steps
As we giggle and slam the door
So grateful to finally be alone
Just so you could kiss me, hug me, hold me
Up against the wall and say,
"For a bi lesbian you sure love men.
Or is it just this one that you love?"

I miss fighting for the blankets
Just so we could make up
Kicking them off anyways
You'd say to me, "You don't need them,
You're plenty hot already."
10 seconds later you'd be back with your boyish charm
Playing by some rules that no longer pertained.

I miss my kisses on your back, eyes closed
While you try to ignore me but fail terribly at it
So there we'd be, awake at 4 in the morning again
Laughing and joking and cuddling
Trying to hold desperately to those memories that fade
When the world goes back to work.

I miss that innocence you often fought with
The moments we found ourselves together
You'd touch me like a priceless work of art
Afraid that you might break me.
So respectful and quiet
So reluctant but quite sure
That nothing else mattered in the world but how we feel.

I miss all those memories undiscovered
A million words left unspoken
Inches of your skin left unexplored
So many moments to be lost in your eyes
Hundreds of emotions left for us to feel
So much happiness to experience together

I miss the silence we might share
All the talent to gain so gracefully
Your leadership is mesmerizing
It will be cherished forever
Your raspy voice and generous laughter
Harbored in the depths of my heart
Until our souls once again find themselves
In perfect harmony.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/9/2008 12:02:47 AM
Wonderfully told with reminiscence and oozing with longing and desire. I like the "kicking the blankets off cause you so hot already" verse. Does he teach "macking" lessons? Maybe I should sign up!!! lol Another good one you surprised us with.

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A Word from the Writer
Maybe the last "verse" doesn't seem to fit, and most likely won't to anyone else but me. But it should really be put in there because we were also business partners and he had so many physical things in this world he wanted to show me relating to such things...not just emotion.
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