As far as I'm concerned, the side that opposes my beliefs has no facts at all, just opinions.
Someone said that to me the other day and it really ticked me off. You know what the worst part of the whole thing was? She wasn't some dumb high school dropout. She was a college grad and former English teacher. I'm beginning to think 98% of the world is completely ignorant.

The conversation started when I was working our annual pledge drive at the station. The lady asked me why I wasn't seriously considering becoming a priest. I told her that it just wasn't my calling. I have no problem with the priesthood and I think it is an honorable cause, however it's not for me. After about fifteen minutes of her trying to guilt me into it I left to go do something more important like cleaning the keyboards off at the station.

When I signed on with a Catholic radio station I figured the people there would be holier than though, but I was surprised to find out that most people working in Catholic radio are normal people. They aren't the Bible Banging religious types. We do what we do and that's all there is to it. The volunteers however, are the zealous ones.

I can't make it a week without being yelled at by someone for not entering the seminary. It seems like everyone we run in to devotes everything to God. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. You know when a priest is around and everyone only talks about God and being blessed and prayer and stuff... That's what it's like for us. You know sometimes we think about other stuff too. Do I pray daily? Yes. Do I think about God a lot? Yes. But I also think about the weather, the news, sports, and so on and so fourth. I am starting to believe that these holier than though people are fakes.

These same people are the ones who claim that media today is complete crap. They claim that nothing is good accept Catholic media. That can be good for my station, but I think that it's completely ignorant to say that. First of all news media is completely biased, but everyone knows that so you are way behind with those statements. Is there a lot of crap out there? Yeah, but there's a lot of good too. The problem is, most people only focus on the bad and never give the good a chance. They see or hear something about a show and most of the time don't even bother watching it before making their decisions on it. Which is hilarious because most of these people are extremely vocal about how bad it is.

I'm very proud of my generation and I am tired of being insulted by the way we live. Let's face it people it's your fault not ours. The people creating all this bad media aren't 16 year old kids. They are adults. They are your generation not ours.

It seems like only the dumb people are the vocal ones. Whether you are talking about abortion vs. pro-life, religion vs. politics, whatever it is only the idiots voice their opinions loudly. Frankly, I'm tired of your blame. I like the media. I'm a part of it.

I know I'm going to tick a lot of people off by saying this but your ignorance is why people walk away from religion. You sit back and insult everything we know and love. You tell us our opinions are wrong and give us yours without any facts to back them up, and then you shun us.

Catholic means universal and you are not following up on that. You need to quit telling us how bad we are and learn your facts. You sit there and yell at us and tell us we are wrong when you have no way to prove it. We are wrong because you say we are wrong. That's why we walk away. That's why the number of atheists are growing rapidly throughout the world.

We [the youth] are tired of being criticized. We do the best with what we have and you aren't giving us much. You wonder why we are leaving the faith and you try to suck as back in by trying to look “cool.”

Sorry, religion isn't cool. It never was. You can't bring us back in by “plugging in” and dressing down. You do that and we look at you like you are stupid. Why? Because you are. Don't try to understand us because you can't. You may remember your parents trying to figure you out. Remember how that felt? Good. So get off our backs and let us be.

You want change in this world? That's awesome but you are going at it all wrong. Get off twitter and facebook and the blogs and quit trying to talk to us. The faithful will come home believe me. Be happy we are here and quit trying to fight us or trick us.

Love us.
Welcome us.
Don't fear us.

And for God's sake let us live our lives. Believe me we won't be gone for long. We'll come back. We always do.

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4/25/2010 12:00:00 AM
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