What's Odd Is...
Ghost trains travel through living days,
their whistles are almost heard
in tunnels of amber grey.
Pah! Such stories are absurd?

While politico's count their cash
in mountain retreats
and terrorists die and kill with ease
none ever reaching paradise...

Supposed charlatans disguised as priests,
and orange sellers by the score,
yelping starts from puppy's fat
whilst the dead leave by the front door...

I ask myself the same question
and I always get the same reply.
In future I'll ask someone who knows,
but ask myself again, why?

The clouds we borrow today,
will be our life on the morrow;
In shortish supply, life giver,
when death comes there'll be such sorrow;

And all my peers will bow to west,
touch rainbows on pallid window panes;
Some say that your God is omnipotent,
still has you asking, is Jesus still in pain?

Denim black tops against grainy skies,
baseball hit the last home run;
Caps that fit only in reverse,
Eminem's not bad, just having fun.

I spy through eyes that do not see,
and aural beings thwart my speech.
Medicine cools only that which ails
and... whoa! Melinda's on the beach!

While dreams of vanity seek to hide,
I choke on words of sin and blaise.
Tis' when the man comes to return
and Lucifer is fettered. remains unslayed...

Pass me thy axe and chain
that I might slay dragonardic trolls.
Up north where wind is chill'd,
fraudulently play with girlie dolls.

Oh mist envelop I
and journey me to where she lies,
for my heart beats slower now,
lay me with beside that I might die

In exquisite agony, that pain of love,
I wait no more, can I, nor should;
She held my life in such sweet hands
reciprocate? Hmm, s'pose I should;

While flotillas of craft approach,
a ferryman awaits my fare,
nay pay him not, hear, comes the cry,
he'll leave you dry and far away...

Pon' t'other side,
pure souls shall meld.
Pure love burns my soul,
the heart I once had held...

My love, on beaches sea,
I came by train of ghost.
And in your valley, I venture now,
paradise no longer lost...

Whats odd is,
none of this is me.
Am I a visionary seer
or just a daft imaginary?

 © tcmoon 2009

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