How To Have A Relationship With God.
StarNote: Star This is a working process and is far from being done... But wanted to share what I have thus far.

This is a "How To" Advice on my opinion of "How To Have A Relationship With God.

Please feel free to let me know if ya have any opinions or advice or anything that ya might like to add.

Jeanie's opinion on "How to have a Relationship with God"... Not that I know everything or anything like that, but it might be nice to help one another and encourage one another...

We, all get in those moods when we wonder, question and think about a relationship with God...

Then there are some of us that really do not know how to have a relationship with God...

As they have not been taught

Then there are some that have been taught that God is up there just waiting to zap them for anything they might have done wrong.

Yet God created us to be with him and have a relationship with him, this is how he meant it to be from the beginning.

In any relationship there has to be communication. How can you get to know someone if you do not talk to them?

and then there is this honesty thing! See, we know just how to build up walls, now we can all be honest to a point, well some of us can be honest to a point, but we all seem to hold something back. Why is that?

I personally tell God everything, and I do mean everything... I tell him things that I have never told another person! But that's just me.

Now for those of us that do hold things back from God, this should not be.

First of all he knows it all anyways!

Second of all he sees it all anyway, so why try to hide anything from him?

Just be your self and talk to God, just simply tell him how you feel. He maybe the very Person that you will be able to completely open up to. We must let him be in every part of our life.

And I know that we all have a big problem with this.

One because we want to be the ones in full control in our lives or at least the majority of it. That's just the way we are. Yep we like to be in full control and have our own way.

Now if we let him in every part of our life, he can show us things, we never seen before. Then when we look back, we can see how selfish we were. Let me give an example:

"Raising Children" Most parents think that what they say goes, that they are always right and some even think that children should be seen and not heard.

Then there's me Laugh "My Kids" now my kids were not kids they were "Little People" No joke. Now as we grew together, I discovered that I was not always right and teaching them that they could tell me everything and anything, was the smartest thing I ever done.

I learned to listen, I mean really listen. See, Children are more than what parents or people think.

Now had I not opened the door for them to trust me enough to talk to me. My two daughters and I would not have a relationship. They trusted me when I opened that door

I think God is like that, when he opens a door you can trust him. His word is true and his promises are sure. He is the best listener that you will ever know or have.

Another thing to point out is the way we think about God. Like he is up there with a stick ready to pounce you the first time you do something wrong. In an odd strange way that is a lot of how we all thought about our parents and just like my kids thought about me that's right they did, till I showed them differently.

How? by really listening to them and talking with them, showing understanding. Ya know it really is alright not to have ALL the answers. Was I ever hurt? Of course. No parent wants their very own child going through or doing things they themselves did but it is part of life.

Relationship with God is easy, yet it does require heart. Being able to tell him anything and everything is the best thing that could ever happen to you and me. Its like the same when we desire to have a relationship with someone and even with our own children. Ya know, even to this day there are things that are just between my daughters and me. I believe that is the way it should be.

God is very trusting, and a relationship with him is better than any relationship you will ever have with anyone else.

We make it harder than what it is: Why?

One: Some say that they can not see God.

Two: Some do not know how to have a relationship.

Do you remember what is was like when you were younger and there was someone you began to trust and talk to? It pretty much works the same way with God. Now here is something else that I have heard: How do I know that I can really tell him anything?

My answer is: How do you know that you can tell anything to anybody else? I do give somethings to think about, Huh?

Here are some comments from other people in which I have ask for a response from:

Having a relationship with God does go hand in hand with talking and listening, reading his word and having a desire to be with him.

First ya have to pray, This is how we communicate with God.Praying is like talking to God. and if you do not you will not have a relationship with God.

See, ya have to work at it, just like with a friend ~ meaning, You have to keep in touch.

The Bible also plays a big part in your relationship with God.

Keep reading the Bible, Do not lack on prayer, Talking with God.

Act like Jesus, showing love to others and yup, even to your enemies.

walk with him daily, start with prayer, end with prayer. Meaning: Start your day with prayer and end your day with prayer.

Ask him to be apart of your daily life.

Alright do ya notice how much they are all pretty much really saying the same things?

We, do make having a relationship with God hard. And yet from the beginning God wanted a relationship with us.

Remember how God walked with Adam in the garden in the cool of the day? I bet they had a real relationship. Wonder what there conversations was...

I am almost sure they told each other Hello and How are you.

It is important to have a relationship with God. When you need to make decisions, don't ya wanna make the right ones?

Sure, I have made wrong choices before, but I did not stop talking to God.

Yes, I have got side track, who has not?

Yes, we all have our daily lives and things in which we have to do and get done,

But we can still talk to God.

I hope that you have enjoyed this, thus far, as this is as far as I have gotten. I will be adding more and again if ya have a comment or suggest or opinion or even a question please feel free to do so.

It has been brought to my attention that anything that is important in having a relationship with God is Fasting!

That is a very good point.

Fasting can be done in many different ways and fasting will bring you closer to him as you will talk more to him during that time.

Some people think that there is no way they could fast but that is so not true. As I said fasting can be done in many different ways. The first one that comes to mind is fasting food and some people think that they have to do a month but not always some think you have to do more than a week but that is not true either, You can fast a week or a month which is really between God and you. some people have even fasted one meal a day. Now some people have to take medicine and have to eat and God knows and understands that but you don't have to have eat a steak dinner. I mean eat a bowl of cereal or eat a piece of chicken take your medicine and let God know what you are doing I mean after all your not gonna eat all day and night long right?

Now there are also other ways to fast like you television that's right how many hours a day do you sit in front of your tv when you could be spending time with God? Then there's that Telephone you spend hours on end and wait now people are hooked on their cell phones to and how about texting? I think you get the point. God honor's those that honor him.

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