Hidden With In
  Chapter One:

People think it is the outer, a showing of being born again
But actually it is hidden with in where the journey begins.

First we must acknowledge that we can not do it alone and
That we have sinned against God and ask Him to forgive us
And to come into our life and a new beginning starts right
Then and there.
Some how the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, the flowers
Seem more alive and so much more beautiful and smell ever
So good and things that we use to do we find that we no
Longer want to do them!

Suddenly our world is turned upside down, turn completely
Around and even some of our friends no longer are our
Friends and things we attach our self is slowing detaches
From us.
We all have our sins we have to make right and turn things
Around and let go.

So the next step is what do you do next? Get into a Church
That is founded in the word of God. Begin to read the word
Of God for your self everyone always says to start in the
Four Gospels. What is that ? The books called:
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Do you have to do them
In order? No… You could start with John, then Mark,
Then Luke and then Matthew. These are the books that
Well sort of give the foundation, learning tools to really
Get to know about Jesus.

It is also important to testify what is that well it standing up
And saying what God has done for you! It is important to
Do so for in so doing you , me, and everyone is an over

You see we have to clean the inside before the out side for
You find it is a personal walk with God. Much prayer and
What is that? Prayer is a conversation between you and God
You will find that He is your best friend and it may seem
That everyone else in your life is walking out but He is the
Very one who will walk in and stay. He is for you and not
Against you and when there is a time you feel like you should
Not be doing something that will be Him letting you not to do
It so don’t do it when ever you feel that.

As you begin to grow in God you will get hungry for more of
The word of God keep right on in His word listen to people
Who have knowledge and wisdom that will also help you further
in your walk and believe me there are a lot of good nuggets to grab
And keep in your heart. The more you read the know He can
Become enlightened to you and ask Him to show Himself to you
Ask Him to open His word up to you that you can understand
We can read the word of God all day long in our selves, the old
Man, carnality but the word of God is so much more. It is your
life, it is a tool, it is your road map, it has answers that no one
else can give you. The word of God will help you to even get to
Know Him more and more.

Now I am not gonna tell you that it is easy going against the currant
But it is not and many changes will come and many people will come
And go in your life but remember that God is molding and guiding
Each and every one of us.

This is an every day walk, which will take determination and the
Word of God to do each and every day. We all are flesh and we are
All gonna have problems, troubles, disappointments, and also
Remember there is an enemy that is completely against us rather
Or not we serve God.

See God gives us a choice, a free will but Satan is like a viper sucking
The very life right out of us and does not give you a choice. In fact he
Hates each and everyone of us and when we ask Jesus to come into our
Lives we remind Satan of someone who once kicked his butt! Satan’s
Goal is to hurt God and take as many people away from God that he can
And those who stand for Jesus, Satan fights each and every day in some
Form or other.

Believe me when I say that Satan is very good at his job and why shouldn’t he
Be after all he has had more experience than you and me put together! But
He will never cross the blood line and as long as we stay in Jesus we are

We start out knowing really nothing yet we thought that we knew it all how
Funny is that? Then there are some of us who do things our own way and we
Mess up big time but yet we do want to do it all our own way but we all have
Learn to walk and live the word and learn to do as He says.

You see it is a good thing if you are taught about God and learn His word as a
Child but there are some who aren’t! And those adults usually feel like they
Have to play catch up but that is not true, God meets you right where you are.

It takes the word of God to clean one up and anyone can tell you all the do’s
And don’ts all they want to but until you personally get into the word of God
And find out for your self and go step by step with God and do not lean unto
your own understanding , you see, it is a personal relationship with God.

Okay, let’s talk about the Ten Commandments found in Exodus, yes that would
Be in what is known as The Old Testament.
Chapter 20 and starting in verse 3:
Thou shalt have no other Gods before me
Thou shalt not make unto the graven image
Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them or serve them
Thou shalt not take the name of Lord thy God in vain
Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy
Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work
But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord
Honor thy Father and thy Mother
Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not commit adultery
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not bear false witness
Thou shalt not coveant thy neighbors house

Tell me, have you kept all these commandments? You see
Theses were given for a law to go by but we needed something
In The New Testament of John Chapter 14 verse 21
Jesus says:
John 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

You will find in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 it deals
With Blessings and Curses for obedience and disobedience
From verse 1 to verse 14 it is all about blessings for obedience
And from verse 15 on it is all about curses for disobedience and
I am here to tell you that I want the blessings of God and not the
Curses and I am sure you do to.

Hey let’s look at just a few of them each:

Bless shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field.
Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store.
Bless shalt thou be when thou comest in, and bless shalt thou be when thou goest out.

But if you won’t hearken cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field.
Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store.
Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out.

I encourage you to read this whole chapter.

In the old testament they use to sacrifice sheep that were unspotted for the sins of all the
People but in the new testament Jesus is the sheep that is unspotted sacrificed for all
The middle man between God and Man. When I say man I mean everyone.
Jesus full filled the Law and He also gave a new commandment, that we love one another.

There are many different doctrines and teachings and all I am saying is stay in the word and
Ask God to open His word to you and help you understand and believe me He will. Though we
Do need doctrine and we do need teaching.

When I was but a child my parents encouraged me to get into the word of God for myself and
Not to take man’s word for it and so that is what I did, now but when I was a kid they use to
Preach that Adam was tilling the garden and that Eve was in the garden alone with the serpent
But when I began to read it for myself this is what I found.
Gen 3:6 And when the woman saw that the tree [was] good for food, and that it [was] pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make [one] wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.
My point? Adam was not out working in the garden as they preach and when I read that I went to
My Mom and Dad and told them that preachers are liars! I read this to my parents and after bring this to their attention I don’t remember it being preach like that again.
There was another time I read in the Bible that you have you call no man on earth Father
For you have one Father and He is in Heaven okay here it is out of the word of God:
Mat 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
Now when I read that I went straight to my parents and told my Dad that I could not call him Father and
I read this verse to him and of course my Dad and Mom tried to explain to me that we have a Heavenly
Father and an Earthly Father but I was not having that after this scripture so my Dad that, that was
Alright that I could just call him Dad!

As a child I took the word of God for what it says and as an adult I do the same thing I feel that is how we
Are suppose to do. You know people use to say to me, oh don’t ask God questions and so my question
Was to them, if I don’t ask God how will I ever know? I never did get and answer so you see we should
Ask Our Father who is in Heaven after all He is the one who created everything and He is the one with
The plan.

John 10:10 says this:
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
The thief is Satan, and he wants to steal from you, he wants to kill and destroy you,
But looky here, Jesus came that we might have life and that we might have it more
You see there was a war in Heaven.
You could say that Lucifer got the big head, he thought he was gonna be bigger than
God, he thought he knew more than God, he said that he was gonna put his throne higher
Than God’s but when it was all said and done Jesus saw Lucifer falling out of Heaven
As lightening and guess what Lucifer took a third of the angels with him! Talk about
Being hurt…

Chapter Two

In the book of Genesis it tells us how God created man and it tells us that He walked in the Garden
With Adam in the cool of the day. Which tells me that He wants a personal relationship with man
Kind. God gave us a free will to choose or reject Him , to do our own thing and or follow the ways
Of His enemy cause rather you know it or not he was a liar from the beginning. But yet God wants
To have a relationship with all man kind even knowing what is in man and how we all have let Him
Down in so way or other and have even done our own thing thinking we knew it all and we were
Completely right and no one could tell us any different but then there was a void we all need to fill
And there is not enough booze or drugs to fill this hugh void or hole and believe me I know some of
us has Tried it and some have tried more than other and then there is this thing called money now
some seem To think that money is the root of all evil but that is a miss quote the word says the LOVE
of money is The root of all evil. No it is not wrong to have money but to put it before God and to LOVE money more than anything is wrong! We all have let something come in between God and us. For some it
Has been money for other a smooth talker, for other it is booze, drugs, and some people just do not believe
And that is just how people are. People play and play and miss out because they do not take the time to
Find out about God or His word. We find in John Chapter 1 that; In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
Now in this scripture it tells me quite a bit in the beginning was the word, so you see there is
A beginning and that means there is also an ending. The word was with God and the word was God which means unlike people His word is like gold, He is good on His word and you can trust and believe what ever
He tells you. All things were made by Him so tells me that this earth is just a small taste of what heaven can
Look like for without Him was nothing made. In Him was life and the life was the light of men, well tell me
Isn’t Jesus the light? We have a heavenly nature hidden with in us and we for some reason seem to miss this
But we need to know it and we need a personal relationship with God. We need to grow and continue in Him. Sometimes people are going to come against you but you have to realize that is how people are when
They do not understand and they think it should only be a certain way and remember not every is going to be for you, after all Jesus pick or chose 12 and one of them was a devil yet in end they all betrayed Him yet
We only focus on Judas. And didn’t Jesus have a personal relationship with His disciples? I mean even in the Old Testament God had a relationship with men in the earth from Adam to Jonah. And He wants one with you and me, He does not demand it, He does not push Him self on no one, He will even let you go as far as you want for He loves unconditionally unlike people who seem to only know how to love them that only love them back. We walk around with blinders on as though it may seem and sometimes we only see what we want and hear what we want but God will always tell you the truth and He is for you and He is for me, He cares more than any one you will ever know or ever be friend and when everyone else is walking out of your life He is the one who will want in and stay no matter what!
Now most of us do not know how to have a relationship with people must less God! We seem to pick people in our life who really are not for us and some of us seem to be friends with everyone who never really seem to be our friend and lets not get on family cause well sometimes families are not what they should be either but yet we love why? How is it we as people can love those who really don’t even care anything for us or is really not for us and how come we can get mad at each other and stay mad and not work it out? God has feelings, He has eyes and He sees, He has ears and He hears now I know some people use God but they don’t usually stick around to long now do they? I wonder how much we really hurt Him. The Bible teaches us that if we do not love them that we do see than how can we love God in whom we have not seen? So if you can’t eat with any one here on earth how do you think you will eat with them in Heaven? Okay so how do we have a relationship with God and I am not talking about just a friendship like a best friend cause something can happen and it turns out your not friends at all though God is a best friend and His word alone can teach us how to be a “real friend” and not like those so called friends like Job had in the Bible either.
The best thing to do would be to talk to God I mean really talk to God, and tell Him everything yes even those things you don’t dare tell one living soul! But now hey you can’t do all the talking, you have to listen to what He says to and yes you need to read His word. I have been ask how do you pray and I have always said prayer is like a conversation between two best friends and I know there are people that can pray like they are from another world but have ever noticed that they don’t talk to any one else like that?
Just be your self and be honest. No it is not going to be easy or peaches and cream life is never easy when you go against the grain or current and when you really get serious with God and decide to have more than just a lip serve or an outer show things will change in your life like you have never ever thought. Yes you may very well lose some people in your life but God will put the right ones in your life. When we think we know what is best is when it all goes wrong. When you decide to really believe and not just talk the word the live the word many things will change and it is usually for your benefit because God molds and shapes each and everyone of us as He wants not as you or others want.
As we go forward and learn how to have a personal relationship with God and get more into His word and get His word in us the more things will change: in us, around us, for us. Remember it is impossible to please God without faith. You know Abraham had faith and he loved God so much that he would have sacrificed his only son and God intervened God wanted to see how far Abraham would go and sometimes He wants to see just how far we will go. In my own personal life I was put in a situation and this person found out that I love God more than anything on the face of this earth and let me tell you it was not a fun thing to go through when you feel like you are in a battle field for your own soul in an odd strange kind of way I can tell you I am sure I know how Job felt when Satan presented himself before God and got God to take the hedge down from around Job saying he would make Job curse Him to His face and God told Satan not to touch his life, in other words he could do anything but kill him! But yet Job loved God more than anything on face this earth including the foolish spouse! And Job got everything back and then some I encourage you to read Job now some people think that everything that Job went through took years but that is not true it was only like nine months! There are a lot of goodies in the Job and if you are searching and in need for wisdom I encourage you to read the book of Proverbs. Proverbs has many goodies or golden nuggets that we should not just teach but walk in. Having a relationship with God I am not going to say is easy but cause the more determined you are the more you will be fought and most people don’t tell you that part some people sugar coat things and that is not how it should be. When you decide to have a relationship with God your whole world is and will be turned up side down but it will be worth it many times over and you will be free in ways you never knew.
You know God is just waiting on you and me to come to Him and completely open up holding nothing back and sometimes it takes us along time month, and maybe even years to do this cause we are so good at hiding things deep with in and well sometimes we simply just don’t know how to let go, most of us want to be in complete control and no one can do it better than we ourselves!
But when we realize what it is that God the Father has really done and we let go of our pride and selfishness and really become open then it becomes easier to open up to God little by little, more and more and just think He comes down to our level and walks with us and lets us go at our own pace He is very tender hearted unlike us people.
This takes time and lots of work and practice yes that’s right I said practice. We have to practice as we learn how to have a relationship with God now some people were brought up in Church and pretty well know the ins and outs but there are some who were not raised in church and do not know the ins and outs so we need to practice and read the word of God asking Him to show us and teach us His word.
The more we practice, trail and error the more we learn the more we learn the more we want the more we learn the more it becomes real to us the more the learn the more we want to walk and talk with God.
Can two walk together if they do not agree? If you and your best friend have a disagreement and you two stay mad at each other and never work it out or never even try to work it out were you ever really friends? If you practice and continue not to get quite right should you quit? If you only love those who love you what have you gain? Do you only love those that love you? Are we always walking in our own way, our old self and believe that old man will keep popping up for our Spirit man and our Flesh man are fighting against one another for the one with in wants the things of God and our flesh the ways of the world.
Sometimes you are going to have to talk to your self and encourage your own self for there will be times that it is going to be just you and God and nobody else and that does not mean that you have done anything wrong it is a growing process and believe me when I say growing pains hurt! However, we need to grow more and more in God and in His word is were all the answers are and you may have to do lots of digging to get your correct answer and always remember even though you may feel like it you are never alone. Oh yeah there are going to be times when you feel completely alone and that no one understands and the enemy will even try to make you believe that no one but you has ever had this kind of problem what ever it may be, see he likes to come in many forms and trick us well I should say his main goal is to hurt God and what better way to hurt God than to get one of God's children to turn there back on God! 

Chapter Three:

Now when you finally get past all that and become aware of what is going on and can read in the word where Samson put in trust in someone who should not have and lost out with God but in the end Samson repented and God gave him back his strength and in his death he took out more people than in his whole life. There are road blocks set up for each and everyone of us but we still have the choice to decide which way we will or will not go.
No man can pluck you out of God’s hands so none of us will be able to say well so and so made me or so and so did this to me or so and so said this it won’t wash so we have to decide if making Heaven our home is the main goal or is Hell the main goal cause at the of our lives those are the only two choices we have, there is no in between friend, when Jesus came and walked this earth and laid down His life now let me tell you He did not have to He ask to come and do it but He not only laid down His life, he full filled the law and he was the one who got slaughtered for man kinds sins and we my friend were worthy of death but Jesus with all his mercy and grace which He learn from the Father became our go between and set us in right standing with God the Father. Would you let your child go do what Jesus did? I wouldn’t and I couldn’t , I am a Mother hen and I am very protective over my children course they are grown now and one their own, with families of their own and yet I am still protective of my daughters and their children!
You know it is funny how a parent and a child’s relationship can be. I call it a love / hate relationship, it is
Up and it is down and it takes many different forms but still no matter what we love each other. Hidden with in is this thing called love and we all want to be loved and accepted and understood however that is not how it always goes and until you love yourself you will not be able to love others, that’s right we have to love our own selves. I know there are lots of people that are unhappy even with their own selves but I know that we can learn to love through the word of God and sometimes it is not easy to love for not everyone is loveable but if we do not try what have we gained? A relationship between a parent and a child are good examples, I mean hey there are women, girls, and even children that are having babies and don’t even know the first thing about love but when they have their baby there is this thing that seems to click in and there is a love that is hard to even put into words so I will call it a mommy’s love and you see it comes from with in and no one on this earth can really teach you how to love your child and there are also many books written about parenting but they don’t come close for with in is where it is found and your heart becomes over joyed. Yes I understand that there are also women, girls, and children that are having babies that don’t even want their child for one reason or another for the adults that are having children and don’t want them I can say a things about, one: they are selfish, two: they don’t love themselves and don’t think they can love someone else three: some kind of addiction may be involve. Now for the young ones that are having babies and not wanting them, it could be their very own parents making them do this I really do not know. But with in are the answers from each one of us.
Parenting is not an easy job and may I add that it is never ending but if we would raise our children up in the ways that they ought to go they will not depart from it, that is the word of God. I personally was raised in Church and I have seen a lot of things in church and out of church and I have to say I love my life better in Church. Did I go my own way, yes I sure did but the things I was taught never departed from me and I knew that God the Father loved me and that He sent His son Jesus to died on a cross for me and everyone else as well and I remembered all about His mercy, and grace yet I can tell you that I have walked away more than once but you know what I finally got it and this last time that I came back to God many years now I have learned that it is not people that we should look at but God the Father, His Son Jesus, and His word and learning to walk in the and by the word is a day walk and many things will come and go as will people that’s right many people will come and go in and out of your life but don’t sweat the small stuff for God knows what He is doing rather we understand or not.
Road blocks are always set up and there are many detours along the way for the path is straight and narrow and there are many that think they can do what ever they want and make Heaven their home but this is not true no matter what people may think or even say, I mean if you live and act like the world and the world is an enemy to God how then can you make it to Heaven living any ole way you choose? There comes a time when you need to change and we have a choice as God gives us a free will to do as we choose rather it be to serve Him or not. I raised my children in church for most of their lives and they to have a choice to do what they want they know the way but do not live the way as a Mother I can no longer make them as they are of age and even have families of their own. Yes I do teach their children about God, Jesus , and His word and they even love to pray and go to Church. I do not take them all the time but I am still planting seeds in them and that is what we need to do we need to plant seeds in one another and somebody else comes and waters the seed that we plant and someday they will see and understand and changes their ways but again it is up to them.
We have to hear the word and then we have to do the word this pleases God the Father when we act upon what we hear in His word but if we be hearers only what good is it if we do not follow though using our faith to act upon the word of God it takes faith to walk the word of God and that is action and it does require more than hearing. We do we believe or not? I don’t see how anyone can say I love God and just live any ole way they want and you know Moses made God mad and I wonderful how many times we make God the Father mad or how many times do we hurt Him? We should search our own selves and measure up to His word and we need to clean more than the out side for it really does start with in.
We need to change things in our lives, how we think, what say, how we say it, how we walk, how we express our selves, how we build and tare down, who is and is not in our life for not all are you friend
And not all are or will be for you this is where the Spirit of God comes in for He will lead you and guide you and teach you what you need to know and yes when you need to know it.
So how do we do things? Good question for lots of people like to go on what so and so had taught them or what so and so says or how so and so does it but you see this is a personal relationship and how so and so does certain things may not be the way you will for we are all different as God made us all different but the way we live in a basic sense everyone should be doing. Okay do you lie, cheat, and steal? Those things are what you should not be doing. Yes I know we all get angry but the Bible says, anger and sin not! And does this happen? Well when you argue with one don’t cuss them out, don’t shoot them, don’t stab them just because you get angry does not mean you have to loose your temper. I mean we are all going to get mad that is a fact and a part of life and guess what God put that fighter instinct in us did you know that?
God place many different things with in us His Spirit first of all, our abilities though we may not know them all He places His word in us if we continue and read His word.

Chapter Four:

The more we learn about God and His word the further we will go in Him. The more we do as He says and the more we do what His word tells us the further we will go in Him and the closer our relationship with Him will be. Yes there are a lot of people that do a whole of talk but they do not walk the talk it is important to get around people that are actually living it as well as talking it. There seem to be many living double lives sort of speak but it ought not be so. It also seems or appears that many can do what ever they want and they get by with everything but really they are not and remember we all will stand before the throne of God
You know many it seems do not really think about that else they would not act like they do! Standing before God and giving an account of your life rather good or bad can you see yourself standing there? Can you hear His words to you? Either He will say enter in or depart from me. I mean there are some that have many different theories of how standing before God will be. But some how I picture it kind of like a court room and God the Father is Judge, Jesus the offensive attorney and Satan the prosecutor I mean I really don’t know but hey you can picture it right? For who is the accuser but the enemy himself Satan. And believe me it would give him great pleasure for you not to make Heaven your home. You know it does not bother him if you go to Church but when you start standing for God it is a whole different ball game. For you see we remind him of some one that has already kick his butt!
Do you know that the word says that love covers a multitude of sin? And if we only love little what have we gained? Jesus came to give us life and to that we might have it more abundantly. If He did this for us not to mention dying on a dogwood tree for you and me and giving His life away then why shouldn’t we turn our life around and use Jesus as an example as how we are to live, act, think, and yes even talk! In order to change you must be honest with your own self and only you can change things yes Jesus sure will help you in ways that you never even thought possible but you have to take that first step. Yes the first step is usually the hardest but He will be right there to meet you and help you every step of the way.
He has a love that goes way beyond our own understand and in the book of Proverbs it tells us not to lead on our own understanding you see Gods ways and thoughts are much higher than ours but we can turn our life around and go after the things of God and cleaning the inside first is where you start.
Sometimes the whirl wind is in the inside of us and how do we change that or stop that? Only by God my friend He can make the difference and He can calm the storm and we need to learn to give God everything and I mean everything all those little secrets that you don’t dare tell another living soul and pour your soul out to Him hold nothing back, I say hold nothing back and day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year you will begin to see, understand and even realize changes that have been made we all have a long way to go but we should not be thirty years and be doing the same things or living the say old way or not doing what God wants you to do.
People miss the mark simply because they listen to other people and remember some of them people are distractions, detours, pit stops or pit falls if you listen to the wrong thing or things and believe me just because someone says the Lord said does not mean that the Lord said! But we should try the Spirits to see if they are of God or not. If we all have the Spirit of God then our Spirits will connect to each other if one is out of whack there are lots of torments going on and it is easy to get suck up in things and so easy to get of track but we should learn to guard our hearts and watch for dogs.
We need to love even our enemies as the word of God teaches us this and we need to know them that labor among us and let God put the ones that He wants in our lives , let Him teach us how to pick and choose and how to walk in His ways and not our own ways. How exactly do we love our enemies? Well first of all it takes God and when we get His love inside of us and really let Him completely in then we can love even our enemies. You will find that you will love people that will not love you back , you will be a real friend to people that are not your real friend, you will open up to people that your put all your business out and these are just a few of the things of how people are. People are people are and we are not to think of them highly nor think highly of our self.
We are all equal in God now people have double standards, show favorites, are one sided, talebearers, busybodies, deceivers, haters, create division and these are a few things that some of God’s children are and we are going to have to change. We can’t get our loved ones in if they see us acting just like them in some form or other like I say it is with in where the changes need to start but listen they don’t stop there they come on out and are seen even outwardly. I mean if you use to let it all hang out and are now a child of God you should not let it all hang out and I am talking about women and men come on we have all got some cleaning to do! Do you gossip? Do you put other people down? Do you wish you had what someone else has? We need to change the way we are and if Jesus is in us then we can do for hidden with in are the golden treasures life.
This is not a oh let me try and see kind of thing, this is a everyday walk with God and there is no time to be playing around. I know you have heard all your life that Jesus is coming soon will guess what that fact is closer now today than ever! We have our churches that we all attend we have them that we think so highly of and them we put down and cast our self some where along the middle or maybe at the bottom but seldom at the very top and we even shut others out and pretend that everything is just fine yet God sees it all the good and the bad and think of all the things the angels are writing! We want everyone else to do it but we don’t want to do a thing. We say well so and so needs to do this and so and so needs to do that and I don’t like so an so and I think so and so is wrong and never see none of your own problems or mistakes or down falls. These kinds of things are going to have to stop. I know a couple in the Bible who sold their land and held back some of the money and when church was going on the man or the husband went in and you know he did not lie to man but he lied to the Holy Ghost and he fell dead and as they took him out and was bearing him, his wife came in and she had a chance to tell the truth but chose to stick to the story that her and her husband came up with and she fell dead.
My point? What are you going to do when people start dying because they lie to the Holy Ghost? I am telling you this is no game and it is a very serious matter. One day we are all going to come to face Him and guess what we will all stand before Him alone, that means no body will be there with you when you stand before God and give and account of your life and guess what there is no in between.

Chapter Five:

Continuing in the way of God is not always an easy road, is not common, popular, or even a bed of roses , or peaches and cream. Many different changes will come your way. We have to have a made up mind and a determine nation to make Heaven our home, to follow Jesus, to walk in His ways, to live as He teaches and people will laugh and make fun of you and make you feel out of place as if you do not belong and may be you do not belong in their life so move on , move on, move on!
Keeping everything right between God and you should be the most important thing in your life, for Jesus is our life. He’s our refuge, He’s our rock, He is the best friend and person you will ever know. He knows how you feel even when you feel like and it seems like you are completely alone. He will even make a way when there seems to be no way! God is alive, Jesus is alive, The Holy Ghost is alive. God gave His all and we should give our all. Yes we will stumble, slip, and even fall but we don’t have to lie there, so get up, dust your self off and start again.
Chip away at that old man, oh he is going to pop up from time to time don’t you dare think he won’t we still have this flesh and not a one of us have over came this flesh is our enemy and the flesh fights against the Spirit and the Spirit fights against the flesh. Paul once said the things that he wants to do he no longer does but the things he doesn’t want to do that is what he does. We can not over come the flesh by our self but if we read the word of God and get the word of God in us the more we will change. We have to learn just like we teach our children how to act and talk and walk and live so the word of God teaches us all that and more.
At times you may even consider quitting and maybe you may just walk away but if you do you find you are not happy and nothing ever seems to work and then you some how seem to hit bottom and like the son that returned to his father after taking his inheritance and spending it like there was no tomorrow came back thinking to be just as a hired servant but just like the Heavenly Father he look afar off and saw his son coming and ran out to meet him and placing a robe on him and killing the fattest calf for his son whom was lost was found! God himself even leaves the ninety and nine and goes after the one that strayed. He knows everything about us, why He even knows our very thought and intent and still He loves us!
We need to chip away at that old man for just when you think you have him conquer he shows up and will even surprise you your self if you are not on your guard. Walking against the current is not as easy as many sometimes seem to make you think it is but if you go slow eating all you can of the word and listening and I mean really listening you can make it, we can make it.
You may find that you are all the time starting over and making new beginnings but this can be a good thing and most helpful to you through it all for we need to grow and mature in God and of course we do not like growing pains we like to be comfortable and stay in the things that we know for we like to be in control and think that we are always right and no one can do it like we can. And then there are some that demand all kinds of things but yet won’t do one thing for God and they make sure others think that they are so religious and righteous as they make an outer appearance yet inwardly that are like ragging wolves and very sure that no one knows, but you know you may fool some people some of the time but you will never fool God and He also reveals it to whom He pleases. So really the only one you are fooling would be your own self.
We need to grow up and stand up for God and what is right we need to stop playing the games that we play and we need to get serious you know we are only one breath away from standing before God the Father. I personal want to have everything covered and doing as He wants I do not want to be found weighing in the balance, it don’t seem like it would be a good thing to do. Yet there are people who think they will make things right on their death bed but they don’t even know if they will even get the chance to even say the name Jesus must less repent and I personally would not want to take that chance. Course we all have the freedom to choice what we will or will not do because that is how God created it from the beginning and since we know that then why do we always blame others for when we our selves mess up? You know what I mean, someone does or does not do something and we say well I acted this way because so and so did this or so and so said and on and on it goes.
We need to continue in God and we need to shake off everything else, like shaking off everything that is not like Him! We need to learn how to forgive and not just forgiving others but we need to learn how to forgive our own selves, now that seems to be the hardest thing for people to do is to forgive them selves but we need to do just that and move on oh and that seems to be another thing we have a problem with is moving on no one seems to teach these things but everyone sure do know how to say it. Let go and let God a perfect thing people say yet they don’t tell us how exactly to go about it and so it seems we go around the merry go round for years till finally we are enlighten and understand that God is in charge and God is in control and He knows what He is doing and He even knows what is best for each and everyone of us and we need to understand that when we put God first and lean not unto our own understanding and give everything to God and not hold nothing back then He can move in our lives the way He wants, but if we keep His hands tied He can’t move. We have all tied God’s hands in one way or other and from time to time and some of us are more hard headed than others but we need to stop it for our hard headedness will not move God and we cause our self to have to wait that much longer. Sometimes we are like His people walking in the wilderness and it seems all we know how to do is moan and groan and complain and being unthankful and only thinking of our own selves and then we expect God to bless us?
We need to make a change, we need to really shake our selves and find out what it is that God really wants from us and we need to really read His word and begin walking in His word and doing what His word tells us to do for that is how we will grow. His word tells us in:
1John chapter 1 verse 7: But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin. Jesus is the light in fact Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life and He is very tender hearted and full of mercy and grace. Isn’t it wonderful to know that all your sins are covered by the blood which means we have a clean slate to start our life all over again and unlike us Jesus never throws anything that you have ever done in your face!

Chapter Six

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be called the friend of God? Well Abraham was let’s take a look at that, it is found in James chapter 2 verse 23: And the scripture was fulfilled which said Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: And he was called the friend of God.
You know what? A true friend is unchangeable and that sounds just like God to me, for He is unchangeable, unmovable, and in Him is no darkness at all and His word is settled in Heaven and in earth.
If we would learn how to really have a relationship with God first He would teach us how to have relationships with others but we think we know what is best and we think that no matter what people are going to love us that’s why we treat people the way we don’t want to be treated and that is why we act any ole way and think it is alright but really all we know how to really do is mess everything up now that is what we are really good at.
First we have to believe that God is who He says He is and that He really does loves us and He will forgive us after we repent and turn around He will take His abode in us and the things we use to do we no longer do or want to do. We started a change does it happen over night? Sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t but yet we all have a process that we will go through, alright yes I know that there are some that will justify themselves before men, but don’t worry God knows all of our hearts!
Now getting forgiven is the easy part though we seem to think it is so hard to do and we come up with some of the wildest excuses don’t we? However after we make that first step the motions are set in place the war for your life will really begin and things in your life that you never really thought much about suddenly are a big deal. And people you thought were your friends leave you, hurt you and well we all know it just is not pretty and we vow never to get close to anyone again but then someone comes along and we become friends and for you know it your close and then it is not to long and you are hurt again, have you noticed anything? People come and go in and out of our lives some come for just a season , some come to tear down, some come to rebuild, some come to discourage while others come to encourage, some come just to break your heart, and then some come and stay for the long haul and I have learned that this is just how people are.
Most of us are broken therefore we do not really know how to have a relationship or friendship but when God is in your life things change. He will put people in your life that are really for you no matter what and we really need to know how to be a friend before we can expect some one to be our friend. I mean if someone tells you something do you blab it to everyone else even if they ask you not to tell anyone and even tell you certain not to tell do you tell them any how? Well if you do, you are not a friend. Now God is some one we can really talk to and tell Him anything and guess what He does not blab to anyone how do I know I have told Him many, many and I do mean many things and He to this day still has not told anyone.
Turns out that God is the best friend any person will ever know and He will us just how to really be someone else real friend. Anyone can say I love you but I have learned that actions speak louder than words. We know how to hurt one another, some know just how to pretend to be your friend till they are tired of you and don’t want you around but God cares I mean He really cares like no one you have ever known and He will never leave you even if you choose to walk away from Him, He is still with you.
God has placed hidden things with in us and it is up to us to develop them. Friendliness is not a naturally thing that we really know how to do there are a lot of things that we need to be taught you see we are born in a fleshly body and believe me for the most part it wants nothing to do with God it wants to do it’s own thing, it wants to be it’s own boss, it wants to be the one in charge. But God in spite of knowing what is in man chooses to love, chooses to forgive, chooses to never change, chooses to be full of mercy and grace.
Now I don’t know about you, but I want to be the friend of God, I want to not just read His word but I want to live it and walk it. I want to be able to really do what the book of Matthew says in chapter 5 verses 44 and 45:
Verse 44:
Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you.
Verse 45:
That ye may be the children of your Father, which is in Heaven: for He maketh the sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.
Oh you know as well as I do that it is easier to love someone that loves you but to love your enemies that takes God. And can you bless someone who is cursing you? I mean hey now we all get angry but we do not have to sin what do I mean we do not have to cuss back we don’t have to slap them, we don’t have to shoot them or stick them with a knife or hit them with a baseball bat or nothing like that but we need to learn how to hit our knees and be honest with God tell Him you know God I really want to rip off this person’s face but instead I am putting them in your hands! Talk about moving God! And the damage that you do you do not even realize. See you, me , we belong to God and we are His child and just like we are as parents He does protect His own! I mean as a parent my self I did not let any one mess with my kids and it did not matter how big or small they were. I was an over protected parent, I went through a lot with my kids and although I was not nor have I ever claimed to be the perfect parent I was a decent parent. Now I did have to give my children room to grow and I had let them make their own mistakes but we all have to learn and letting go is not an easy thing. Even parents and children go though stages and sometimes it is a love hate relationship but we all are capable of loving and hating, just as we are all capable of murder, just as we are capable of speaking good or bad on someone else. Have you ever wished someone dead and then they die or have you wish something bad to happening to someone and it does how do you really feel when these things happen? We have the power to speak blessings and cursing on others but keep in mind the swings both ways it is not easy to do good to someone who hates you and there will be times in your life when you will come face to face with someone who hates you and you try to do good and only bad words are spoken to you and sometimes it will be easier if you make a prayer list of those who hate you and despitefully use you but not the kind of list that just pop into your head, but a prayer list asking God to help you with these problems.
He has created in each of us a piece of Him to do what is right and we can over ride it if we choose, but if you are serious with God and are determined to make Heaven your home than just knowing the word is not enough, we must begin to walk and live the word. And just in case you don’t know, it is a different ball game when you are walking and living the word of God and yes it is important to know the word but what good does it do to know the word if you do not walk it and live it? We need to hide the word of God in our heart that we not sin against God!
If we just love those who love us what have we gained? Really tell me what have we gained? I mean are there really that many people that really love you or do you just think that they do cause believe me there is coming a time when those you think love you turns out to not love you at all.

Chapter Seven:

People can really surprise you and that is why it is not good to put your eyes on man but rather keep your eyes on God for if we watch man and do as he does when he falls we say all kind of things that are not good things that maybe we know that others do not know and in the end we end up as bad as that one but if we keep our eyes on God we will not fail. It is easy to get your eyes of God don’t think that it isn’t because that would be a lie, we still live in this world and we are still in the flesh and they both get in the way! I have heard people say when some one goes back on God well I knew this and I could of told you that, well if that is true then why didn’t you before the real person stood up and all that. The reasons they give are just as untrue as the ones when they say I could of told you cause the truth they didn’t know and I always find my self saying well if you could of then why didn’t you? The two most common answers are these. I did not want to hurt you and I didn’t think you would believe me. And hey these are born again child of God people here. We all seem to really have a long way to go. I hear people say I am filled with the Holy Ghost yet their spouse or own children and their families, and friends are sick and how about the hospitals how full are they? Were not full of the Holy Ghost, we aren’t even half full folks we can’t even walk and live the word of God must less set someone free, what a shame to because really this is not how it is suppose to be. Are we even asking God to fill us or work through us? How long has it been since you had a miracle or even really help someone else other than your own self and your own family? When is the last time you really sought for the Holy Ghost? We need to talk right, walk right, live right and we can do nothing without God. God has hidden manna within that should be shared but we are to busy with our own self, our own life, and only for our own families. Okay first you have to love yourself before you can love others that is a given but love does not stop with you and just yours. Hidden with in the Bible says is where the kingdom of God is how many actually know that? Now to those who know that who lives it? Who walks it? You know the had the devil known he would have never had Jesus crucified and today he has blinded many, many and I do mean many people I believe there are some that might have started off in the right manner but some where that begin to look at what they are doing and soon the big head begins and soon after they have followers who do what ever they want but had these people really study out the word of God would have they still been deceived? Look at all the occults in this world, and yes believe it or not some of them are in the name of the lord. We sit back and let everything happen and say will there is nothing I can do yet it only took one woman do you hear me one women to get prayer taken out of our schools and tell me how many born again believers are there in the Untied States?
I have to wonder what is it that will make a born again believer really stand? What will one give for an exchange to one’s soul? Look at all the killings that have been happening even in Schools and then we got people saying will this person was mentally ill and another will say he was skis o person but nobody says well this all really began when we told God we do not want you in our lives, in our schools, in homes, in our families, in our lives, or even in our country and just so you know when they take God off the money we are just under!
The truth is that is where it all began and guess what, all God has done is step back. America was founded on God but America has lost her first love. And still He is full of mercy and compassion way beyond what the human mind can comprehend.
We have a heavenly nature placed with in us and we also have the fleshly nature and something’s we know and do have been taught to us and when we are born again the Spirit man and the carnal man are at war with each other and our mind is the battle field and the word of God makes changes in us if we allow the word of God and God Himself to change us and it is time to stand we can make a difference but not for our personal self but for the glory of God.
Will war and killings and bad things still happen? Yes they will and even the Bible tells us this, it even says when they talk of peace then there is sudden destruction, this world is what you could call the battle field between good and evil meaning this is not our home this is our learning place and we can choose which we will do will we serve God or will we be on Satan’s side?
The bible tells us that the earth is filled with His glory God created the earth but the enemy which is Satan pollutes it he takes God’s word and twist it and he is very good at his job and let’s face it he has had much more practice than us but he has to cross the blood line and that he will not do!
Remember this he can only get you as far as your knees and when you are at your lowest God is at His highest He is for you and He wants you to succeed and grow and you can have joy that no one can take from you for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
With and through God we can make a difference right here on this earth we will have to reach down with in our selves and ask God to help us and to show us and I know that He will lead us and guide us and show each and everyone of us what we need to do.
We can grow each and everyday in and by the word of God as we learn to walk it and live it as well as talk it for that is the difference right there and most of us believe God, for it is impossible to please God without faith and it is time we stir our selves up and the gifts hidden with in each and everyone of us.

Chapter Eight:

Don’t let anyone steal your joy, not Satan, not your spouse, not your children, not your job, not you christian family, not your Mom, not your Dad, not your other siblings let no one steal your joy! In you heart aches and fears and even tears smile make them wonder what you are up to, do not speak defeat in any way and I know we are all good at that! Let’s face it we were taught that way from a child but we don’t have to stay that way. How do you change it you start by thinking it and then speaking it if all you see is doom and gloom why speak that when you know the word of God says the power of the tongue can speak life or death and them that love it shall eat the fruit there of. So if you hear you can’t make it in stead of say I can’t make it, I can’t do this or I can’t do that or things will never change , start small say it’s a good day, begin to thank God only He can really change our way of thinking and our attitude.
You know attitude reflects leadership, so who is your leader, who do you follow? We have to change the way we think, the way we talk, the way we act and we learn this by our leader. As a born again child of God we need and we must get on that narrow path we do not have get into well I believe this and I believe that because most of that is what some one has either been taught or there own feelings so we need to stay in the word of God for the word is the seed that will grow if we continue.
Things in our lives will not always be easy and for some of us it may seem that nothing is ever easy for us and things just don't always go as we plan or would like them to or even how we think it should but you know what there is some one who knows and sees all and He is the one who is in control now I know there are some that think that they are in control and even twist the word of God to what they want but does it really happen? Well yes okay in some they may get just what they want how they want but does it mean that God is in it or is it them doing it?
People let things happen now that is what I hear tell and they say you make your life what it is but sometimes your life is not your own and you are not what you seem to think but we can change the course and now how do we do that? REPENT!!! Turn around and believe that God is who He says He is and get in His word and not only read it but walk it for it is a daily walk not just a Sunday walk and the rest of the walk talk, act, and live any ole way you choose. Now I know there are people that do this but they are not free, they are not happy and most of the time they have no joy. And this means that they are right where the enemy wants them. I heard someone say that you can not sit on the fence cause the enemy owes the fence and those I understand that it is not right for the enemy has not power except what we give him and allow him to have and the fence is the what I would consider the place where we have to make a discission and make up our mind one way or the other and believe me we alll in one time or other will come to the place where we have to decide which way it is we are gonna go.
We need to have a made up mind once the final decision is made and not let any one, any thing stop us and we must continue even when it seems as though we are totally alone.
There will be lost of times when you will feel like you are totally alone and that even your prayers are unheard but just dig a little deeper and hold on that's right hold on! Joy cometh in the morning.
Have you ever wondered what that really means? Joy cometh in the morning. I mean sometimes it seems like nothing is ever gonna change and all you get it disapointment after disappointment and nothing seems to be good and it feels like months go by and for some even years and then one day it is all good things change and good begins to happen and sometimes it continues for quite sometime. Has anyone ever noticed that?
I am hear to tell you no matter what do not loose your JOY and believe me there will be time when it seems all bleak and that nothing is good at all but you can have peace through it all and okay sometimes you may get down but hey listen the enemy can only get you as low as your knees so I say PRAY, pray, pray and don't let go till something good happens.
I have always heard that good things happen to them that wait. So wait upon the Lord. He can not anything except fail and He can give you joy like no other and His joy no man can take from you cause the world can not give it and the world can not take it.
Get a made up mind to serve the Lord with ALL your heart and let the joy the Lord be your strength. There is a song that says
the joy of the Lord is my strength the joy of the Lord is my strength the joy of the Lord is my strength I know the joy of the Lord is my strength. He giveth living water and I thirst no more, He giveth liveth water and I thirst no more He giveth living water and I thirst no more I know the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life so let His joy be in you. Don't worry about what you can not do or what you can not change take one step at a time. Slow down and breath really breath and look around. God has done many wonderful things. Be open unto him and remember do not let any one steal your joy.
You know even people who do not serve God know how to be joyful serving God is not a time to act like you are dead and carry a prune face get excited and come alive. Reach deep with in and let Him shine.
He wants you to be happy, free, and an over comer and in His word is where we learn to stand.
Yes I know there will be times when even though you are doing what is right that nothing goes right and everything falls apart and you may wonder what am I doing wrong but maybe you should wonder what it is you are doing so right.

Chapter Nine

In life we have ups and we have downs. Just like we have givers and we have takers. And it is true that not everyone is gonna like you and even talk bad about you so why not just go ahead and do what God wants. Everyone from time to time has been hurt and sometimes the hurt is very deep and then sometimes we shrug off the hurt but we all know what it feels like to be hurt, done wrong, depressed, abused in some form or other and we all know all to well all the bad and sometimes we focus on the bad and let it take over at times. Feelings however are subject to change. People will do all kinds of different things but you do not have to let it effect your relationship with God sometimes you have to let go of others to keep what you have with God and although sometimes it hurts and you may not understand why God knows what He is doing and He knows what it will take for you to keep the joy in which He has placed within you. We have to exercise our faith the word teaches us in Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. No I did not say it was easy but we do need to exercise our faith. Many times we only go by what we see and forget that things we see are subject to change.
Don't think that you will not be challenged in some way or other and for we all my learn to really trust God now let me tell you I have heard all my life trust God but not one of those people actually told me just how to trust God. But all my life I have believed in God and trusted Him okay maybe some what in my earlier years but the older I get I realize only Him can I trust and even turn to. Trusting in God leans not into your own understanding no not one little bit, but when you have absolutely nothing and you still go to Church and talk to God that is trust. When no one else is there for you and nothing goes right and yet you believe and trust God you have a relationship with God no one can destroy encluding the devil himself and all the ones you thought you knew. Sometimes you have to really reach way down deep and really hold on before things even look like they are changing and I am sure you have heard that saying "things get worse before they get better" well they do! And usually a lot worse than you think but the word of God says "Joy comes in the morning" And you must not forget that no matter what God is right there with you, He will never leave you alone and although it may not look like it He is leading you and even guilding your steps.
There will be times in your life when it is just you and no one in your life that is when you will see and know how much of God you really have. The word of God says if you love Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Child, okay I am adding family and friends, more than Him you will not be a disciples of his. God will be first in our lives and noone can change that or change the word of God. We all have things we wish we could change and not change but at any rate if we did we would not be where we are today and some may say yes that would be the point but tell me how much of God do you really have? When others you even thought you knew so well are against you, how about you own family? Who is it that you really do trust and believe? How about people who pretend to before but are not, God has never been that way to anyone yet we all have hurt God everyone of us has. Some seem to think they can act and do any ole thing they want cause God understands and He knows my heart. But don't the word teach us that actions speak louder than words? That we are to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only? What kind of relationship do you really have with God? Do you really trust Him or are they just words you say? It is easy to say I trust and I believe God till everything in your life goes completely upside down and you have noone to really talk to. Yes I know there are some who tell you how you ought to walk it but don't do it themselves! We all my be first partakers of the fruit! A realationship with God is more than give me or I want and it is never your own self will that should strike a few nerves.
Well guess what everybody just ain't gonna like you and not everyone who acts like they are for you are and even family is not what you think or even want it to be let's face it family stands for failure am me i lowly you! I just mad that up really I did but there is a bit of truth to it if you are honest at all. Family and friends will let you down the Bible tells us to trust no man to believe no man that all men are liars and God is the only truth. Yet many people do not believe God nor do they trust Him. And don't think cause things are suddenly going good in your life or you get a promotion or everybody seems to love you is from God. The devil can make anything look good! It is up to us to know the difference and you will not know the difference if you do not have a soild relationship with God. Believe me people will try you in more ways than you could ever think. And talk about pushing your buttons you will give more than you bargain for cause the enemy wants you to quit God and he will come at all angles to try to get you to quit but you have to have a made up mind and be determinded that no matter what nothing is going to come between you and God. Don't think you will not be tried and that the very ones that you really love will not hurt you, because they will and you have to decide which is more important your relationship with God or getting even and there willl be times the very ones you love will be the very ones you will need to put out of your life. And when someone tells you that what you are going through is just about over hold on cause there is alot that is gonna happen before it gets better, but remember God is in control always remember that no matter what.

Chapter Ten

Life is funny life is strange life is never what you think it should be life will surprise you but we must give our life to God and this self will thing that we have always wanting to be in charge and do it our way will get in the way don't you think for one minute that it will not and yes you will stumble, fall, and even fail but hey don't lay there, don't throw in the towel, and by all means do not I repeat do not give up. The word is a comfort to us and if you really read the book of Proverbs you will find the strength to carry one. Think of all the people in the Bible what if they would of stop and I am sure that they thought about it I mean after all look at us and how sometimes we ourselves want to stop but don't dare for we have come to far that's right we have come to far and you know the enemy would just love for you to quit and walk away or should I say jump out of God's hand. I mean after all his main goal is to hurt God and we are the pawns that he uses to do just that. I know you may not think like that but listen he was a liar from the beginning and not only that but he got a third of the angels to go with him now you tell me that God was not hurt okay cause I believe that God was very hurt and remember Jesus saw Satan fall as lighting and he also goes to and fro seeking whom he may devour, I mean he is on the biggest mission that we could ever think of and are though we are the target he would love nothing better than to hurt God the one who created everything.
Now how can we make a difference, remember to read the word of God and to pray you know praying is like having a conversation with your very best friend and there is waiting involve I know most of us just do not like to wait we want things now and I mean right now but God is not on our time we are on His time and remember one day is as a thousand years to Him. Building a relationship with God is very easy for He wants to be in every area of your life the problem is we don't really want God in everything we think we are suppose to handle it and not bother God cause we think He is so busy but was He to busy to come into your life? NO! He was not. Why He even made men in their own image now think about that for just a moment. We are created like them so you see God not only hears but He sees everything as well and He knows how to take care of each and everyone of us.
We need to learn just how to trust Him and believe Him and His word. Inside we have this place where we let absolutely nobody in but God knows and He can fill that spot that no other human being can, and believe me we try to fill it with all sorts of things.
His nature is hidden with in us we have to let Him come out and we need to let Him take control I know, I know it is not easy but won't Heaven be worth it all? Many people claim to be His people but few and in between act like it or even show it why is that?
It is time to practice what we preach as they say and really practice and exercise our faith while we are at it. take baby steps but sooner or later you will have to grow and we all know that growing pains hurt but we must grow and excel God does not want us to stay babies and although some don't like it there are things we should not do and there are things we should not say and in the word is the basis of how we should live and it is time we got back to basic with God and His word I mean it is gotten way out of hand I mean some say when God tells me well don't you read His word? Does he not talk to you through His word? Come on now it is time to grow up and mature and let all get to where God wants us to be.
Sure it is much easier to let someone else do it but when are you gonna stand and make a difference? when was the last time you even stood and gave a testimony? I mean what God has done not what the devil has done to ya! Just how important is your relationship with God?
Hidden with in are the things we need that is if you have the word in there I mean what ever you put in you is what's gonna come out of you. Can you think of anyone who claims to be a born again child of God and never talks about God, Jesus, The Holy, His Word, or even Church. Now I know there are some that go to Church and act any ole way and say many, many things but remember you don't answer for them you answer for yourself. So there are some that really do love money more than God and some even love them selves and even others more than God and some don't even out right out of Church and even in Church and the list I can assure you goes on and on like this one don't like that one and that one even despises this one and bickering and agruing seeing to always be at this place or that place well maybe it time to find a place where God really does come first and everything is secondary or last or really don't matter out side of God.
Do you ever wonder what it must be like to be God and listen to all the things we as people say, do, and even act? You know He even repented for making man for He knows what is in man. See noone knows you like God and even He knows you better than you do. Why not give it all to Him in the first place I mean like we could even hide anything. Though some think that they do, but they don't but they do not care nor do they listen.
Now we all have family members who do not serve God and there are times when you will have to depart from them cause the enemy will use them in ways that you would have never thought of but they your family members are not the enemy and keep praying better yet have someone else pray for your family and you pray for someone elses because really I mean if you have trouble and promblems with someone in your family your prayer may sound something like this:
God I am mad at so and so and she or he ain't right get them God you know how to make them do what is right. While some one else may pray something like this:
God my sister's or my brother's family really need you God and I ask that you bring them together in Jesus name. Now tell me which prayer really comes from the heart and which one do you think God is really apt to answer?
We get mad at someone in our family or friends or anyone and we pray what I call stupid prayers now I do know that Paul prayed about someone who did much evil to him and he said Alexader the carpentersmith did much evil to me I mean he said his first name and what he did for a living I found that interesting and he also said God reward him for his deed. We get mad and just say the person's first name and what we want God to do to that person.
You know we all know that God is love but He is also a God of wrath let's keep that in mind.

Chapter Eleven

It is not an easy road in fact the road to Heaven is narrow and the path to hell is very wide. It is not gonna be peaches and cream or what else you may have thought in fact we need to throw our way of thinking out the widow and let God and His Word change our way of thinking for our thoughts are not His thoughts and His ways are not are ways the word of God tells us this.
Yes we may even lose our temper from time to time but does that me we are not right with God? Do you not bleed when you are cut? God wants us to let Him have our anger, oh now you must be kidding well let me tell you I am not kidding our tempers is something God Himself placed with in us but not to use against one another though we do from time to time someone is gonna make you mad don't think they won't and most of the time it is the very ones that you love and love dearly and really care about that will make you the angeriest.
We are gonna lose our cool and sometimes we are gonna stay away from those who bring us down, who are not for us yes there are some that you dearly love that are not for you, we stay away from those who use us and abuse us, from those who laugh at our dreams, from those who lie to us and when they find out they are wrong treat you different. Yes things just don't always go as you think they should and many are not for you and many are not your friend and you may find your self unable to talk to anyone for there is none that you really trust but let me tell you God is the one that you can trust, you can talk to, you can be completely totally your self with and there can be a real relationship with God for people are just people just like you and they will let you down, come on haven't you let someone down sometime or other in your own life?
Hidden with in God has place His nature but we have to take care of it we need to get into His word and we need to pray yes we need to repent and learn from our mistakes and stop making the same ones over and over and over again we can get off that merry - go - round though it may seem that nothing is going right and nothing ever seems to turn out right God can help you in ways you never thought.
You are a new creature old things are past away behold all things become new. We will still work on things don't think that you will not because there is a lot of junk inside us and it will not happen over night.
The word says that we are clean through the word so make the word of God your daily life and make sure that you don't do all the talking you must listen as well. Just like in any relationship one talks one listens and then the other talks and the other listens and you can rest assured that you can tell God everything. He is the best friend you will ever find! He will be there when everyone else is walking out of your life and believe they will.
We all have good and bad in us but if we can learn to give it all to God the Father He can make us what He wants us to be. I know there are some who think they have to do it all and nobody can do it like them and some even think they have to make there own selves clean but let me tell you first you can not do it alone and there is no way you could ever make your self clean see we are born into a sinful nature and you can not change that, a person who has live good and done everything right still must be born again. Do you know that being born again is a gift of God? He has many gifts for each and everyone of us and He also has many promises for us to, but it is up to us to except them and walk in them and we also must believe and trust in Him like never before.
There are some that will try you even some you do not know and some you think you know for there are some people who are not happy unless they have some kind of trouble going on you know those kind of people we all know them kind of people, the ones who are not happy and miserable and don't want anyone else to be happy and make sure they find some kind of way to hurt you and enjoy doing so. You will have to close that door and move on and yep even tie another knot in that rope and others would rather you just let go of and fall and become just like them but there is one who is routing for you and He not only encourages you but wants you to encourage yourself in Him and when you show Him that no one comes before Him and that you love Him more than anyone or anything He will begin to work for you in ways that you never dreamed.
Yes you will have choices to make and yes you will be fought in ways you never dreamed and things may even look grim or you may not even see one silver lining but you are an over comer I mean hey the enemy can only get you as far down as your knees and what do you do when you hit your knees? We all have our own salvation to work out before the Lord with fear and trembleming and I have seen some that seem to think that they can act, do and even say what ever they want and they think they are gonna make it in.
But it is a very narrow road to enternal life and few there be that find it yet wide is the gate to destruction. Keep this in mind everything that glitters is not always gold! The Bible says let the wheat and tare come together and He will do the separating, but we think we know what is best and we try to do God's job and He is the one whom formed and made EVERYTHING but we think we know more how funny is that? Why are we humans like this? Okay, okay yes I know God made us but remember He also did repent for even making man for He knew what was in man so you see He knows us better than we think He does and even better than we think we know ourselves. Yet there are some who think they know it all and noone can tell them any different even if you prove them wrong but they say they think they are going to where there is no more sickness and no more pain.
Chapter Twelve:

Do we really believe God is who He says He is? Do we really trust God? When everything in your life is not good, or falling apart, and you have nothing but yourself do you lean to God and His understanding?
Many say I believe God or I trust God and many will tell you what you should do but never quite do it themselves! But I have learned for myself that it is a real personal realtionship with God. Our life is not always going to be easy and many different things will come our way and do we still put God first?
When you have no family, no friends, no job, your stuff is in your car and in storage and you have no place to go who do you trust then or who do you believe then?
It is easy to tell someone else how they should do this or that but when it comes to walking the ways of God for yourself is it a different story?
I think you must be first partakers of it before you can really tell someone else how to do it. We are not always gonna have the answer but we do know the one who does! Being a born again christain does not mean things will just be automatic and everything is rosey and peachy king actually it is quite the oppistie of all that thinking that people some how see to come up with and then boom their bottom seems to fall out from underneath them and they are mad, angry, upset, ready to quit! Show me in God's word where it says come to me and your life will be carefree I will tell you that the word does say come unto me all ye and I will give you rest it also says that He will comfort us and that He will NEVER leave us.
I find that many people want what they think is easier for them till it begins to get hard for them and they no longer what to be apart of God, The Church. I myself have a hard time with people though I realize people are just people I know that not all always want to do what is right but I still have love which I do have to work on. There are many that say that they are Christains and there actions speak more loudly and then there are some who come to Church but just because you come to Church and play apart does not make you a born again Christian. The Word tells us to know them whom labor among you. Do you know who and what is praising God among you? Now you may think that you are fooling everybody but you are not fooling God and believe He shows some the truth about others and those that He shows He wants you to pray for them. We all have to make it to the end for the word says they that make it to the end the same shall be saved. Okay so you need a real relationship with God and we need one another, yes we do!
We need to remember that people are just people and we are gonna let one another down some may even mean to but keep holding one to God's unchanging hand no matter what.
When it really begins to get worse and worse God has this way of making it turn out good for you about the time when you feel like you are about to go completely under He shows up in ways you never thought that he would but He loves us and He wants nothing but good for us even if we do not see it at the time that we are going through something the key word here is going through, that's right we have to go through and keep God right in the center of your life.

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