Fairy Tale: Cinderella / Word Cnt: 889
Take a well known fairy tale and re-write it in modern times.

The year is not important but this is my story...

I will start this when I was a young girl I came into this world and it was my Dad and me. Dad tells me that Mom passed giving me birth. How bitter sweet it must had been for my daughter. He gave me the name she had picked out. Cinderella.

For a long time my Dad was alone and I thought he was happy oh I sure was, just him and me! But it wasn't long and Dad began to date and after some time he began to narrow his dating list and finally it was down to two.

Sarah who was great and loved kids kind, generous, giving, everything I thought a Mom should be. and then there was Jennifer a woman who had two daughters of her own but she was not a nice as Sarah. But some how and I assure you I don't know how but Jennifer is the one my Dad finally pick to be with for the rest of his life...

After the ceremony things were okay for a while but her and her children were mean to me but I never once told my Dad. With in six months my Dad became really very ill. But no one could seem to find out what was wrong with him. And within months my Dad passed... It was the saddest day of my life... Everyone tried to comfort me everyone except Jennifer and her two daughters, Kimmy and Kathy.

Upon arriving home Jennifer took us to the family room and simply said I am making some changes and then she turned to me and said you Cinderella will now do everything I say I know your Father left everything to me and you are just here because I can not put you out! Well not yet any way... She had the most scariest grin on her face when she said that.

It wasn't long and here I was cooking, cleaning, waiting on all three of them. Every single day and night to. Cinderella do this, Cinderella do that. Bring me this, bring me that, fix this fix that will it ever end.

For many years this was my life and then the day came when Jennifer decided it was time for me to go. Go! Where was I to go? But Jennifer did not care. She packed all my things and with a grin said you are not my problem but hey you have family else where don't you Cinderella?

The rain began to pour and there I stood right out side the door with all my thing in the yard and on the porch, my mind was racing, and racing and then throbbing I could not think of one family member but I began to gather my things and fit what I could in my car yeah the same one that took them every where they wanted to go. I sure have a lot of memories in that car!

I must of drove for hours and it was so late when I did finally remember I had an Aunt Ruth who would surely take me in. As I pulled up her drive way the moon was huge and bright but I did not want to disturb her so I slept inside my car that night and got awoke by every single noise. But when the morning light hit my face I was knocking on her door!

She welcomed me with open arms and she refused to let me do one single thing as she prepared breakfast for us and we must of talked for hours sitting at her kitchen table. And then she told me something I won't forget. Cinderella honey she said, I want you to know something dear, What? What is it is replied... Well. I am here to tell you we are gonna have to get a good lawyer. What! I said in shock... Well you see there was a meeting the day of the funeral of your Dad's, my brother and actually the house is yours and half of all his money is yours! And one more thing sweetie, I think she had something to do with your Dad, my brother's death! I can not prove anything but that is what my gut tells me. I mean something just does not add up Cinderella. I sat there numb and speechless to say the least. But since this is a Saturday morning it would have to wait till Monday morning.

One year later... I got to move back into my home in which I have lived in all my life. I moved my most favorite Aunt Ruth in and I made sure she was taken care of all the days of the rest of her life...
As for Jennifer, she is serving life in prison for the murder of my Dad... Well found away to and the truth was reveal she had poison my Dad to death and now she sits in a cell no longer Mrs. high and mighty... And I hear tell that her two daughters have miserable lives.... How sad I thought looking out my kitchen widow and drinking lemonaide with my Aunt Ruth...

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/26/2015 5:58:00 AM
Well done! And the irony involved was simply great! If this was a true story, I feel for you but also am glad you got what you deserve to get in the first place. And the evil Stepmother got and is getting what she deserved.

WorldsFynestChoklit   WorldsFynestChoklit wrote
on 2/10/2010 9:51:30 AM

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Take a well known fairy tale and re-write it in modern times.
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