The Other Dimensions ( chapter 6 )

He looked now at the man that had saved his life. He was holding a spear, pointing it at the fast turning beast that looked more furious than he could have imagined.

The beast now stared at the mysterious man, and the man stared right back with unwavering stature. The beast let out an enormous roar. The beast proceeded now toward the man at a rapidly increasing speed, with intent of devouring him. The beast lunged, opening its mouth again ready to bite its prey. The instant the beasts jaw bones parted the man lunged forward, thrusting his spear between its teeth. Sinking half of the eight-foot spear into its body, the beast fell to the ground.

Richard stared in confusion, at the man that killed the beast with laser like precision. The beast now beside him, shaking its last reflexes of the life it just lost. The man never cast a glance at Richard as he reached down to remove the spear from the beast, wiping it clean as he pulled it out.

Now getting a good look at the man, that seemingly came from nowhere. He had long, dark hair. Very tall, at least six foot three inches in his estimation. He was broad and very muscular. His skin had a tan to it, somewhat as a person from Cuba would have. He had no shoes, but he was wearing a dark pair of pants, which reminded him of a karate uniform. He also wore a dark vest, and a strap going from his shoulder to his waist diagonally across his chest. The strap continued around his back, containing a couple of weapons. One weapon was a sword; the handle appeared to be made of bone and the blade of stone. The other weapon he could not see clearly. It was mostly concealed within its holding, but he could see a part of it that was faintly glowing red.

"I have not hurt you, Have I?" said the man. His words sounded strange to Richard, like he should not have been able to understand them, but he did.

"No, I'm fine," said Richard. He did not notice it before, but he too was talking in this weird language. Shaking off his confusion he said, "Thank you for saving me." Thinking the words did not express the gratitude he felt.

"No, thank you," said the man. "You worked as perfect bait for this kill." Richard now gave him a puzzled look. The man continued, "It was not my intention, But the athemis here that I was following," he stopped to point at the beast. "Started to follow you; these being very difficult beasts to get close to, I thought it would give me a good opportunity to strike, which indeed it did." He paused for a moment to kick the beast. "What is your name stranger?" he asked.

"Richard, my name is Richard," he answered.

"Richard, may I ask how you came to be here?" The man looking just as curious about Richard as Richard was to him.

"No idea, now may I ask you your name?" he asked as he walked over to the small pool of water, to drink and splash his face.

"My name is Carnithius, you may simply call me Carn," he said as he took out the stone sword. He spoke as he began to chop at the athemis’ limbs. "I am presuming now, that you are not of this realm?" he asked Richard.

"No, how did you guess?" said Richard. Standing quickly now to face the man, hoping to get answers. "And what exactly do you mean by 'this realm'?" asked Richard.

Carn was now hacking the meat off the severed limbs of the athemis when he began speaking.

"Well, this realm is not the only one to exist. There are many realms, or dimensions that exist around the elements and elements also exist within them." Carn stated while removing the bones completely. "I do not pretend to know much about it. I only know what I was taught as a child, and that was a long time ago."

"Well, if you were taught by someone. There must be other people here, right?" asked Richard.

"Yes, there are many people here in this realm. Most of them live scattered about in small villages. However, there is one ventral community, where the ancients reside. It is called, Peermad," stated Carn.

"Is it possible for you to take me there?" asked Richard. "There may be someone there that could help me, maybe one of the ancients you spoke of."

"No, I cannot take you there," said Carn. "But I can get you close enough and point you in the right direction. For now though, let us make a fire and cook some of this wonderful athemis meat."

Carn had built a small fire pit, throwing bones of the athemis inside it. Richard thought it odd but did not ask the purpose. Carn now reached into a small bag he was carrying and took out two small rocks. Striking them together to create a spark that fell onto the bones, instantly there was a fire, Richard stared in bewilderment. Carn must have noticed this.

"I take it the beasts in your realm do not have flammable bones?" asked Carn. Richard shook his head. Carn continued, "Not all beasts in this realm are this way. Only the ones that reside under the red element do so." Now starting to cook the meat he said, "The athemis has some of the finest meat of this land. I daresay you will enjoy it much more than the bug you have been eating." He had finished with a small chuckle.

Richard now took his first bite. Carn had been right; the meat was delicious. It was very tender and had tasted as if it had been cooked with seasonings. It reminded Richard of his favorite restaurants prime rib, which he used to enjoy on a regular basis. This being the first decent meal he has had in this place, he could not help but take seconds, and thirds. Eating in silence, next to the man that had given him a new found hope.

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A man has appeared from nowhere.