The Other Dimensions ( chapter 5 )

Two more days have now passed as Richard made his treacherous journey. Becoming accustomed to the rocky terrain in which he found himself in. Although he was not coping with the scorching heat well. Stopping at every water hole to hydrate, not knowing when he would see another. He still had enough food for a few days and was all and all in good spirits.

Reaching the top of a mountain to better judge his current direction, and curious how much closer he was to his destination. Looking out at the vast desolate mountains, delighted to see that the beam mountain was indeed much closer. Estimating only a few more days now. Up ahead a few miles he could see a large body of water. He still did not understand how there was water here in the first place. Having not seen any clouds here, he decided the answer would come soon enough. Keeping to the top of the mountain, he continued on.

Reaching the waters shore he stopped to stare at the vast lake in amazement. Richard had been to the marvelous ocean, the great lakes, and the splendid lake tahoe. None of those however, could compare with the beautiful and slightly unsettling sight before him now. Not nearly as big as the others, but it was not the size that made this lake astonishing.

At first glance it looked just like any normal lake. Reflecting the red beams in the sky and the mountains around it. Waves softly rolling from one side to the other in their endless repetition. It's shape was that of a triangle, with its tip pointing to the beam mountain. The closer he came upon the lake however, the more he realized that it was not as it appeared from above.

" My god " he said, after a moment of shocked silence after arriving at the shore of the lake.

There were no waves as he had thought before, the water was in fact, as still as ice. Although strange, that was not what shocked him. The illusion of waves was brought on by a blue aura that seemed to be hovering over the lake. Rising nearly twenty feet in height and was flowing within itself, changing from moment to moment. Appearing as a kind of fog but less dense, it seemed to simply be blue air. He reached out his hand, as if trying to touch it. He felt nothing of substance but there was a dramatic change in temperature.

Testing the water to find that it too was a chilling temperature. Splashing his face with some, it felt surprisingly refreshing. He started to strip down, deciding this was as good a place as any to bathe and get rid of his growing stench. Diving out into the water with a moment of shock to the skin from the cold temperature. Continuing to swim out for as long as he could hold his breath and continued for a short time after emerging for air. When he felt he had enough of swimming he turned around to make his way back. To begin trying to scrub himself down and attempt to was his clothes.

However, When he turned around he did not see land. Nothing but the blue aura everywhere he looked. Stricken with a moment of panic he began swimming. After a few minutes of swimming he thought there was no way he had swam that far. An idea came to him, If he dove down and could reach the bottom it would be angled and could point his direction up toward the shore. The theory worked, It had pointed his direction to the nearest shore. It had taken less than a minute to see something materialize.

Expecting to see the mountains from which he came. Instead he came upon a tiny island, not knowing how big from the fact that the blue aura was now much thicker and was obscuring his vision. Now only being able to see roughly ten feet in front of him. Looking now for some clue to lead him out of here. Just as he was going to turn back and try his luck with the water, he saw it.There was a solitary tree on the island. Standing only eight foot high, it had a dark trunk, and had red, blue, and green leaves. This being the first sight of vegetation he had seen it made him a little excited. Also, there appeared to be no aura within ten feet of it.

He stepped within the circle staring at the tree, wondering why it was here on an island in a desolate landscape. He reached out to touch it, the instant he made contact the aura around him disappeared. Shocked by what happened he let go and the aura returned. It occurred to him now this would show him the way out. Grabbing the tree again so he could see his way out, but nothing happened. He grabbed another part of the tree, still nothing. Staring for a moment the answer came to him, he grabbed a blue leaf. Instantly the aura disappeared. He removed the leaf and began walking in the right direction.

Resting now in a small valley with no cover to speak of preparing to go to sleep. His clothes now clean and dry, stomach full, and now far away from the mysterious lake. He did not see the figure watching him from above. As he started to drift off into a much needed sleep he heard a noise. Lifting his head to look for the source, There were rocks rolling down the hill on the opposite side of the valley. Struck by fear as he found what was making the rocks tumble down.

A strange beast, smaller than the others he had seen but equally frightening. The beast was the size of a horse and had a similar build to one. It had no tail and its head was roundish as the others' had been. Eyes were bright and had teeth like a shark. Its limbs were very big and broad which showed its strength, and claws with which to swipe with them. Sharp looking spines were running down its back, at least a foot long a piece.

Richard jumped to his feet grabbing his knife thinking he could defend himself. The beast now roughly fifty yards away and rapidly getting closer. Realizing defending himself was futile, he began to run for his life. Running now as fast as he could seeing the creature was still gaining on him. Thinking now that running was even more useless than fighting, he stopped and faced the fast approaching beast. The beast lunged for him with its mouth wide, anticipating the flesh it was about to receive. Pain hit him in the side as he was thrown from the path of the beast. Looking quickly up to see what had hit him, he was not sure if it was real.

There was a man now standing in front of him.

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