The Snotty Nose Rag
  (a true and actual event)

We were driving through New Mexico
on a dark and dreary night.
We drove for miles and miles
without a town in sight.
Our brains were all muddled
and our bodies began to drag,
but we just kept on doin'
the Snotty Nose Rag.

We were headed back to Texas
from a stay in Aspen-town.
There wasn't a soul in sight
and the rain was pourin' down.
My mama's eyes were bloodshot
and I looked like a hag,
but we never stopped doin'
the Snotty Nost Rag.

First one sneeze and then another;
we'd sniff and then we'd blow.
We used a lot of Kleenex,
three boxes or so.
Oh, the road stretched out forever
and time was in a lag,
but we went on together,
doin' the Snotty Nose Rag.

We took a lot of aspirin
to try and clear our heads.
Was nothin' on the radio,
even the CB was dead.
So we wrote this little song
as our eyelids began to sag
and we simply called it
the Snotty Nose Rag.

Down into Texas
and over to San Antone,
then my mama took off
on the long trip home,
but we made the long journey
and I don't mean to brag,
but it wouldn't have been the same
without the good ole Snotty Nose Rag.
(kazoo solo)

First one sneeze and then another,
we'd sniff and then we'd blow.
We used a lot of Kleenex,
three boxes or so.
Oh, the road stretched out forever
and time was in a lag,
but we went on together
doin' the Snotty Nose Rag.

G_Money   G_Money wrote
on 10/18/2008 1:12:15 AM
:) sounds like quite a trip. I'd love to hear the melody lol

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writing shwangltd
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The trip was in 1977, and believe me the entire thing was one adventure after another. I was stationed at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tx, had flown home to Bartlesville, Ok for Easter, and we drove from there to Russell, Ks, spent the night with mama's folks, then left for Aspen, Co, which took all the next day. When we arrived, it was raining, our room had been mistakenly given to someone else and they had to find us another room, then we discovered that only one of the electric blankets worked and the logs were too big to light in the fireplace, plus there was no kindling or matches to light it with. We spent the next day exploring Aspen, got lost on a trail, mama fell into a waist deep snow drift and had to crawl out, then had snow in her boot and squished as she walked. We left the following day to drive back to Texas, got to New Mexico in the middle of the night and it was raining. It was pitch black outside, and we were driving on a flat...flat...plain. There were no lights anywhere, no houses, no traffic, no radio stations coming through, and we couldn't even rouse anyone on our CB radio. It was just us and emptiness. Did I mention it was raining? We both had bad colds...spent the entire trip sneezing, coughing, and blowing our noses raw. We had to do something to stay awake, so we thought up the Snotty Nose Rag. After hours and hours, we suddenly came to a very steep and winding descent and discovered we were actually on top of a mesa the whole about surprise! We got to the Texas border at 3 in the morning, pulled over to the side of the road for some sleep, woke up at 6 a.m. and drove on to San Antonio. Mama left the next day for home. A five day trip! It was a riot! It was one of the best times we ever spent together.