Once Upon A Weekend 6
     Afraid to breathe or even turn around, Ricky stood under the water in panic mode.  He could hear the phone ringing in the bedroom and he wanted to go answer it, to hear the other person's voice.  His entire body was shaking from fright and a sudden cold that came over him despite the hot water.  He knew he couldn't stay where he was.  Already, he was drowning, his hands shaking so badly that he could barely turn off the shower.
     Taking a tight grip on his nerves, he steeled himself and turned around. 
     The phone was ringing insistently.  Cautiously he inched open the shower door and peeked out.  There was nothing to see but the bathroom.  On wobbly knees, naked and dripping, he went into the bedroom.  He didn't notice as he passed, the bathroom mirror, fogged from the steam of the shower, was beginning to clear in an ever widening circle, as if someone was wiping the fog away.
     Ricky answered the phone, his voice shaky and higher in pitch than normal. 
     "Are you alright?" Sam asked.
     "F---f---fine," Ricky stuttered, his teeth chattering, his body covered with goosebumps.
     "Ricky," Sam said, "you don't sound fine."
     "I'm j---j---just c---c---cold," Ricky said.  "I was in the sh---shower and I'm s---s---standing h---here n---naked and ab---about t---to f---f---freeze."
     "Get dressed right now," Sam said.  "Before you catch cold.  I'm coming over.  Be there in a few minutes."
     He hung up before Ricky could agree or argue.
     Putting the phone down, Ricky dug out an old pair of pajamas his father had given him for Christmas that he never wore.  This time he made an exception.  
     He check the thermostat.  The temperature was where he normally kept it.  He didn't understand why, then, even dressed in flannel pajamas, slippers, his robe, and a heavy comforter from his bed wrapped around him, he was still freezing cold.  Grabbing more blankets from his bed, he cocooned himself on the couch to wait for Sam.
     Shortly afterward, Sam found him on the couch and worried because Ricky insisted the apartment was like the artic, quickly fixed him some hot tea and brandy.  As Ricky drank the toddy, Sam checked his forehead for a fever, and although Ricky was sweating profusely, his skin was neither hot nor cold. 
     "C'mon," Sam said, helping his brother to his feet.  "Let's get you to bed."
     He helped him to the bedroom and into bed, tucking all the blankets firmly around him and turning up the thermostat ten degrees.
     "When did this start?" Sam asked.
     Ricky told him about the water going hot and cold, the front door being open, and the mysterious bump against the
shower.  Sam didn't know what to think.  He worried Ricky might be hallucinating, still suffering shock from the weekend, but it was odd only Ricky seemed to be affected.  Ken was jumpy and Brian outright mad, but they didn't seem to be having any lasting effects.  Even more strange was the fact that Sam, himself, hadn't at any time been as nervous or frightened as the other three. 
     He sat on the edge of the bed and reassured Ricky that everything was going to be okay, that he was okay, and eventually managed to get him to sleep.  Certain that Ricky was out, he eased off the bed and went to the kitchen to fix himself some tea.  He didn't turn on the lights, electing to sit in the livingroom, drink his tea, and think. 
     He'd arrived home in a black mood after the disastrous day at work and the treatment he received from Ken and Brian.  They blamed him for the way the weekend turned out and forgot that he'd been as much a victim as they.  He tried to call the co-worker who rented them the lodge, but wasn't able to locate him.  That kept him on edge.  He didn't know if he believed in the lodge being haunted, but something had been going on and he wanted to know what and who was responsible.
     After supper, he tried to settle in for the night, but a nagging feeling that Ricky needed him prompted his call.  As soon as he heard the near panic in Ricky's voice, he knew something was wrong and came right away.  The condition he'd found Ricky in confirmed his suspicion and worried him a lot more than he'd willingly admit.
     He considered what Ricky told him about the strange things that had been going on.  There must be a reasonable explanation, but he couldn't think of any, other than Ricky's imagination playing tricks on him.  He decided to stay the rest of the night to keep watch over his little brother and just in case anything else happened, though he didn't expect it to. 
     He made up the couch with blankets and a pillow, checked everything in the house, made sure all the windows and doors were locked, before turning off the lights and lying down to sleep.  Every few hours, he woke up and checked on Ricky who at last seemed to be warm and quiet.  Finally, after checking on Ricky at three o'clock in the morning, Sam settled down for the rest of the night.

kt6550   kt6550 wrote
on 4/24/2009 9:09:56 PM
Good chapter.

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 2/21/2009 2:03:27 PM
poor Sam!

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 2/21/2009 2:03:09 PM
this just keeps getting more and more interesting. Don't stop posting or I will explode from suspense. ;)

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