Once Upon A Weekend 2
     They arrived at the lodge in silence a few minutes later.  The lodge, a welcome sight after the long trip, was built of logs, a rambling three story building set into a stand of tall pine trees.  The wrap around veranda was decorated with rustic patio furniture, had a large stack of wood by the front door, and and hanging porch swing.
     Sam led the way to the front door, unlocked it, and entered ahead of the others.  They were all stunned at the space.  The ceiling was ten feet above their heads.  The main hall was at least 40 feet long.  Directly across the room, a six foot stone fireplace graced the wall.  A sofa and several comfortable looking stuffed chairs sat in a semi-circle facing it.
     To the left was a staircase leading to the second floor, and a hallway leading, they discovered later, to the combination kitchen and dining area.  To the right was a solarium with the same rustic furniture as was on the veranda.  There was a smaller fireplace on the far wall and a door leading to the biggest bathroom any of them had ever seen.
     "Wow!" Ricky said.  "I thought this would be just a house, but ..."
     "It's more like a ski lodge or something," Ken said. 
     "Yeah," Sam said.  "I guess I never considered that it might be something like that.  But there's no place to ski around here, so it must be more like a hunting lodge or something."
     He shook off his amazement and led the way upstairs.  There were enough rooms for three times the people in their group, each one with a number on the door, confirming their suspicions.  Each bedroom was a good twenty feet of floor space, had a bed, chest of drawers, and a wardrobe for their clothes.  Each had it's own bathroom, also twenty feet.  There was a sunken tub with a jacuzzi, a shower, stool, and sink.  The tubs were situated next to large panoramic windows.  Above them were skylights and there were votive candles set in built in holders around the edge of the six foot long tubs.  The men would be able to stretch out full length to bathe.
     Each bed was king size made of solid oak and covered with down filled comforters.  Ricky tried his for firmness.  To get on the mattress, a small step stool made of the same oak as the bed had been placed next to it.  Ricky climbed up, found his mattress was perfect, and immediately started jumping on it.
     "Get down from there," Sam snapped, wondering what had gotten into his brother.
     He caught him as he came down and pulled his legs out from under him.  Ricky bounced on his rump and off the bed, laughing like a kid.
     Ken thought it looked fun and thought he might give it a try later when Sam wasn't around.  For some reason, he felt excited, like he was starting some wonderful adventure.  It was a weird sensation, but he figured he was just glad to be out of the city.
     Brian found a room and busied himself setting up his CD player.  Soon his music blasted out into the hall as he put his things away.
     Sam found a room, threw his things on his bed, and went downstairs to investigate the kitchen.  
     The kitchen, he discovered, was almost as large as his efficiency apartment.  There was a large walk-in refrigerator, a stanless steel and glass stove and oven, a microwave oven, and enough cabinet space for his, Ricky's, and Ken's dishes all together.  It was a chef's kitchen.  Sam was in love.  He was also hungry.  He prowled through the food stuffs for something to fix for dinner and soon had the room filled with a tantalizing aroma.
     Ricky, in the meantime, discovered a second staircase that went to the third floor and decided to investigate.  There was only one large room, probably for conferences, banquets, and parties, with two picture windows on opposite ends of the wall.  The inside walls were lined with bookshelves containing all manner of books.  He prowled along them, reading the titles, when he suddenly stopped and turned. 
     Something didn't look right.  It took a moment for him to realize it was the windows.  Instead of being on opposite ends of the room, they were now more to the middle.  He stared at them, then decided he'd seen them wrong the first time, shook his head and started reading the booktitles again.  A minute later, he stopped and turned.  One window was in the very center of the room.  The other was on the far end wall.
     Looking first from one window to the other, he swallowed hard and backed towards the stairs straight into Brian causing them both to yelp.  Ricky grabbed Brian's shirtfront and took several deep breaths before he was able to speak.
     "Don't go up there," he said. 
     That said, he squeezed past him and ran downstairs. 
     Curious, Brian ventured the rest of the way into the room.  He saw what Ricky had first seen, the windows on the outer wall at opposite ends.  Seeing nothing more of interest, he went back downstairs to his room.  An hour later, Sam called them all to come and eat.
     Ricky, who'd taken refuge in his room, joined Ken in the hall.  They called for Brian to come and he went to open his door, only to find it wouldn't budge.  He yanked on it, then pulled with all of his strength, but it still wouldn't open.
     "Hey," he called to the other two, "I can't get out.  The door's stuck."
     He waited, but there was no response.  He knew they were out there.  Maybe, he thought, the doors are soundproof and they couldn't hear him.  He reached for the doorknob, but it wasn't where it should be.  It was higher up.  He stared at it, then shook his head.  He had to have imagined it. 
     He reached for it again, but this time it was at waist level.  He stepped back and stared at it.  Warily, he reched for it, keeping his eyes on it.  Nothing happened.  He grabbed it and turned it.  It came open without any problem.  He hurried through the door before it had a chance to lock him in again.
     "What's wrong?" Ken asked, placing his hand on Brian's shoulder.
     Brian jumped and yelled in surprise as he spun around.
     "Th---th---the d---d---door wouldn't open," he stammered.
     Ken went over and pushed the door which opened easily.
     "I swear," Brian said, "that door would not open.  The doorknob kept..."
     The other two were looking at him as if he'd lost his mind.  Shaking off his fright, he smoothed his shirt and purposely walked past them as if nothing had happened. 
     "Never mind," he said. 
     There was no way he could explain it.  He wasn't even sure what had occurred.  He decided they'd never believe him so he'd just pretend it'd all been a dream.  But he knew it wasn't.

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it's alive! mwahahaha!!!!! lol, I love monster house stories. Please keep posting

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