Once Upon A Weekend 17
     After Kim picked Ken up at the hospital, she started to go to her home, but Ken pleaded with her to take him to his apartment.  He was still shaken from all he'd been through, and even though most of it had been at home, he just couldn't feel safe anywhere else.  Feeling it was a mistake on his part, she turned around and took him home.  She saw him settled in on the couch and flicked on the television to keep him company while she fixed lunch and some tea. 
     Absently, Ken watched the images on the screen until the news came on.  Realizing what he was seeing, he sat bolt upright.  His throat constricted as he watched Ricky's balancing act on top of the building downtown and the dramatic rescue by Sam.  Feeling sick, he moaned as Ricky was brought out of the building on the stretcher and loaded into the ambulance.  To Ken, Bill, following the Paramedics, looked as if he'd aged 20 years.  The newscasters were speculating on the cause of the young man's strange behavior.  Ken buried his face in his hands, wishing he could crawl into a hole and pull it in after him.  This couldn't be any worse.
     He looked up.  Kim stood in front of him, a plate of food in each hand, staring at the television.  She knew.  He saw it in her face.  He reached for one of the plates, which distracted Kim's attention. 
     "You know what's going to happen if they find out it wasn't just Ricky," he said.
     "I don't even want to think about it," Kim said, sinking onto the couch next to him.  "There'll be a panic, especially if they find out you both work at the same place.  They'll think there's something wrong at the construction site."
     "There is something wrong at the site," Ken said, and told her all the mishaps that had taken place.  "And with this, people will go crazy with speculation and accusations.  We've got to do something."
     He put his untouched plate of food on the coffee table.
     "What?" Kim asked, placing the plate back in Ken's hands.  "Eat.  You've not eaten in the past 48 hours."
     Ken set the plate down again.  The thought of food, let alone the sight of it, made him ill.
     "If I try, it'll just come back up," he said.
     "If you don't," she told him, "you'll be even more ill.  Remember what the doctor told you."
     Ken drank some of his tea, even though he didn't want that either.  The doctor had told him to try to eat a little bit at a time, bland food, until his stomach felt it could handle more.  The ordeal had left him weak and he needed the nourishment to get better.
     Reluctantly, Ken forced a bite of the food, but swallowing it was even harder.  It hit his stomach like a brick.
     "I can't," he said, leaning back and closing his eyes.  His head hurt.  His eyes hurt.  His stomach hurt.  He wanted to go to sleep and not wake up for months.
     Kim didn't know what to do.  She knew her brother had to eat, but she also knew he was bone tired.  She gently shook him by the shoulder.  He opened one eye.
     "Go upstairs," she told him.  "Get some sleep.  You'll feel better in the morning now that you're out of the hospital.  I'll be up in a little bit to check on you."
     Pulling himself wearily to his feet, Ken climbed the stairs to the second floor.  He hesitated at his bedroom door not wanting to face what might be inside.  He went into the guest room, left the door open, and dropped onto the bed fully clothed.  When Kim checked a few minutes later, she found he was already sound asleep.

     Sam drove to a secluded area by the river where he and the protesting Glen could have a long talk.  He jerked him out of the car, then pushed him hard against it, holding him with an arm across his chest.
     "Okay, now," Sam said, "Tell me how to get rid of that thing."
     "I don't know," Glen insisted.  "I don't know what she wants."
     "I think you do," Sam said.  "You, pal.  She wants you, but you abandoned her, just like her father abandoned her.  In retaliation, she took after Ricky and Ken.  Now, I want to know how we can get rid of her."
     Glen's eyes had widened in horror.
     "Ricky?" he squeaked.  
     "That's right," Sam hissed.  "Ricky and Ken were with me at the lodge.  She went after both of them and she's still at it.  Ken ended up in the hospital and Ricky thinks he's four years old.  The press is having a field day because Ricky was playing acrobat on top of a skyscraper.  That's after he stole a tricycle for a five year old and Bill had chased him all over the city.  Now, start talking."
     He was standing within inches of Glen's nose, his hot breath fogging Glen's glasses.  
     "No," Glen whined.  "I mean, no I don't know what to do.  I have no idea."
     "Then start thinking," Sam told him.  "And do it fast because if you don't salvage this, I'll take you apart piece by piece then feed you to her.  That's a promise from Ricky's big brother."
     Several inches taller than Glen and a good 50 pounds heavier, Sam knew that Glen understood he meant what he said.  
     "Let me think," Glen said, gulping.  "We can't change our minds about our promise.  She wouldn't believe that now.  What---what can I do?"
     He paced back and forth along the car.  Sam gave him no room or chance to get around him.
     "She's a vindictive spirit," Sam said.  "She cursed her father for what he did, and she nearly killed one of her brothers.  I don't think she's going to be reasonable.  You're the key and it's up to you to stop this."
     Glen had suddenly stopped and turned excitedly to him.  
     "That's it," he said.  "That's the answer.  Her father.  If we could find a way to contact him and have him take her away..."
     "Hold it!" Sam said, staring at him as if he was a lunatic.  "Her father's dead, remember?"
     "But not her," Glen said.  "If she's a ghost, maybe we can find a way to call him back from the dead.  Maybe he's a ghost, too."
     "Are you nuts?" Sam asked.
      Glen glared at him.  "Well, do you have any better ideas?"
     Sam had to admit he didn't.  Reason gave way to frustration and desperation.  
      "I guess we won't be any worse off than we are now," he said.
     "We'll find a seer," Glen said.  "and then---"
     "No," Sam said sharply.  "I know what you're about to suggest and you can forget it.  No seances, no calling up spirits, nothing.  I'm not going to be responsible for opening doors that might let other things in."
     "Then it's hopeless," Glen said.
     "Maybe not," Sam said.  "We'll go back to the lodge, where it all started.  I'll get Ken and Ricky up there, too, though that will be easier said than done.  Maybe she'll follow us back there.  You meet us.  You'll have to find the way to get her father there, but I want no part of that.  I just want her out of Ricky and Ken's lives.  If we can get rid of her permanently, all the better."
     Glen nodded, his face ashen, but agreed to do what he could and hope it would work.


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Nicely done.

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