Once Upon A Weekend 10
     "It's just a series of accidents," Sam said.  "It's got us all stressed out which makes it seem more."
      Ricky looked up at him, incredulous.
      "Accidents?"  he echoed.  "That's what you think?  What's been happening to me are accidents?"
      He stood up, swaying unsteadily.  He was angry.
     "Those aren't any 'accidents'," he said.  "Something is screwy somewhere and it isn't me."
     "I didn't say you were," Sam said. 
     "But you think it," Ricky said.
     "No, I don't," Sam argued.  "Now, sit down."
      He was more than a little himself.  He didn't know what was going on, but what else could he call it?  He pushed Ricky back into the chair with a little more force than he intended.  The chair fell over backward and Ricky yelped as he was flipped out.  He landed on his back in the middle of the floor.
     Raising on his elbows, he shot his brother a look of angry surprise.
     "What was that for?" he demanded as Sam helped him up.  As soon as he was on his feet, he pulled away. 
     "I didn't mean to do that," Sam said.  "Sorry."
     Ken struggled to get out of bed, ready to knock Sam's head off of his shoulders.  It was bad enough he'd gotten them into this mess, but now he was pushing them in the floor.
     Alerted by the noise, a nurse rushed in.  When she saw Ken she pointed a finger at him and ordered him back to bed.  She then turned to Sam and Ricky and told them to get out, that she'd not have them upsetting her patient.  She was only about five feet tall, but she meant business.
     "We'll see you later," Sam mumbled, herding Ricky out of the door.
     In the hall, he grabbed Ricky by the arm and pulled him along after him.  Ricky struggled to get loose.  It wasn't easy.  Sam was stronger than he was.
     "Where are we going?" he whined, squirming to break Sam's grip.
     "I'm dropping you off at Uncle Bill's," Sam said.  "Then I'm going to look for Glen Kelsey, the guy who rented us that blasted lodge."
      He opened the car door and shoved Ricky inside.   The edge of the roof clipped the side of Ricky's head.
     "Hey!" Ricky said. "Be careful."
     He had to move his hand quickly as the car door slammed shut, missing his fingers by a fraction of a second.
     Sam, not noticing the near misses, climbed into the driver's seat and turned on the ignition.
     "You can take me to my apartment," Ricky told him.
     "Oh no," Sam said as he threw the car in gear. 
     The tires squealed as he tore out of the parking lot.  Ricky grabbed onto the bar above the door to avoid being slung across the seat.
     "Put your seatbelt on," Sam said.  "You're going to Uncle Bill's.  No argument.  If I take you to the apartment, something else might happen and you'll be freaking out before I can get to you."
     "No I won't," Ricky protested, snapping his seatbelt in place."
     "I'm not arguing," Sam said. "Bill's.  That' final."
     Bill was their father's younger brother, their only surviving relative.  He'd taken the boys in when their father was killed in a car accident.  Their mother died of cancer just a year later.  Sam had only been 16 at the time.  Ricky had been 10.
     Sam glanced over at Ricky who was pouting.  That little boy look was back.  Sam furrowed his brows as he realized that was exactly how Ricky had been acting most of the day, like a little boy.
     "I want some ice cream," Ricky said suddenly.
     Sam nearly missed the next curve when he turned to stare at him.
     "I want some ice cream," Ricky whined.  "Chocolate."
     It wasn't the request that had startled Sam, but the child's voice Ricky had used. Sam hit the brake and stopped the car on the side of the highway.  Ricky stared at him wide-eyed, pouty lipped, a fretful expression on his face.  There was no doubt.  He had reverted to a child in his speech and actions.
     "Ricky," Sam said, sharply slapping Ricky across the cheek.  "Snap out of it."
     Ricky's eyes teared and his bottom lip quivered.  The tears spilled down his cheeks and he dashed them away with his fists. His nose was running and Sam fished a napkin out of the console to hand him.
     "All I wanted was some ice cream," Ricky wailed.  "You didn't have to hit me."
     Sam put his face in his hands and wondered what to do.
     "Okay. Okay," he said, speaking gently as if Ricky was a child.  "We'll get you some chocolate ice cream, then we'll go see Uncle Bill.  Okay?"
     The tears dried instantly and Ricky wriggled in his seat, all smiles.  Sam stopped and bought him a large chocolate ice cream cone, then took him to their uncle's.  When they arrived, he took Ricky's hand and led him to the front door.  Bill was surprised to see them, and instantly concerned when Sam explained the best he could what was going on with Ricky.  Bill nodded in understanding that Ricky had been through some sort of trauma and agreed to take over watching him while Sam went to look for answers.  
     "You do what you have to do,"Bill said, taking Ricky's hand and leading him into the house.  "Don't you worry about our Ricky.  Uncle Bill will take good care of him. We'll find some games and things to keep us occupied, won't we, Rick?"
     Ricky nodded enthusiastically, his face and hands covered with melting ice cream.  He didn't seem to notice or care as he trotted into the livingroom and plopped down on the floor in front of the television which was on a game show program.  Bill glanced at Sam with a worried expression.  Sam shrugged apologetically.
     "It just started this afternoon," he said. "I don't know what to do."
     "Find your friend," Bill said. "Whatever happened last weekend, and I'm not saying I don't believe what you told me, but whatever happened, you find out.  This isn't good.  Not good at all."
     Sam hurried out to the car.  It was time to find Glen and get some answers.


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Keep on going. This is good.

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