Hidden Mysteries
He took me into his arms and spun me like a ballerina...My dress flowed in the wind like a ribbon in the water. I haven't seen him sense i left; its been two years. I couldn't believe my eyes! I was finally back where I was suppose to be...
   As he pulled me close, I whispered " I missed you so much..." I felt his smile widen.
" I know the feeling."

  We must have stood there for hours (really minutes). I couldn't believe I was back in the place I always wanted to leave. Who would ever come back to a place where your worst nightmares came alive...

"How are you?" Valentino asked as we pulled away.
" Um.. Better I guess."
"Better than when you left?"
"So... Are you staying for good now?"
"I... I don't know..." My heart crumbled when the smile left his face and was replaced by sadness in his eyes.
"I'm sorry..."
"Why did you leave?"
"I couldn't stay here... Not after what happened..."
"What happened that night, Calla?" I could no longer
look into his sad eyes, I turned away from him.
" Why won't you tell me" He asked as he wrapped his arms around me.
"I can't... Not yet..." I pulled out of his hold and walked home. In Water Fall Valley, you never want to walk home in the night, but I had to get away...
      When I reached my old house; I slept... For hours; never wanting to wake up. The sunlight poured  into my room and danced across my eyelids. I truly didn't want to get up, but something told me I need to be up this morning.
         After I took a shower and ate breakfast, I went on a run. I had to go visit my old hiding place in the mountains. Me and Jake used to hang out there. No one knows about it besides us. There's only one path to get to it, which is hidden by a huge bush. When ever we were sad or mad or even just bored, we would go to our hiding spot.
         As I walked along the hidden path, I noticed there was pieces of wood laying everywhere. When I picked one piece up, it said " the Hidden spot". It was a piece from the door we made. The further I walked, the more wood I saw. The spot between the two boulders, where our house was, was empty...

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Short Story
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This is just the beginning of the story. I will finish the rest on a later date.
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