"Moony, The Lonely Little Camel"

Once upon a time on a farm in Kentucky, there were three mommy camels and one daddy camel. They were from a desert far across the ocean. All of the mommy camels were having babies real soon.

When Lucy, one of the mommy camels, had her baby, Mooney, she had to be given some medicine that put her to sleep while people helped bring Moony into her new world. When Lucy woke up, she looked over at the little white funny looking animal and said, "What and Who is that?". She didn't know it was her baby. So she didn't act like a mommy. She pushed little Moony away and didn't want her around. This really confused and hurt the little girl camel that was sooo small and new.

The nice people who had the camels on their farm put Moony in another pen and fed her every few hours with a HUGE baby bottle filled with lamb's milk. When Moony wanted to be around the other camels, they didn't recognize her as one of their family and would not play with her. They nipped at her heels when she tried to get close to theml  That is the way of animals. They don't want strangers in their territory and they thought Moony was a stranger!

Being a very smart little camel, Moony went to look for friends elsewhere on the farm. She saw some black animals that were shorter than she was and very handsome. She went up to one of them and said, "What is your name and what are you?" He answered, "My name is Angus and I am a steer". They quickly became good friends and he took her to meet his big, big family.

Moony wasn't quite as lonesome since she had new friends but she yearned to be accepted by the animals that looked like her. She would try ever so often to make friends with them but they would push her away. It really hurt her feelings. There was one camel she had a strange feeling about. That was Lucy. Moony didn't know why she felt this warm, fuzzy feeling toward her. She would just sigh and walk away. Her mother, Lucy, would look at her with a puzzled expression. She was feeling something for this little camel that kept trying to get close to her. She didn't know what this feeling was.

As Moony grew bigger and more bold, she would wander all over the farm looking for something but she didn't know what it was. She saw a lot of Angus's family. He must have a million cousins!

When she saw the nice people with the big baby bottle coming, she would jump and frolic and squeal. She really loved people and they loved her. She would show off for them by jumping. She couldn't jump very high yet and her one hump would wiggle when she played.

One cold winter day when Moony was 10 months old, it had snowed and there was a lot of ice around. She didn't know she should be living in a desert since that is where most camles live. She liked the snow and ice and was feeling frisky.
She thought, "I think I will go try to make friends again with those animals that look like me".

She raced over as fast as she could and when she got close to them, her feet flew out from under her. She hit the ice very hard! She lay there hurting and lonely. Lucy (her mother) looked over and something made her feel very sad and protective of this little creature. She went over and nuzzled Moony and put her big craggy head next to Moony's and just felt the biggest surge of love! In camel talk, she said, "I think you are my baby! I want to take care of you!"

Moony also felt this big love in her little heart. Her mommy laid down beside her and nuzzled little Moony's face. All of the sudden, Moony felt wonderful! She found what she had been looking for! She was home.

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writing shirleyslex
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