When Driving Leads to a Dead End
  These days drag strip racing isn't and shouldn't be as common and seem glamorus like in the move "Fast & Furious". Now it is more dangerous and deadlier than ever and teenagers have no conception of fear.
Speeding mainly causes nearly half of all teen-driving fatalities. They are not afraid to drive 90 mph or more.
Scary enough, they are not only putting other lives at risk, but also their own lives. Officers believe the fastest speed ever recorded was 142 mph. And it was a boy who was in a hurry to get home by curfew.
Crach rates per mile are almost three times as high among 16 yr. olds than 18019 year olds.
An average of 16 teenagers die a day from this tragedy. Teenagers are likely to die in a car accident than all other age groups combined.
Is it because they are unsupervised or unaware of the safety issues? Or maybe they just don't think it will happen to them.
Few parents or adults neglect to remind their kids about certain precautions. Most teen car crashes are simple things that can actually be avoided.
This is not to be taken lightly. These are our kids and our future. There is no measure or price on anyone's life or the loss of a family member or loved one's suffering and grief.
You are responsible for yourself and other motorists around you.
Some reasons for carelesssness may be lack of experience, quick or impulsive decisions or just not paying attention.
Its' a shame people have to carpool because of the high gas prices but the more teens in the car causes more distractions. Peers distract each other by talking or horse-playing. They may play music too loud.
Other causes of accidents are when they change CDs or the readio or use cell phones or texting while driving. Drivers who talk on cell phones are four times as likely to be involved in serious crashes.
You should encourage them to avoid using drugs or drinking alcohol so their judgement is not impaired. Always encourage them to wear their seatbelts. Discourage driving on nights and weekends.
Some helful tips for parents of new drivers may be by setting a good example for they value what you do more than anyone else.
Obey traffic laws and safety issues so they will as well. Never push or rush their progress. Let them learn to drive in snow and rain: of course in a parking lot first. Teach them where the emergency brake is and four ways.
Make a teen/parent agreement. Have them earn your trust. Be a team and they will respect you and other motorists' lives.

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