Doubts of a Middle Child

I feel you sometimes have some doubts
Of the love I have for you,
So listen close and I will try
To explain a thing or two.

Misty is my oldest child,
The first one in the nest,
So you may say, "Since she was first,
Dad probably loves her best".

Well, yes, she was my first born,
And I do love her so,
And have a pride for her inside
That I can't help but show.

"Amanda is Dad's youngest girl,
And being thusly blessed,
She is 'Daddy's little girl',
He surely loves her best."

Well, yes, she is my little girl,
And will forever be,
And I do love her everyday
For the happiness she brings me.

"Now John...he is Dad's only son,
And he makes his pride just soar,
And, too, being Daddy's youngest child,
He probably loves him more".

Well, yes, John is my only son
And the last child that I'll sire,
And I love him so, with a love I know
Will never, ever, tire.

Now if you have these doubts, my dear,
My feeling you misconstrue.
So let me take some time to tell
Of the love I have for you.

Just because you were second born
A 'second' you'll never be.
You have a special something, dear,
That will always endear you to me.

You have the same good qualities
The others have, and yet,
You have a gift that stands you apart,
And for this I have no regret.

Molly, you are your mother!
I just wanted you to know.
When I look at you I see the girl
I fell in love with years ago.

Now, if you compare your pictures
You'd say, "Dad, you've lost your mind",
And you, yourself, would probably see
Little resemblance of any kind.

But you're timid like your mother was;
You're bashful and you're shy;
To meet someone that you don't know
You'd really rather die.

You're stubborn just the way she is,
Refusing to be swayed
From principles that you feel are right,
Or decisions that you've made.

And there's a warm side to you;
One that's loving and sincere.
Not too unlike your mothers,
It increases with your years.

And as you do grow older, dear,
I'm sure that I will see 
More of your mother's own sweet
Golden personality.

So, I hope you never doubt the love
I have for you inside,
And I hope you know my eyes will 
Always look on you with pride.

And, I hope you will remember
Throughout all eternity
That I love you just as much, Molly,
As I do the other three.


searcher   searcher wrote
on 6/7/2008 1:42:19 AM
Thank you very much, Warriorprincess55, for the kind words. My kids have heard me say many times that I hated to see them grow up, so two of them have given me 5 grandkids to spoil, and I'm doing a fine job of it. :o)

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 6/3/2008 9:27:42 PM
This is the most beautiful poem from a dad to his daughter that I have ever had the pleasure of reading! You are awesome dad! And so is this poem! Good for you! :)

writing searcher
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Sometimes a child with siblings older, and younger, than themselves will start to question their status in your heart and it's important to take the time to straighten them I tried to do here with Molly.