Laugh while im scared ( father to a child )
Write emotions on this paper and watch it form to words
read over what you write, does it sound absurd
tell yourself that it is okay, as you struggle every day
And know that in every struggle there is another way.

Life gets hard sometimes and we feel like giving in
But let me tell you that isnt the way, life is worth it in the end
We see so many things in life and we watch them grow
from something we dont even know exists, to something with a soul.

Each step you take you look back and think, Did I do that right
Dont worry yourselves over the past because the futures getting bright
All the sadness in your life, look at it, laugh and smile
For when you overcome your fears, you will see it was worthwhile.

I myself am just a man with just one fear in mind
I am now becoming a dad, a father to a child
Nothing is more frightening than not being prepared
and I now realize that its okay to laugh while I am scared.

scooke2093   scooke2093 wrote
on 3/30/2011 9:36:00 AM
Thank you very much, I really appreciate the comment, I believe that any one who is special, dosnt deserve to pin that to their self, if your special, you will know in time, to be special is to make a positive difference to the people around you and to your own self when you know something needs to be changed, to be special is to be different in a sense of words and how those words effect people

McGills   McGills wrote
on 3/27/2011 4:31:43 PM
I like it. I like the word choice of special the most. Everyone is different for sure but I've never liked the phrase "everyones special in their own way". It's not true, everyone has flaws and thats what makes them different and beautiful. To be special implies something more. I don't know you well enough to say you're wrong in not calling yourself special but then again I think those truly deserving of that label wouldn't pin it on their own chests

writing scooke2093
Think not about the time we have left but about the time we Have wasted.
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My Gilrfriend is now 32 weeks pregnant, and I've never been so scared in my life as I am right now, People are always telling me Im going to be a great father and im mature enought o handle this, I hope there right, but I guess in these situations it is normal to be scared right?
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