" The lost soul "
This barbed wire, around my wrist
Digs deeper and deeper, into my skin
The blood in my veins
Pours down my arm
Is this life over
has this gone to far....

The blood in my eyes
Runs down my face
As now, in front of me
I see my fate
I cry, For the pain
Impaled, my weak soul
I shall give in
I now let go....

The life that I lived
Like the rivers of blood
It ran all but smooth
Got caught in the mud
And now it is over
My soul is gone
I stand their lifeless
Were'd I go wrong....

Now look in my eyes
See nothing but death
The hand of the reaper
Upon my head
He shall now take me
To the worst place of all
I shall look down
To hell I shall fall....

By: Steven Cooke

scooke2093   scooke2093 wrote
on 3/20/2009 5:06:47 PM
Thank you, I also have alot of poetry about the upsides of death and how it is so beautiful.

DocLivingston   DocLivingston wrote
on 3/20/2009 10:31:29 AM
The best thing about hitting bottom; the only way out is up. I understand the challanges in your life and you express the un fairness very well. Please, never lose site of up. Up where the light is, up were the people are, up where the jokes going on.

scooke2093   scooke2093 wrote
on 3/15/2009 5:38:26 PM
Thank you, I like to help me readers feel that they are not alone, I write poetry about almost every experience of my life, so then readers can look at it and say " well maybe Im not alone ". Thanks for your feedback, it is very well appreciated.

jlew1973   jlew1973 wrote
on 3/15/2009 5:36:28 PM
Thanks for sharing. You captured the feelings of despair very well. Those of us who have been in that dark place understand.

writing scooke2093
Think not about the time we have left but about the time we Have wasted.
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This is a poem I wrote When i was feeling down and depressed and needed to get my feelings out. I felt restrained from the world, and thought this was the best way to get my feelings out to the world.
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