Timmy's First day of school.

Squirrel’s first day at school.


“Hello I’m Timmy the squirrel, I’m a red squirrel, I live with my family at Squirrel’s Corner in a small part of the woods.”


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Today is Timmy’s first day at school and he is very nervous. His mummy has packed a lunch for him and walked him to school. When they reached the school gate Timmy got a strange feeling in his tummy. Mummy told him it’s because he was nervous but told him that every thing was ok, everyone gets a little nervous on their first day. She kissed him on the cheek and waved good bye.

His school was inside the trunk of a huge oak tree. Timmy was shown to his classroom by Mr Hare.

Mr Hare was Timmy’s teacher and he showed him to his seat on a big round table. There were three other animals on his table. There was Millie, a Fluffy Bunny with pink ribbons round her ears, Bobby, a Badger, with a blue waist coat on and he was wearing a pair of round glasses on his face. The other animal on the table was Red the fox. Red was wearing a black scarf around his neck.

During the lesson Millie and Bobby worked together and Red worked on his own. Timmy was still feeling nervous about being at school and not knowing anyone, so he worked alone too. At break time everyone went out side and played with their friends, except for Timmy. Timmy sat under the oak tree watching, when Red the Fox came and sat next to him, “Hello would you like to be my friend?” Red asked.

“Yes please, that would be great,” Timmy replied.

They sat under the oak tree talking about things they liked to play. They both liked to play catch so they found a ball and for the rest of the break time, they played catch. For the rest of the day Red the fox and Timmy worked together in class. Red helped Timmy by showing him where things went and where to find paper and pencils.

At the end of the day mummy was waiting at the gate for Timmy, as they walked home Timmy told her about his new friend and how they had a great time playing catch and helping each other in class.

Timmy was feeling happy now and that funny feeling in his tummy had gone.


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writing sammy33
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Timmy the squirrel has some adventures eg:first day at school and how he feels.
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I based these stories around my son who loves animals and I just wanted to read him some thing i had thought up.
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