Squirrels birthday party

“Hello my name is Timmy, I’m a red squirrel. I live with my family at Squirrel’s corner in a small part of the woods.”


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After being in school for a while now, Timmy had become good friends with Millie the fluffy bunny, Bobby the badger and Red the fox. Timmy’s birthday was in a few days time and mummy squirrel said he could have a small party.

Timmy was very excited and couldn’t wait for the big day to arrive. Mummy helped Timmy make some invitations to give to his friends at school.

In the morning, mummy walked Timmy to the school gate as normal, kissed him on the check and waved goodbye. She watched Timmy go into school then she left.

When Timmy got into class he handed out the invitations to his friends. They were all very excited and told Timmy they would love to come.

Timmy’s birthday had arrived and his mummy set the table.

On the table there was jam sandwiches, bananas, crisps, jelly and in the middle of the table there was a huge cake that looked like a ball with candles on the top.

All of Timmy’s friends came and they played games like musical chairs and pass the parcel. Later they ate some food and sang happy birthday to Timmy. Everyone had lots of fun.

Just before Timmy’s friends left they gave him some presents.

Millie bought him new pencil case to use at school, Bobby bought him a new ball to play with and Red bought him a scarf just like the one he wears. Timmy loved them.

Mummy made some party bags and put some cake in them for his friends to take home. Later after his friends had all gone home mummy took Timmy for a nice bath and then she read him a bed time story, Timmy was so tired he fell straight to sleep.

I think Timmy had a great time at his party do you?.


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This is another story about Timmy this time its his birthday....
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